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Brighteon. John Moore and Mike Adams talk about the kill shot that is coronavirus vaccines and the violent Earth changes that are about to happen Interviewed by Mike Adams, John Moore said taking the coronavirus vaccines mean death.


He told Adams that vaccination will kill the most number of people before the violent Earth changes kick in at some point. According to Moore, the people behind the vaccines are speeding up what they’re doing because they want to get a shot at a new world order before the violent Earth changes take everything out – including them. Adams noted that, as they were recording the interview, President Joe Biden was about to announce mandatory vaccination for all federal workers. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice just announced that it’s legal for all private sector companies to mandate the vaccination to their employees. Brighteon. What most people don’t yet understand is that they’re no longer living in “America.”


What used to be America is now a nation under enemy occupation, ruled by authoritarian tyrants who were installed through election fraud and whose loyalty rests with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The LIE We Live In! Everybody Should Watch And Share This Video….. I’m Speechless. This 8-minute, 28-second video has left me speechless.

The LIE We Live In! Everybody Should Watch And Share This Video….. I’m Speechless

It’s as if we have long stopped living in reality, we live a lie, one that has become so widespread, that we cannot see what is really happening—so evidently—all around us. Have you ever wondered about what FREEDOM actually is? THE NEW FUTURE - Marfoogle News. The Most EXTREME Weather Events Caught On Tape. (2) Are We Living in the Next Great Extinction Event? Expert in Earth Cataclysms Prof. Peter Ward. (1) Series 4, Part 5F, Q&A; Where to go and what to expect during the polar reversal and Nova in 2046.

Search. Oil Spill Raises Concerns As It Makes Russia's Arctic Rivers Run Red. By Conscious Reminder 2020 has so far been a series of unfortunate events.

Oil Spill Raises Concerns As It Makes Russia's Arctic Rivers Run Red

Joining the long list of strange occurrences is a river in Russia that ran red. Norilsk, a Siberian city in Russia, witnessed an apocalypse-like occurrence when the river running across the city turned red in color. More than 5,000 baby seals wash up on Namibia beach in unprecedented die-off. The massive megalodon, the largest shark to ever roam the seas, had their own nursery areas all over the globe that allowed the apex predators to raise their young and populate the world prior to their extinction.

More than 5,000 baby seals wash up on Namibia beach in unprecedented die-off

A new study, published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, reveals that nurseries belonging to the massive creatures have been found in across vast geographic distances where fossils belonging to both young and old megalodons were discovered. The five likely nurseries include sites off Spain’s east coast, two off the coast of the United States, and two in Panama. The Amazon rainforest is coming dangerously close to permanently converting into dry savannah. (TMU) – A vast swathe of the Amazon is teetering on the brink of disaster and risks crossing the tipping point of transforming from a closed canopy rainforest teeming with life to an open savannah with few trees as climate conditions deprive the region of rainfall and effectively kill its unique ecosystem, scientists have warned.

The Amazon rainforest is coming dangerously close to permanently converting into dry savannah

Rainforests are extremely sensitive to even the slightest changes in rainfall and moisture levels, and extended periods of drought and fire can be devastating in areas that rely on rain for sustenance. In the Amazon, such conditions would transform the lush rainforest into a semi-arid savannah-like mixture of woodland and grassland while also boosting the risk of fire. While such dramatic changes to the Amazon were believed to be worst-case scenarios that could happen decades away, a team of Europe-based scientists warned on Monday that the tipping point is now dangerously close. "Hundreds of thousands, if not millions" of migratory birds drop dead across New Mexico. (TMU) – Wildlife researchers in New Mexico and Colorado are aghast as a growing number of birds across the region are being discovered to have mysteriously died off in massive numbers.

"Hundreds of thousands, if not millions" of migratory birds drop dead across New Mexico

In recent days, residents across the region have been finding the corpses of various migratory birds along hiking trails, missile ranges, and other locations. Experts remain unclear about why exactly the huge die-off is occurring, although some believe that it could possibly be tied to a recent cold front, ongoing droughts, or even the tremendous amount of smoke being pumped out of the wildfires across western states. “It is terribly frightening,” Prof. Martha Desmond of New Mexico State University’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology told Las Cruces Sun-News.

“We’ve never seen anything like this. … We’re losing probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of migratory birds.” This is the End. (1) UNBELIEVABLE: Gov. Forces Farms to Shut Down. Food Shortages Imminent. What You Need To Know About The RED. 75% of Earth's Land Areas Are Degraded. More than 75 percent of Earth’s land areas are substantially degraded, undermining the well-being of 3.2 billion people, according to the world’s first comprehensive, evidence-based assessment.

