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Harassed and Detained for Filming the Police. #NODAPL Camps Continue to Document Mistreatment of Law Enforcement. Police State in North Dakota at DAPL on Friday, October 28, 2016. Photo by Christopher Francisco Published November 1, 2016 CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA —As local law enforcement defends its extreme use of force against protesters near the Dakota Access Pipeline, the camps and a representative from the United Nations permanent forum on indigenous issues continue to hear the accounts of those released from jail from Thursday’s event where more than 140 people were assaulted, arrested and mistreated by law enforcement.

Leaders, journalists and those who witnessed Thursday’s account are collecting video material to share with the world of the violence carried out by law enforcement. But as the community and families deal with another traumatic encounter for standing up for their rights and land, prayer is at the core of recovery in camps and the community. “The Morton County Sheriff’s Department is not and does not follow Facebook check-ins for the protest camp or any location. Police at Standing Rock Are Using Life-Threatening Crowd-Control Weapons to Crack Down on Water Protectors. Investigators: Dog handlers were not licensed to work security | North Dakota News. The dog handlers who provided security for Dakota Access LLC during a Sept. 3 clash with protesters were not properly licensed to provide security in North Dakota, a Morton County investigation found.

Names of the unlicensed security officers have been forwarded to prosecutors for possible charges, but investigators were only able to identify two of the seven dog handlers, said Capt. Jay Gruebele of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. Providing private security services without a license is a Class B misdemeanor in North Dakota. Six pipeline opponents were bitten by the guard dogs and a dozen or more people were pepper-sprayed when the group clashed with security officers in a pipeline construction zone on Sept. 3, according to a protest organizer with the Red Warrior Camp. The seven dog handlers were with Frost Kennels of Ohio, which was not licensed to provide security in North Dakota as required by state law, the investigation found.

Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% 2012: Supreme Court held that a GPS tracking device on a vehicle to monitor the individual’s movement, that conduct constitutes a search under the Fourth Amendment. Filming the Police on your cell phone | Civil Liberties Defense Center. Your Right to Record Law Enforcement. Pipeline Protesters Watching Waiting. November 21. 2016 Protesters say they won't give up their fight to stop the flow of oil through Minnesota and other states.

(MN350) ST. PAUL, Minn. – Two activists from Seattle who were arrested last fall for trying to shut off the Enbridge pipeline in Minnesota will be back in court next month, but a judge will allow them to appear via telephone. On Oct. 11, the activists attempted to close down the operation near Clearbrook. Klapstein says she doesn't want to go to prison, but she says scientists have proven rising temperatures are harming the Earth. "If we go above two degrees, it's pretty much guaranteed collapse of human civilization, and if we go another degree or two, we start running into human extinction,” she states. Klapstein and Johnston were arraigned this month on four charges each, including damage to public property and trespassing. Charlie Thayer, a board member of the environmental group MN350, was part of last week's protest in St. Attempted murder charge filed in connection with protest.

Red Fawn Fallis, 37, also was charged with preventing arrest, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of marijuana, criminal conspiracy to commit endangering by fire, maintaining a public nuisance and engaging in a riot. She faces up to 20 years in prison for the attempted murder charge and more than 12 years combined for the other charges if convicted.

A judge set bail at $100,000 cash. In the aftermath of the arrest of Fallis and 140 others Thursday, legal staff and camp organizers were trying to assist those facing charges and help people retrieve belongings that were lost when law enforcement removed people from their frontline encampment. Most face a felony charge of endangering by fire or explosion and had bond set at $1,500. Joye Braun, an organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network, said those charged with the felony related to setting fire to roadblocks and vehicles include elders who were praying and tribal historic preservation officers who were there to observe. Fusion Center Locations and Contact Information | Homeland Security. Drones involved in two pipeline protest criminal cases. One man is charged with stalking after he used a drone to photograph private security workers and another man is charged with felony reckless endangerment for allegedly flying a drone near a North Dakota Highway Patrol aircraft.

Meanwhile, the use of drones and other surveillance tactics by the pipeline company and law enforcement are being questioned by attorneys representing the pipeline resistance camp. Open records requests filed recently by the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Lawyers Guild seek to find out what surveillance methods have been used by law enforcement and whether any of it has been unconstitutional. "It's a very tricky area, drone use, and we are very concerned about law enforcement and government use of drones," said Jennifer Cook, policy director for the ACLU of North Dakota. In Morton County, prosecutors charged Myron C. Highway Patrol Sgt. Attempts to reach Dewey for comment for this story were not successful. Camp under surveillance? 25 DAPL protesters arrested after blocking railroad tracks, attempting to light truck on fire.

