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Advanced ancient civilization

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The Oera Linda Book Index. Sacred Texts Atlantis Contents Start Reading Page Index Text [Zipped] In the 19th century, ascendant nationalism in Europe used local folklore and ancient legends to bolster a sense of identity.

The Oera Linda Book Index

One curious example of this is the Oera Linda Book, a controversial manuscript, dated 1256, from the Frisian region of the Netherlands. The Oera Linda book is today conventionally agreed to be a forgery, written during the mid-19th century. This is based on the paper which the manuscript is written on, as well as internal and linguistic evidence. Purporting to be an episodic chronicle of wars and migrations of the Frisian people, the Oera Linda Book describes events dated (very precisely) from 2194 BCE to 803 CE. 1307.8397. Before The Pharaohs: The Evidence for Advanced Civilisation in Egypt’s Mysterious Prehistory.

By EDWARD MALKOWSKI— There is no other place on Earth like Egypt’s Giza Plateau.

Before The Pharaohs: The Evidence for Advanced Civilisation in Egypt’s Mysterious Prehistory

Anyone with even a slight interest in history and civilisation is aware of this fact. For on this plateau there stands the Great Pyramids and their sculpted guardian, the Great Sphinx. Evidence of Advanced Machining In Ancient. Evidence of Advanced Machining In Ancient Stephen S.

Evidence of Advanced Machining In Ancient

Mehler, MA The idea that some form of advanced machining technique was utilized by the ancient Egyptians is one that has been circulating in the literature for well over ten years. I have presented the concept in my two books, The Land of Osiris (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001) and From Light Into Darkness (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2005). The idea has been popularized and was presented to me in 1996 by engineer and master craftsman Christopher Dunn and detailed in his landmark book, The Giza Power Plant (Bear & Company, 1998). Giza Pyramid Machines: Their true purpose finally revealed. And of course we also have evidence of "Baghdad Batteries".

Giza Pyramid Machines: Their true purpose finally revealed.

Obviously the acidic solution in Baghdad batteries weren't capable of producing much power, but apparently if used in series they could produce enough to electroplate things. Now, obviously this wouldn't provide enough power to illuminate a light source, but it shows that electricity had been in use and understood even by the primitive peoples in Baghdad, who were far less developed than the ancient Egyptians, and far far less developed than whoever built the pyramids.

Now, it's still not all tied together. What do all of these technologies have to do with each other? Why did the Egyptians use hydraulic ram pumps to make water flow through the pyramid? Ok. But what if there's a better way? The basic principle is this: remember I was talking about dipole molecules? Giza Pyramid Machines: Their true purpose finally revealed. Atlantis Evidence Main page. Brazilian 'Atlantis': Submersible Finds Possible Evidence Of Continent Deep Beneath Atlantic Ocean. The Forgotten Underworld of Japan - Mysterious Underwater Ruins. By Patrick Chouinard |

The Forgotten Underworld of Japan - Mysterious Underwater Ruins

Japan's Ancient Underwater "Pyramid" Mystifies Scholars. September 19, 2007 Submerged stone structures lying just below the waters off Yonaguni Jima are actually the ruins of a Japanese Atlantis—an ancient city sunk by an earthquake about 2,000 years ago.

Japan's Ancient Underwater "Pyramid" Mystifies Scholars

5 Enigmatic Ancient Underwater Ruins. - Our oceans are greatly unexplored and full of secrets.

5 Enigmatic Ancient Underwater Ruins

Deep beneath the waters there are marvelous ruins of lost ancient civilizations. These ancient underwater remains serve as a reminder of how vulnerable we are and how fast Mother Nature can end our existence. To date, it is estimated that we have explored only 3 to 5 percent of the ocean floor. With so much territory still left to explore, we can only imagine the discoveries yet to come! Ancient Underwater Sunken Cities. The general population of the world has no idea about these sunken cities, some call them the cities of Atlantis; but thats just myth.

Ancient Underwater Sunken Cities

These sunken cities predate all other known civilizations on earth by thousands of years, so what exactly does that mean? Well it means we are entirely wrong about the history of human civilization, a host of people will tell you these cities are related to celestial help, basically aliens. I’m not saying I believe that but I do find these 3 sunken cities to be extremely interesting. There are hundreds of smaller sunken cities that have been found around the world, usually attributed to the hunt to find Atlantis, but these are true cities that existed in a time we thought we where all living in caves.

Ancient underwater cities being found that are 10,000 years old. Lost city 'could rewrite history' By BBC News Online's Tom Housden The remains of what has been described as a huge lost city may force historians and archaeologists to radically reconsider their view of ancient human history.

