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Rivers and lakes mysteriously disappearing increase around the world. Active volcanoes in the world: March 22 - 28, 2017. New activity/unrest was reported for 7 volcanoes between March 22 and 28, 2017.

Active volcanoes in the world: March 22 - 28, 2017

During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 16 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Aira, Kyushu (Japan) | Bezymianny, Central Kamchatka (Russia) | Cerro Azul, Isla Isabela (Ecuador) | Chirinkotan, Kuril Islands (Russia) | Kambalny, Southern Kamchatka (Russia) | Manam, Papua New Guinea | Nevados de Chillan, Chile. Ongoing activity: Bagana, Bougainville (Papua New Guinea) | Bogoslof, Fox Islands (USA) | Cleveland, Chuginadak Island (USA) | Colima, Mexico | Dukono, Halmahera (Indonesia) | Ebeko, Paramushir Island (Russia) | Fuego, Guatemala | Kilauea, Hawaiian Islands (USA) | Klyuchevskoy, Central Kamchatka (Russia) | Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia | Pacaya, Guatemala | Sabancaya, Peru | Sheveluch, Central Kamchatka (Russia) | Sinabung, Indonesia | Suwanosejima, Ryukyu Islands (Japan) | Turrialba, Costa Rica.

New activity/unrest Aira, Kyushu (Japan) There is no oxygen on flat earth. HOME. Preparing for Pole Shift in 2017 by John Moore - 10-12-2016. Former CIA Officer Blows the Whistle on Government Criminality. September 29th, 2016 By Dane Wigington Guest writer for Wake Up World Do we have a country with a government?

Former CIA Officer Blows the Whistle on Government Criminality

Or do we have a government with a country? The latter is the case, as our government has clearly long since become nothing more than an unimaginably massive criminal cabal — a tool of enforcement for those who print the money, the central bankers. As a decorated former-CIA officer and author of the book “From The Company Of Shadows”, Kevin Shipp has shown incredible courage and honor by speaking out against the epidemic of secret tyranny within the halls of government. Kevin Shipp A former anti-terrorism expert, Kevin Shipp held several high-level positions in the CIA. From a recent article for Geoengineering Watch: Linda Moulton Howe Pole Shift Coming Faster than Expected. The Day Earth stood still. The day after: during the cascade surge of the 11-12th of April 2012, the Earth suffered the highest number of >5 earthquakes events in recorded history.

The Day Earth stood still

Moreover several facts point out to a human made causes of ‘global’ proportions: – We registered the two strongest Earthquakes ever outside a fault line. Yet earthquakes outside fault lines can only have human causes, NOT geological ones. – The distribution of events was NOT only localized around the >8 huge events off the Indonesian coast, but evenly distributed in several regions of the Earth: – The reader can observe there were the days before four >5 events along the South Atlantic ridge. Methane Monster II ~ Demise of the Arctic. DISASTEROUS Methane Leak Poisons California. GeoEngineering and BioEngineering : The Unmistakable Link - Carnicom Institute. Red Alert - Lava Dome Under Gulf Of Mexico Rising As Waters Heat Up. Natural Hazards Viewer. Tsunami Events Tsunami Observations Significant Earthquakes Significant Volcanic Eruptions.

Natural Hazards Viewer

Plastic Waste in the Ocean Will Outnumber Fish by 2050. 11th April 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World A dump truck full of plastic is unloaded into the sea every minute, and experts say the situation is growing worse, with plastic debris expected to outnumber fish by 2050.

Plastic Waste in the Ocean Will Outnumber Fish by 2050

Why we should fear a cashless world. The health food chain Tossed has just opened the UK’s first cashless cafe.

Why we should fear a cashless world

It’s another step towards the death of cash. This is nothing new. Money is tech. The Expanding War Against Nature. By Julian Rose There can be no more certain way to decimate life on Earth than through the act of setting in reverse the natural expansiveness of nature.

The Expanding War Against Nature

Yet that is exactly what has been happening for the past two centuries, through the relentless eradication of farm and forest biodiversity in a fixated, tunnel vision pursuit of specialisation and profit. Witness the fresh food market: so reduced has the range of edible vegetables available to the modern shopper become, that just seven varieties now constitute approximately 90% of green foods sold in post industrial Northern European and North American supermarket chains. Whereas, less than one hundred years ago, highly localised food growing offered a far wider range of fruits and vegetables; in spite of supermarkets boasting global food sourcing policies that are supposed to offer almost limitless choice.

