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American Revolution

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People of the American Revolution. Biographies of the American Revolution. The American Revolution - (Important People) American Revolution. Main Index Page Explorations and Early Colonial Era Beginnings to 1700 The English Colonial Era 1700 to 1763 Prelude to the American Revolution 1763 to 1775 The American War for Independence 1775 to 1776 Conflict and Revolution The Declaration of Independence 1777 to 1783 An Unlikely Victory A New Nation is Born 1784 to 1790 Other U.S.

American Revolution

History Topics at The History Place George Washington - Picture Gallery with drawings and engravings. Abraham Lincoln - Timeline, Photos, Speeches. American Civil War - Timeline with Quotes and Photos. Child Labor in America 1908-1912 - Investigative Photos of Lewis W. . [ The History Place Main Page | The Rise of Adolf Hitler | The Triumph of Hitler | Defeat of Hitler | Timeline of World War II in Europe | Holocaust Timeline | Irish Potato Famine | Photo of the Week | This Month in History | Books on Hitler's Germany | History Videos | Hollywood's Best History Movies | Advertise | Send Feedback ] Copyright © 1998 The History Place™ All Rights Reserved.

Revolutionary War Timeline. The American Revolutionary War - American History for Kids! English soldiers search a settler's house (1770s) In 1763 AD England won the French and Indian War against France (which had been fought mainly in North America), and so the English-speaking settlers on the East Coast could stop worrying that they were about to be taken over by France.

The American Revolutionary War - American History for Kids!

To pay for that war, the English government began to make the the English-speaking settlers pay more and more taxes. This brought the English a lot of money, but it made the settlers more and more angry. They were especially angry because they couldn't vote or speak for themselves in England about these taxes. The settlers said this was "taxation without representation" and it was wrong. The settlers decided to boycott everything they had been buying from English traders - they would not buy their tea, clothes, glass, paper, and so on (This is when many Americans began to drink coffee). In 1775, two years later, the first shots were fired in Massachusetts. George Washington Benjamin Franklin or.

The American Revolutionary War. The American Revolutionary War The Revolutionary War was one of the most pivotal events in American History.

The American Revolutionary War

These links will take you on a tour of the Revolution and its War. The American Revolutionary War: Keeping Independence The American Revolutionary War was a long time coming. Follow it from beginning to end in this easy-to-read, detailed article. Includes a list of Causes of the War. The Courage of William Prescott At the Battle of Bunker Hill, American Colonel William Prescott told his men, "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes. " Revolutionary War Timeline Check out this interactive timeline of the Revolutionary War. The Jay Treaty The Jay Treaty closed off several outstanding issues from the treaty that ended the Revolutionary War and, in the process, became an intense dispute between the nation's first two political parties.

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