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Others. TriEmbed. Arduino-Based Projects. Build your own homecontrol based the open source project Arduino.

Arduino-Based Projects

Use your PC, smartphone or tablet to regulate your radio outlet! You can use it at home via local network or even on the road via internet. News 03.01.2013 - homecontrol4me sketch v1.102 is online 26.12.2012 - homecontrol4me sketch v1.101 is online 17.02.2012 - Board is online! 24.02.2012 - homecontrol4me sketch v1.1 is online 13.11.2012 - GitHub is running - Thanks a million to xkonni 15.11.2012 - New Board-Category "homecontrol4me meets Raspberry Pi" Webinterface Android Userinterface Current Features: Arduino-Based Projects. Arduino-Based Projects. Quadcopter Dynamics and Simulation - Andrew Gibiansky. A helicopter is a flying vehicle which uses rapidly spinning rotors to push air downwards, thus creating a thrust force keeping the helicopter aloft.

Quadcopter Dynamics and Simulation - Andrew Gibiansky

Conventional helicopters have two rotors. These can be arranged as two coplanar rotors both providing upwards thrust, but spinning in opposite directions (in order to balance the torques exerted upon the body of the helicopter). The two rotors can also be arranged with one main rotor providing thrust and a smaller side rotor oriented laterally and counteracting the torque produced by the main rotor. However, these configurations require complicated machinery to control the direction of motion; a swashplate is used to change the angle of attack on the main rotors. Multicopter Tutorial List. I have been sharing my experience and writing a lot about building multicopters, FPV etc, but still, many people ask me questions that I have already answered in some of my posts.

Multicopter Tutorial List

Clearly just by throwing people with a lot of information is not going to help them learn quicker, so I decided to put these information into a more structured, better presented tutorial. Multicopter Tutorial List. Build A Quadcopter From Scratch - Hardware Overview. In this article I will be talking about quadcopter components and how to choose them. This is part of the tutorial series on how to build a quadcopter. In the next post I will be talking about software, how to go about the algorithm and programming. Aeroquad - An Arduino based four rotor R/C helicopter or quadrocopter. Check out our main website and forum at For feature requests or bug reports, please submit them to: If you are interested in obtaining the latest and greatest code, please visit our main repository at:

aeroquad - An Arduino based four rotor R/C helicopter or quadrocopter.

DIY ARDUINO FLIGHT CONTROLLER. To Tell you the truth this is not the hard part of this build its actually easy as long as you follow the steps.


Prepare the following Print out the PDF in HIGH Quality Prepare the baby OIL. DIY ARDUINO FLIGHT CONTROLLER. Build an Arduino shield for Quadcopter - Arduino Adapter. I have been searching for ideas of making a Quadcopter Arduino flight controller Adapter to sit my Arduino nano board and the GY80, also have some header pins for motors and receiver to make the cabling tidy.

Build an Arduino shield for Quadcopter - Arduino Adapter

There are a lot of Arduino shields people have designed for the Quadcopter. I didn’t follow any of the designs. I actually didn’t follow any planned design, and solder the parts on the veroboard as I go along. Here is my own build. Seven stages of writing assignments. Mshesso:Grammar. AA = Avoid Anthropomorphism Do not assign uniquely human qualities to inanimate objects.


For instance, results do not think and the literature does not believe. Free English Grammar Lessons and Tests. English Grammar Reference and Exercises. English Grammar Reference and Exercises. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. OWL Writing Exercises.

These OWL resources offer information and exercises on how to clarify sentences and specifically discuss sentence clauses, sentence fragments, sentence structure, and subject-verb agreement.

OWL Writing Exercises

Please use the navigation bar on the left or the links below to access the individual exercises. Sentence Clauses: Independent and Dependent Clauses This resource provides exercises on the differences between independent and dependent clauses that you may print. Once you print the exercise, identify and correct the misuse of these clauses. 105 Writing Tips from Professional Writers.

Style. “Can you recommend a good book on writing?” Tone_of_voice.pdf. The Six Ways You’re Acting Like a Grad Student (And how that’s killing you on the job market) For the next few months I will be posting the “best of the best” Professor is in blog posts on the job market, for the benefit of all those girding their loins for the 2013-2014 market.

The Six Ways You’re Acting Like a Grad Student (And how that’s killing you on the job market)

Today we have another Special Request post, this one coming from Liz, who asks, “You’re always telling us ‘not to act like graduate students.’ But how do I know when I’m doing it??” Thanks for asking this, Liz. It is an excellent question, especially at the start of the conference and job season. Tools for Writing: Points of View in Writing. There are three different points of view that can be used in writing: first person, second person, and third person.