Warrants issued for Democracy Now! reporter, Red Warrior Camp protester for criminal trespass at Dakota Access Pipeline construction site. MORTON COUNTY, N.D. - A Democracy Now! Reporter that documented security personnel with guard dogs working for Dakota Access Pipeline is facing criminal trespassing charges in Morton County. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Amy Goodman of New York for a class B misdemeanor, according to court documents. Goodman can be seen on news footage from Sept. 3 documenting the clash between protesters and private security personnel with guard dogs at a Dakota Access construction site, including footage showing people with bite injuries and a dog with blood on its mouth.

The video footage has been widely cited by people who have since criticized the use of dogs by the security personnel. Morton County authorities also have charged Red Warrior Camp protest organizer Cody Charles Hall, 39, Eagle Butte, S.D., with trespassing after identifying him from video and photos viewed by investigators, said Donnell Preskey, spokeswoman for the Morton County Sheriff's Office. KING: Masked white men harass indigenous people in North Dakota. The day of white men in masks targeting and terrorizing people of color who are standing up for their civil and human rights did not die in the 20th century. It’s happening right now in North Dakota, in the shadows of Standing Rock, to those who are protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through sacred lands and important water sources. On Monday evening, in the parking lot of a Ramada Inn in Bismarck, N.D., two white men in masks violently confronted a car driven by men from Standing Rock.

As the men attempted to leave, they soon realized that multiple vehicles had deliberately blocked them in. Trapped, the masked men threatened to assault them then viciously bragged about sexually assaulting their wives. This isn’t harmless mischief, it’s terrorism. Partly because of the Facebook Live video filmed by one of the passengers in the car, the Bismarck Police Department just arrested one person, 33-year-old Jesse McLain, who was involved in the incident. Dr. Tags: terrorism. Pipeline protesters target N.D. police for excessive force. A class action lawsuit has accused Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and other North Dakota law enforcement agencies of using excessive force during a Dakota Access pipeline protest where a Bronx woman nearly lost her arm. The National Lawyers Guild claims at least nine plaintiffs suffered from injuries, such as seizures, facial burns, broken bones, bruising and eye damage during a violent clash last week.

And more risked hypothermia when police blasted protesters with a water cannon during the Backwater Bridge melee on Nov. 20. Last week’s clash sparked an injunction request filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Bismarck demanding law enforcement stop using excessive force tactics, such as sound cannons, tear gas grenades and rubber bullets, for crowd control near the protest encampment. Protesters have staked out the Energy Transfer Partners construction project since August. Neil Young urges Obama to end violence against pipeline protests Tags: dakota pipeline protests lawsuits. Police Smear Campaign Against Standing Rock Veterans Backfires.

U.S. Army veteran Zhooniya Ogitchida spray paints a sign for the veterans headquarters tent at the Oceti Sakowin Camp on the edge of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on December 3 outside Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images The Morton County Sheriff’s Department restored their Facebook page after it was taken down for several days after an insensitive post mocking the Standing Rock Sioux was published on Thanksgiving.

The post was removed, but the department continued to spew the same childish arguments and propaganda that they have in their efforts to suppress protesters trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. On December 4, Morton County Sheriff’s Department held a press conference at which Sheriff Paul D. Laney made the claim, with no evidence, that self-proclaimed water protectors planned on arming the veterans assisting them at Standing Rock in order to trigger their PTSD. Dakota Access protesters say they were held in ‘dog kennels’ following mass arrests. As violent clashes over the $3.8 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline continue, allegations of abuse at the hands of law enforcement officials keep mounting. Native American activists arrested during the violent clearing of a protest camp last week say they were kept in “dog kennels.”

“We were caged in dog kennels, sat on the floor, and we were marked with numbers,” said Floris White Bull, in a YouTube video posted Saturday. As she wiped tears from her face, she said the cages were placed in the garage at the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. “This is happening today, this isn’t something that we are reading in history books.” On Thursday, 141 people were arrested after armed law enforcement from at least six states used sirens, pepper spray, and bean bag shots to clear a protest camp placed on the private land where Dakota Access, a developing company, is building the 1,172-mile pipeline.

