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LIBERTY! - The American Revolution
Women Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War In the beginning of the America we know there was a Revolution. And although the call to arms was for men, several women donned the uniform of a Revolutionary soldier and fought against the British. One of these women was: Women Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War
The American Revolution for Kids We have studied the American Revolution by examining the causes of the revolution. We learned about the major battles and the colonial leaders. We researched and reported on the involvement of women in the American Revolution. Revolutionary War for Kids Revolutionary War for Kids
Images of the American Revolution Background Many factors contributed to the eventual success of the American colonies as they revolted against British rule. American leadership, the timely support of international allies, and international respect and recognition played major roles in the struggle for independence. Images of the American Revolution
Women of the American Revolution There are many stories to be told about the American Revolution. One that ought to be better known at this time of year is the story of George Washington’s return to Mount Vernon for Christmas at the conclusion of the war. Since June 1775, when he left the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia to become commander-in-chief of an incipient Continental Army in Boston, General Washington had been to his plantation at Mount Vernon only once (9 - 12 September 1781, to plan the Yorktown campaign with the French). Of course there had been Christmas’s past — like his 1776 crossing of the Delaware River and victory at the Battle of Trenton the next morning — and Christmas’s yet to come. Women of the American Revolution
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'The American Revolutionary War'
American Revolution
Presidents' Day (Lettia Bradley Presidents' Day Quiz - True or False Click the answer button to see the correct answer. Presidents' Day (Lettia Bradley
Playing & Learning in the 17th Century Playing & Learning in the 17th Century Wampanoag Children Play | Pilgrim Children Wampanoag Children Play and Learn Wampanoag children have always learned important skills from playing and watching the adults around them. Among other activities, they learned how to swim, shoot and dodge arrows, weave, sew, run swiftly, and play games of skill and chance as part of Wampanoag culture in the 1600s.As sm
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Washington Home Page George Washington G. W. Washington Our 1st President George Washington is called the father of our country. Washington Home Page
ESL George Washington Activities for Presidents Day Copyrights to the pictures and photos on this EL Civics and ESL website belong to individual photographers. We have purchased the rights to use them. Do not copy the images on this website. ESL George Washington Activities for Presidents Day
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LIBERTY! - The American Revolution
American Revolutionary War - FREE presentations in PowerPoint format, interactive activities, lessons for K-12
The American Revolution - year 8
American Revolution Teaching Theme American Revolution Teaching Theme Teacher Guide to the American Revolution With the assistance of the Volunteers from Tennessee and West Virginia as well as the Virginia sharpshooters the war suddenly turned towards the favor of the upstart rebels. With international help, mainly from France, the Continental Army was a well-supplied and hard fighting force to be reckoned with as the British would soon find out. The British Navy ruled the open seas all the way from the start of the American Revolution until 1779. The reason why this year was a very important pivotal point in the American rebellion was for the entrance of the French naval forces into the conflict.
Academic Kids' Encyclopedia : The American Revolution: Complete historical facts American Revolution: What Were the Causes?: Your guide to some of the most informative and factual information about the American Revolution Account of a Declaration:Over thirty historical documents, sixty-seven biographical sketches, and some twenty-five essays about the causes The American Revolution: A Timeline of the Period of Revolution: An EXTENSIVE timeline of events; the most important events include a text explanation PBS: Chronicle of the American Revolution: Newspaper Chronicles let you experience first-hand the excitement and uncertainty of the American Revolution as it happened. AmericanRevolution AmericanRevolution
The American Revolution
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