Tools for Writing: Points of View in Writing

In academic writing, the third person point of view is usually clearer and allows a writer to come across as more credible. Due to this and other reasons, the third person point of view is considered the best in academic writing. First person occurs primarily through the use of the pronoun “I.” This is the point of view used when a writer is writing about himself. Why Your Job Cover Letter Sucks (and what you can do to fix it) For the next few months I will be posting the “best of the best” Professor is in blog posts on the job market, for the benefit of all those girding their loins for the 2013-2014 market.

Today’s post was originally published in 2011. Methods of communication - Getting the message across - the importance of good communications - HMRC. The best communication methods succeed in putting across the right message in a clear, unambiguous way that gets noticed by the target audience, whilst also saving on time and cost. Good communicators succeed in choosing the best medium of communication for the particular purpose in mind.

For external communications, the Inland Revenue typically uses: Written communications dispatched by mail e.g. statements detailing tax liabilities and payment schedules. Paper-based items sent by mail have the advantage of providing a clear, fileable statement that is likely to reach its intended recipient.Oral communications: customers can 'phone in' with their queries. They can also speak directly to the employee who is managing their account. The Inland Revenue uses similar methods for internal communications e.g. Face-to-face conversations and oral communications make possible more detailed discussions to clarify issues. APA Citation Examples - UMUC Library. APAFormatTemplate.

OWL: Verb Tenses. Summary: This handout explains and describes the sequence of verb tenses in English. Contributors:Chris Berry, Allen Brizee, Elizabeth AngeliLast Edited: 2013-09-14 09:29:01 Strictly speaking, in English, only two tenses are marked in the verb alone, present (as in "he sings") and past (as in "he sang"). Other English language tenses, as many as thirty of them, are marked by other words called auxiliaries. Understanding the six basic tenses allows one to re-create much of the reality of time in their writing. Simple Present: They walk. OWL: Subject/Verb Agreement. Summary: Ever get "subject/verb agreement" as an error on a paper?

This handout will help you understand this common grammar problem. OWL: Paraphrase Exercises. OWL: Creating a Thesis Statement. Summary: This resource provides tips for creating a thesis statement and examples of different types of thesis statements. Abstracts. This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue University. Academic Writing. Organizing Your Argument Presentation. OWL: PowerPoint Presentations. Should PowerPoint be banned from meetings? Microsoft's wants ET presentation, PowerPoint. Microsoft's CEO wants ET method of presentation, not PowerPoint.

Read 5 Steps to Conquer 'Death by PowerPoint' to Improve Your Presentations. Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentations. 8 Best PowerPoint Presentations: How To Create Engaging Presentations. Top 20 Best PowerPoint Presentations. How Can I Make My PowerPoint Presentations Amazing? 25 Powerpoint presentations you won’t hate. Durbin, How to Read an Scientific Article. ReadingResearchPaper.pdf. Lecture1.dvi - ReadPaper.pdf. Reading Scientific Research Articles - Physics - LibGuides at Westmont College. Tips for Reading Scientific Research Reports. CHECKLIST FOR EVALUATING RESEARCH. Evaluating the Literature : Medscape. How to read a scientific study. How to evaluate journal articles. Critically reading a paper. Sample_apa_style_litreview.pdf.

A Guide to Writing the Dissertation Literature Review - v14n13.pdf. Library & information Access. Writing Workshops for Graduate Students. "APA Documentation" UW-Madison Writing Center Writer's Handbook. APA Formatting and Style Guide. Apa-annobib-sixth.pdf. Apa-annobib-sixth.pdf. Annotated Bibliographies. The Review of Literature for Research. What is a Review Article? How to Write a (Barely) Passing Paper. Reading and Analyzing Research Papers. Analysis of the structure of original research papers: an aid to writing original papers for publication. How to Analyze Figures From Research Papers. CHECKLIST FOR EVALUATING A RESEARCH REPORT. Guidelines on how to evaluate a research article.

Evaluating Sources of Information. Critical Evaluation of a Published Paper. How to evaluate journal articles. STANDARD OUTLINE FOR  RESEARCH P. Writer's_Improvement_List_byPaulGreenberg_2014 - Google Sheets. Creating Good Paragraphs. 7 Easy Steps to Write Fast. How to Write Faster, Better, and Easier. 5 Tips To Improve Your Academic Writing And A Grammar Infographic. 100 Commonly Misused English Word Groups flashcards. Commonly misspelled English words. Common English errors.

15 Common College Grammar and Spelling Mistakes. Microsoft Word - commonly confused words, template, done.doc - commonly_confused_words.pdf. Microsoft Word - commonly confused words, template, done.doc - commonly_confused_words.pdf. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments. Writing the Essay Intro and Conclusion.

Introductions - The Writing Center. Writing the Essay Intro and Conclusion. Writing the Essay Intro and Conclusion. Introductions - The Writing Center. Oxford Brookes University: How to Interpret Turnitin reports. Self Assessment - For Students - Writing and Communication Center - UW Bothell. Intros. Ambiguous Sentences.