Protesters on Friday also said they were held without bedding or furniture. The Surveillance State Descends on the Dakota Access Pipeline Spirit Camp. NEWS  |  Cyber Risk to Help Shape Industry Trends in 2014  |  Rigzone. The oil and gas industry’s increasing reliance on third party vendor materials, products and services means it will need to employ greater cyber risk management practices to protect their businesses from would-be hackers. The need for greater cyber risk management in the oil and gas industry technology supply chain is one of six trends anticipated to impact the global oil and gas industry in 2014, according to a recent report by McLean, Virginia-based management consulting, technology and engineering services firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

The global upstream and downstream industries face the challenge of managing cyberthreats in the technology supply chain. While oil and gas companies recognize that they can more efficiently operate their business using networked infrastructures, the industry is only now coming to terms with the cyber risk management challenges created by a more open network and increased reliance on the technology supply chain, Booz Allen Hamilton noted in a recent report.

NEWS  |  Mobile Phones Next Target on Cyber Attackers' Radar  |  Rigzone. While oil and gas infrastructure has been the target of cyber attacks, hackers are starting to seeking out “low hanging fruit” opportunities to steal intellectual data and information on pricing and strategy by targeting the email, phone and text communications made by oil and gas industry workers on mobile devices. The “Summer of Snowden” – during which time former Central Intelligence Agency employee Edward Snowden and National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden disclosed up to 200,000 classified documents to the press -- increased surveillance awareness to mainstream levels worldwide. However, U.S. and international oil and gas companies that operate worldwide have had to deal with surveillance for some time from a number of groups, including 72 NSA-type agencies of foreign countries, said Michael Janke, CEO of Silent Circle, at the API Cybersecurity Conference in Houston.

Janke’s 12-year career conducting secret counter surveillance operations with U.S. View Full Article. Dead End Surveillance - Stingrays and Civil Rights. Photo by Rob Wilson Published October 7, 2016 CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA – The terminus of a lonely dead end county road in North Dakota’s contested territory laid beneath one of the most terrifying civil rights moments in modern American history; an echo of historical injustices come around the canyon of time to ring again. Water Protectors, a group of Native Americans and their allies lead by the Standing Rock Sioux, prayed for the end of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at one of its construction sites in rural North Dakota on September 28, 2016. Elders, children, horse riders, and adults gathered in prayer.

Some Water Protectors were live streaming the prayer on Facebook, until the signal suddenly stopped. They feared the consequences of their prayer event was just coming around the corner. In recent weeks, the police and oil company security have been escalating hostilities. Police are dispatching ever larger contingents of officers to each action. They were surrounded. “Ambush.” Wed. Facebook Page Run by Police at Standing Rock Gets Shut Down. Activists gather in front of the White House during a rally against the Dakota Access Pipeline September 13 in Washington, D.C. Alex Wong/Getty Images Apart from their more active assaults against the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department has also been waging a propaganda war.

They have forwarded false statements, ostensibly from the self-proclaimed “water protectors,” to mainstream media news outlets that have yet to provide on the ground coverage of the protests in North Dakota, and who generally therefore trust the sheriff’s department. Many of the claims coming from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department have been debunked by eyewitnesses, but media outlets who have refused to send reporters to see for themselves, such as CNN, parrot the sheriff’s department’s statements, assuming that a report from police is invariably the same as the truth.

The Facebook page of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department was removed on November 25. Police Smear Campaign Against Standing Rock Veterans Backfires. Emergency Management Assistance Compact at DuckDuckGo. Nebraska Supplied State Troopers, Surveillance Aircraft to North Dakota Under EMAC. Morton County, ND – Documents acquired through a series of public records requests shine light on ongoing out-of-state law enforcement assistance to the Morton County Sheriff and the state of North Dakota in their militarized police operations to protect construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

As we have previously reported, the state of emergency declared by North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple in August enabled Governors of other states, such as Wisconsin, to voluntarily activate their state’s emergency management agencies under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) to recruit police and sheriffs in their state to be deployed against #NoDAPL water protectors in North Dakota.

Emails sent in early October show Nebraska state officials discussing sending officers and resources from the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) to Morton County under EMAC. “Please see the EMAC request from North Dakota below. “Just received a call from Greg Wilz, North Dakota HLS Director. August 2016. Democracy Now! Mobile. Warrants issued for Democracy Now! reporter, Red Warrior Camp protester for criminal trespass at Dakota Access Pipeline construction site.

Demilitarize Standing Rock. Burleigh Sheriff's Department - Morton County Sheriff's Department. Demilitarize Standing Rock. 12.15.16 DOCKET: Security Training for Surface Transportation Employees. Someone Sent $2.5 Million to Bail Out Everyone Arrested at Standing Rock. It's Happening: These Cops Left Standing Rock and Refuse to Return. Federal Rules - AMENDMENT OF CLASS E AIRSPACE FOR THE FOLLOWING NORTH DAKOTA TOWNS; HARVEY, ND, AND ROLLA, ND; FAA-2016-3695 (184203) Uncovered Emails Raise Suspicions of Oil Company Paying Police for DAPL Crackdown. 2011 TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines (pdf) Pipeline protests escalate, more arrests. North Dakota sheriff investigates report of attack on pipeline protester. 'Doxing' tactic introduced in DAPL protest to release personal law enforcement officer information. "ND Hwy Patrol doesn't know about hypothermia" Advocates Fight Oil Companies on Transparency.