Ancient underwater cities being found that are 10,000 years old

Lost Civilization beneath the Persian Gulf Confirms Genesis History of Humanity. In almost every culture and religion of the world lies a story of a lost civilization.

Lost Civilization beneath the Persian Gulf Confirms Genesis History of Humanity

The Greeks told the tale of a sophisticated island nation suddenly submerged. However, the Greeks were not the only people group to embrace an Atlantis-type legend; many cultures recounted the lost-city-beneath-the-sea scenario. The ubiquitous nature of these stories, accounts, and legends lends credence to the possibility that in the early days of humanity’s history a relatively advanced civilization was indeed lost. Now, a research paper published in Current Anthropology provides scientific evidence for such a lost ancient civilization, evidence that confirms much of Genesis 1–11’s historical account of humanity’s early days.1 University of Birmingham archeologist Jeffrey Rose reports on the discovery, conducted over the past six years, of over sixty new archeological sites along the shoreline of the Persian Gulf.

All of these sites are dated as older than 7,500 years. 1. 2. 3. 4. Before The Pharaohs: The Evidence for Advanced Civilisation in Egypt’s Mysterious Prehistory. Evidence of Ancient Advanced Civilizations...Would We Find It? +8 more posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 06:02 AM Greetings, ATS! Let me start with a caveat. This post is pure speculation. I have no sources, no quotes, no videos or links to support my theory.

10 Civilizations That Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances. The Likelihood of Advanced Ancient Civilizations. Ancient Atomic Wars - Best Evidence? By Philip Coppens January 2005 from PhilipCoppens Website recovered through WayBackMachine Website Did an ancient advanced civilization exist on Earth? The question is very intriguing and the search for “evidence” to support a positive answer has intrigued Mankind for many decades – if not centuries. Rather than an accumulation of various items of evidence that is then subjected to the possibility that it might be either alien or advanced, it is more scientific – and perhaps better- to focus on the quest for the “best evidence”: a single piece of evidence that in itself is the best example to support a conclusion.

In the search for an advanced ancient civilization, what would be this “best evidence”? One possible item that would classify as “best evidence” exists within the Indus River Valley, where towns such as Harappa and Mohenjo Daro flourished in 3000 BC. If true, it would be impossible to ignore the conclusion that ancient civilization possessed high technology. Ancient Civilizations on Earth. This web site presents truth concerning the following subjects: God, God's Creation, God's Plan of Salvation, Immanuel (Jesus Christ), Immanuel's True Teachings, Christianity, World Religions, Reincarnation, A Holy Séance, Validity of the Bible, Development of Mediums, Mediums (Channels), Clairvoyants (Psychics), Astrology, Near Death Experiences, Predictions for The Future, Earthquake Predictions, Aquarian Age, History of the Universe and Earth, Earth Changes, Ancient Civilizations on Earth and Mars, Ancient and Gigantic Monuments on Earth and Mars, Face on Mars, Photographic Proof of Atlantis and Ancient Monuments on Earth and Mars, Ancient Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Peru, Easter Island, Egypt, Mexico, and much more.

Ancient Civilizations on Earth & Mars The following pages have photographic proof to any open-minded, logical and intelligent person that ancient civilizations existed on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as well as on Mars millions of years ago. Atlantis and Mu "8. 1. Ancient advanced civilization. Underground Facilities – Bases – Tunnels I have read about underground bases in the south western part of the United States, particularly Dulce, New Mexico and Nevada.

I have also heard about underground tunnel system that run in mazes under the surface of the planet. Most people connect these tunnel with ET’s and covert government activities. There is allegedly exist cities built by different governments and those left behind by ancients who lived here thousands of years ago. Chapter 1 - The Four Ages of Mankind. «They lived like gods without sorrow of heart… when they died, it was as though they were overcome with sleep… The fruitful earth unforced bare them fruit abundantly... while they dwelt in ease and peace upon their lands, rich in flocks...»

(Hesiod: Works and Days) Frontiers of Anthropology. Advanced Ancient (Pre 10,000 B.C.) Civilizations All Over the Planet. Ancient Civilizations & Cataclysms. Darwin11. From The Nebulous Hypothesis:A Study of the Philosophical and Historical Implications of Darwinian Theory © 1996Editor and Publisher James M. Foard. 10 Mysteries That Hint At Forgotten Advanced Civilizations.

Mysteries Prehistory literally means the time “before we had written records” (roughly the time before the 4th Century BC) and ancient history is the time since our recorded history. From Matriarchy to Patriarchy: Year 3000 BCE. The Ramayana -ancient advanced civilization? Evidence of technologically advanced ancient civilizations. Bart Jordan.