Massive Global Tree Die-Off Caused By Geoengineering - Zen Gardner. By Dane Wigington Contributor, Suburbanization and industrial deforestation are decimating the world’s trees, and there are only 2 intact giant forests remaining on planet earth.

Massive Global Tree Die-Off Caused By Geoengineering - Zen Gardner

However, across the globe, some other phenomenon is causing standing trees to wither and die in record numbers, and at present, the problem is receiving considerable mention in California, where millions of trees are dying during the worst drought the region has seen in perhaps some 1200 years. “We are seeing major tree die off everywhere in N.

Earthquakes - 7 days, M2.5+ JADE HELM splinters globally colliding with Cremation of Care. Chemicals In Our Waters Are Affecting Humans And Aquatic Life In Unanticipated Ways. American and Canadian scientists are finding that out of sight, out of mind can no longer be the approach we take to the chemicals in our waters.

Chemicals In Our Waters Are Affecting Humans And Aquatic Life In Unanticipated Ways

Substances that we use everyday are turning up in our lakes, rivers and ocean, where they can impact aquatic life and possibly ourselves. Now these contaminants are affecting aquatic environments and may be coming back to haunt us in unanticipated ways. Derek Muir of Environment Canada and colleagues have determined that of the 30,000 or so chemicals used commercially in the United States and Canada, about 400 resist breaking down in the environment and can accumulate in fish and wildlife. These researchers estimate that of this 400, only 4 percent are routinely analyzed and about 75 percent have not been studied. Peter Breggin MD Psychiatric Drugs Part I. Bloodsuckers Spreading a New Deadly Virus in the U.S.

Photo credit: Springtime is here friends and you know what that means: sunshine, walks outdoors, camping trips, field trips for the kids and those ugly, bloodsucking, disease infested ticks.

Bloodsuckers Spreading a New Deadly Virus in the U.S.

50% of the World's Wildlife Gone in Just 2 Human Generations. By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Anyone accustomed to Openhand knows that our approach is to fearlessly embrace the truth, even if that makes us unpopular. Why? Because only the truth can truly set you free. There’s so much deception and distortion abound on the planet. Earth's Shields Continue to Collapse/Cern/StarGate.

The New Madrid Earthquake That Will Divide The United States In Half. Michael SnyderActivist Post Once upon a time, North America almost divided along a very deep subsurface rift. Today, that rift system and the faults associated with it are known as the New Madrid fault zone. This fault zone is six times larger than the San Andreas fault zone in California and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. Back in 1811 and 1812, four of the largest earthquakes in U.S. history struck that area of the country.

Inuit Elders Issue Warning To NASA And The World "Earth Has Shifted" December 5, 2014 By Susan Duclos The Inuits are indigenous people that inhabit the arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland and throughout history their very lives have been dependent on being able to correctly forecast weather.... and they are warning NASA and the world that global warming isn't the cause of what we are seeing with extreme weather, earthquakes and other events.

Stephen Hawking: God Particle Could Destroy Universe. Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization - PLEASE SHARE!! chemtrails. Extreme Cold in USA, Melting Arctic Methane, on 01 08 2015. Is Yellowstone about to BLOW GROUND now MELTING n SPEWING GAS. How the UN Is Confiscating American Homes and Controlling All Food and Energy. In times of crises, the government has proven, time and time again, that it cannot be counted on to adequately protect the American people. As the American people have not prepared for the coming dark days, they will be vulnerable to starvation, dehydration, cholera, pandemics and attacks from resource-deficient looters. Will the government be there to save them? History has already answered this question in the negative. Strange Unexplained Mysteries. EARTH WARNING/RAPID POLE SHIFT. Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons Jeff Rense & Dr. Patrick Flanagan (Video) ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce November 23, 2014Jeff Rense interviews Dr.