12.09.16 Standing Rock Camp Battles Cyber Blockers, Improves Service. FEDERAL REGISTER: Pipeline Safety: Safeguarding and Securing Pipelines From Unauthorized Access. Delegations to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administrator. Criminal penalties generally. Live Stream Cut Off As Police Spray DAPL Protesters With Water Cannons in Below Freezing Temps. ENERGY: SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE. Police evict oil pipeline protesters from private land | Government & Politics. Dundon et al v. Kirchmeier et al (1:16-cv-00406), North Dakota District Court. Did North Dakota Just Authorize Pepper-Spraying Police Drones? | Competitive Enterprise Institute.

ACLU of Montana representatives see 'upsetting' police response at Standing Rock | Business. North Dakota sheriff out of town almost constantly as pipeline protest drags on | Business. Pipeline company offers to help pay costs to police protests | North Dakota News. Amnesty International to Morton Co. Sheriff's Dept. Destructive Escalation. Police Taser Drones Legalized In North Dakota. Riot Control Tactics and Crowd Management Techniques | Staff Patrol Self Defense & Security.

Dakota Access Pipeline: Police fire on media drones, mass arrests, treaty rights declared — RT America. Louisiana sheriff shares testimony from North Dakota experience. #Followed: How police across the country are employing social media surveillance. Best of the Worst – Mean Read. Native Standing Rock Protester's Retina Severed After Cops Shot Her In The Face With Tear Gas Canister. Civil Rights Division | Department of Justice. Water Protectors Met with Water Cannons, Tear Gas, Concussion Grenades & Rubber Bullets.

Morton County officials being sued for use of 'excessive force' against protesters. Surveillance Drones. Arson suspected in latest Dakota Access pipeline fire. FBI To Probe Laser Beam Incident At Dakota Access Pipeline Protest. Arrests of Journalists at Standing Rock Test the Boundaries of the First Amendment. FBI To Probe Laser Beam Incident At Dakota Access Pipeline Protest. How a company with ties to a Dakota Access Pipeline owner flew over protests in the no fly zone. CALL 6: Dozens of Indiana officers deployed to North Dakota pipeline dispute, but who's paying? North Dakota Law Enforcement Official: "I'll ultimately be paid by the oil people..." Uncovered Emails Raise Suspicions of Oil Company Paying Police for DAPL Crackdown.

Police Attacked Standing Rock Activists For Hours. Why Are They Calling It A Riot? Standing Rock Camp Being Sprayed With “Chemical Agents” By Low Flying Aircrafts At Night – Collective Evolution. Police Departments Refuse to Send Backup to Standing Rock In Response to International Outrage. Standing Rock is the civil rights issue of our time – let's act accordingly | Bill McKibben | Opinion. Standing Rock Sioux Nation’s protest camp hit by snow and legal storms. Police Fire Tear Gas On DAPL Protestors As Pipeline Nears Completion. Live Stream Cut Off As Police Spray DAPL Protesters With Water Cannons in Below Freezing Temps.

#NODAPL Camps Continue to Document Mistreatment of Law Enforcement. Red Fawn Fallis State Charges Dropped, Charged in United States District Court. Militarized cops are using police state checkpoints to arrest DAPL protesters they think "look like" criminals -- Society's Child -- Montana troopers return from pipeline protest | 10.27.16 ND Dept. of Emergency Services releases new information on 3 shooting incidents near DAPL protest sites. Police Respond to #NODAPL Posts Targeting Officers - Story. Pipeline protest stretches North Dakota county staff, resources | NACo. Lt. Tom Iverson discusses yesterday's DAPL protest activities at Backwater Bridge. FCC Investigates Stingray Spies While DAPL Works in Secret at Standing Rock | Huffington Post. FAA ND Airspace Restrictions. FAA Cannonball ND Flight Restrictions 11/25/16 to 12/02/16. FAA Cannonball, ND Flight Restrictions 11/15/16 to 11/25/16.

Congress Somehow Magically Didn’t Notice the FBI Created a ''Small Air Force'' to Spy on Us? FBI Operating Secret Domestic "Spy-Plane" Air Force.