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Eye drops // photography for sensitive eyes. S a c c a d e s. Contemporary Art. The self-portraits by the Japanese artist Yasumasa Morimura, Requiem for the XX Century: Twilight of the Turbulent Gods, examines an array of historical figures and political events that have been significant in shaping the 20th century.

Contemporary Art

Employing his usual methodology, Morimura uses costumes, make-up and props to create unconventional and bold renderings of iconic images from history. While Morimura’s work has traditionally investigated femininity through iconic depictions of women from art history and popular culture, this body of work examines widely disseminated images of prominent masculine figures from the last century. Each protagonist or event is cast in a moment of apogee, when history is being made and visually captured. Substituting himself for ideologues, dictators or brilliant minds such as Einstein, Lenin, Che, Mao or Trotsky, Morimura reflects on his personal encounter of these images during his lifetime as well notions of masculinity embedded in politics and war.

A personal introduction to Japanese photography. Blog Archives - Films not dead. - F.N.D. Blog A New 4×5 Camera – The Intrepid Camera © The Intrepid Camera Meet The Intrepid Camera Co. which is a new camera company that makes beautiful wooden 4x5 cameras made out of...

Blog Archives - Films not dead. - F.N.D

Fuji Announces The New Instax Wide 300 FUJIFILM North America Corporation announced today an expansion of the popular INSTAX line of instant film cameras... Introducing CineStill bwXX (double-x) 35mm CineStill Film have done it again, by introducing a new film: CineStill bwXX (double-X) 36 exp. 35mm black and white film! “The Eye of Paris” – Brassaï Couple Amoureux, Rue Croulebarbe, Quartier Italie 1931 © Estate Brassaï - R.M.N. 9 September 1899 – 8 July 1984 "Chance is always there.... : Vente, Concours, Diaporama, Blog, Expo, Technique.

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Édition de Vendredi 18 Avril 2014 - L'Oeil de la Photographie. Photography Online. NEW WORK 2012-2013 — MICHAEL CAPPABIANCA. LensCulture - Contemporary Photography. Photos et photographes du monde entier. Ren Hang était à Paris Photos : Ren Hang La ville factice des policiers londoniens James Rawlings a photographié un terrain d'entraînement anti-émeute.

Photos et photographes du monde entier

Ramallah est un petit bout de paradis Venez rencontrer ses anges déchus. Mossless en Amérique : Lara Shipley À la recherche des phénomènes paranormaux du Missouri profond. Voyage au bout de la nuit lituanienne Andrew Milksys a pris en photo les boîtes de nuit de la mer Baltique. Quatre ans d'austérité résumés en 40 photos Une chronique de l'effondrement économique de la Grèce. Les mecs de Magnum David Hurn capture les instants sublimes de la vie ordinaire Avant d’élever la banalité au rang d’art, ce photographe bossait pour les Beatles. Les dealers brésiliens adorent les réseaux sociaux Mais pas autant que les policiers à leur recherche. Oeuvres sombres et mélancoliques. Phototrend, le blog photo. Magazine d'information pour photographe.

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Photographie. Photographer Rigs An iPhone 4 To Helium Balloons To Take HD Videos. Here is a nice concept to compete with Kite Arieal Photography, Helicopter rigged cameras and very long pole photography.

Photographer Rigs An iPhone 4 To Helium Balloons To Take HD Videos

A bunch of curious DIYers at Los Angeles rigged an iPhone 4 to a set of helium balloons that helped it rise about 1000 feet and take 720p videos of Los Angeles. The footage is displayed below, while it is not perfect, and kinda shaky, there is also a valuable BTS. Hit the Just for some behind the scenes and my notes of the video here is the behind the scenes video that they took (probably to have some memory in case that iPhone would never be seen again).

There are lots of good pointers in the BTS. PetaPixel - Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. Photography Tutorials by SLR LoungePhotography Tutorials and Lightroom Tutorials by SLR Lounge.