UVB Radiation Is Off The Charts, Metering Proves This Fact. Secret Pacific Aerosols continue California Drought 10 22 14. Marine mutants wash up on shore: two-headed dolphin a sign of chemical poisoning tipping point. The MicroChip Invasion, Spy Chips in your home. Over 30 Billion RFIDs made a Year. This Discovery Makes Bee Die-Off Problem That Much Worse. Why The Earthquake Near San Francisco Is Just The Start Of The Shaking In California.

Why does the CDC own a patent on Ebola 'invention?' - Stanford biologist warns of early stages of Earth's 6th mass extinction event. One third to die by plague or famine; one third will fall by the sword; one third to be scattered to every wind - The Guerrilla Economist V's Interview With 4 Star General. 20 Signs The Epic Drought In The Western United States Is Starting To Become Apocalyptic. Earth's magnetic field showing signs of significan... - The Watchers. “How Much Time Is Left?” Is History Repeating Itself? 25 Shocking Facts About The Earth’s Dwindling Water Resources. Congress Learns an EMP Could Kill 90% of Americans. The New World Order And The Rise Of The East. How they would stage a bioterror event. THEY Want YOU! TruthNeverTold.

Scientists: We Can’t Do Anything About The Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs That Will Soon Kill Millions Of Us. Robot Bees Will Be Better Than The Real Thing Says Greenpeace. Must Watch: Hidden Camera Inside Fluoride Facility. Economic Elite Announce Plan to Replace Human Labor with Machines. Is Mainstream Media Now The Most Significant Threat To Freedom? Report: Fracking Can Cause Earthquakes On Faults Tens Of Miles From Site. Eminent Domain: Colorado Couple Finds Out Their Land Is Only Theirs Until The Government Wants It. PLEASE HEED MY WORDS OF WARNING: I AM TELLING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO CLIVEN BUNDY IS VERY SIMILAR TO WHAT HAPPENED TO MY COMMUNITY AND THIS IS COMING TO YOUR COMMUNITY IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Creepy DARPA Robots Purchased by Google are Not for War? Top Obama official WE will kill the dollar WWIII already underway. China to invade the United States under Obama s Declaration of Martial Law (11.07.2013) - Fred Woods.

Weaponized Cancer Viruses Exposed! The Terrifying Future of The United States. Biophysical Warfare - Virtual Lobotomies For The Slaves: Tim Rifat w/ Jeff Rense 2012/07/11. Soft Killing The American People Using Toxic Food, Toxic Water And Toxic Vaccines. Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring To Life. Yellowstone Super-Volcano is FAR Bigger Than Previously Thought. Gang Stalking - "Your Silence Is Your Permission" - Silent Weapons & NASA War Doc. 11/19/11 Max Igan: Fracking Toxicity, Destruction Planetary Water, Energy Fields, Awaken - Frater X.

Agenda Truth - 30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet. Jeff Rense & Dane Wigington - Snow Burns, Won't Melt! 16 Signs That “Global Warming” Was A Lie And That We Have Now Entered A Period Of Global Cooling. California: A Geoengineered Dust Bowl. Scientists Assure Us That The Recent Earthquakes On The Ring Of Fire Are Not Related. 'Drought refugees' to become reality in USA as western half of nation dries up. The fraud in global warming science. Termination Squads Targeting Veterans Before Martial Law Is Declared? NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013. 7 Future Methods of Mind Control. Researcher: Nazis experimented with mosquitoes as weapons. Something is Making Cattle Hooves Fall Off. FUK-U-SHIMA DISASTER: Dr. Helen Caldicott - "They Will Never Clean It Up, It Is Impossible!"

Fukushima: Do Not Panic - You Will All Die - Cesium 137. Japan's Triple Meltdown: Tour of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Fukushima And The End Of Humanity. Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation. Why Are Starfish Melting? EMP secrets revealed. Unmanned: America's Drone Wars. How All Of Society Is Under Mind Control ► Dr. Patrick Flanagan w/ Jeff Rense. The "Alien Agenda," Soul Extraction & Spychiatry ◕ Preston James w/ Jeff Rense 11.6.13. BLM Providing Sweetheart Deals for Chinese Investors. Ecosystems Collapsing Due To Geoengineering ◕ Dane Wigington w/ Jeff Rense 03.06.2013. The Year the Monarch Didn’t Appear. Whales Dying En Masse: Signs We're Next. EPA Lifts Ban, BP Wins $40 Billion in New Contracts.