75% of Earth's Land Areas Are Degraded

These lands that have either become deserts, are polluted, or have been deforested and converted to agricultural production are also the main causes of species extinctions. If this trend continues, 95 percent of the Earth’s land areas could become degraded by 2050. That would potentially force hundreds of millions of people to migrate, as food production collapses in many places, the report warns. “Land degradation, biodiversity loss, and climate change are three different faces of the same central challenge: the increasingly dangerous impact of our choices on the health of our natural environment,” said Sir Robert Watson, chair of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), which produced the report (launched Monday in Medellin, Colombia).

This Is Why You Should Consider Changing The Frequency Of Music. Elina St-Onge, Collective EvolutionWaking Times Media “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla“What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.

This Is Why You Should Consider Changing The Frequency Of Music

There is no matter.” – Albert Einstein. Earth's Oxygen Levels Can Affect Its Climate. Earth has a surprising new player in the climate game: oxygen.

Earth's Oxygen Levels Can Affect Its Climate

Even though oxygen is not a heat-trapping greenhouse gas, its concentration in our atmosphere can affect how much sunlight reaches the ground, and new models suggest that effect has altered climate in the past. Oxygen currently makes up about 21 percent of the gases in the planet’s atmosphere, but that level hasn’t been steady over Earth’s history. For the first couple of billion years, there was little oxygen in the atmosphere. Then, about 2.5 billion years ago, oxygen started getting added to the atmosphere by photosynthetic cyanobacteria. Safezone -The Rise & Fall of Civilization - David DuByne, TEOTWAWKI, Where Will You Be. Keystone Pipeline, Almost 400,000 Gallons of Oil Leak into ND, Latest. CONGRESSMAN WARNS OF GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS. Resonance: Beings of Frequency (FULL DOCUMENTARY) USGS shows off NEW Earthquake Weapon.

STRANGE AND UNUSUAL EVENTS IN TURKEY. DoD Contractor Leaks Shocking Data, Cosmic Radiation Doubled Past Year. Chan Thomas - The Adam And Eve Story The History Of Cataclysms (1993 Full UNCENSORED) : Chan Thomas : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming. PROOF Something Big About To Go Down? What You Need To Know About WILDLIFE And EARTH CHANGES. This Is The Biggest Secret They Dont Want You To Know... WHAT'S HAPPENING? Sudden RUSH To Get Us To The Moon Fast..

#MUDFLOOD FOOTAGE!!! Liquefaction Happens!!! Large M7.0 earthquake in Alaska. Earthquakes Geysers Exploited by Drilling, World's Largest Geothermal Plant in CA, Near Bohemian G. Preliminary Flood Maps.  Solar Grand Minimums, Magnetic Reversals and Ice Ages. Evidence Of The Virtuality Of Our World. This Concrete Dome Holds A Leaking Toxic Timebomb. MUST SEE! This Video Is Being Blocked In Almost Every Country ! The Great Man-Made River of Gaddafi: What Happened To It? Colonel Gaddafi, a man of many visions, had dreamed of seeing an abundance of fresh water in Libya, and wanted to make his home country stand as a proud and free nation. Time is running out in the tropics: Researchers warn of global biodiversity collapse. What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For.. Full HAARP Documentary. Massive Heat Under Yellowstone/NOT MAGMA! Pole Shifts Growing Evidence for Catastrophic Shifts Past and Present. What They Found in The Desert Shouldn't Exist.

The Most Important Podcast Ever - Forests & Ozone Dying - Latest Footage. The World Has Never Witnessed Anything Like This Before! Weather Channel Confirms Suspicion of Mysterious Water Disappearances. Extreme East Coast Tidal Retreat-West Texas is Shaking and Sinking-China's Massive Weather Control. Share now! POLE SHIFT imminent The Safe Zones, Poles May Flip & Things Could Get Really Bad. NEW INFO!!! ARE THE GIANTS AWAKE IN THE ANTARCTIC?? CANNIBALISM. JUST MOMENTS AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO, MY NEIGHBOR BOUGHT A BUNKER. Directed Energy Weapons Used on West Coast; Rubble Resembles Atomic Bomb Damage [video] If you don’t know what Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 are, don’t ridicule what many are now suggesting. The global elite’s long time plan for Humanity is basically “stack and pack”.

They want to stuff all of us into small, concentrated areas where we have no freedom to do anything or go anywhere, while they keep vast open natural spaces for themselves to enjoy. Check out the map above. See all the small, controlled corridors? “Highly regulated”? This is widely understood. Oh, they wouldn’t do that, you say? Don’t let grandiose terms like “biodiversity” and “sustainability” fool you. Mississippi River May Be Draining Into the New Madrid Fault; Ocean Disappears from Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, California Multiple Times [videos] Mr. MBB and a Starship reader suggested the disappearing waters of the Mississippi may be draining into the New Madrid fault after several recent earthquakes. That sounds reasonable. Anything’s possible. But what about the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Brazil and Uruguay and the Pacific around Baja Mexico and California?

Synthetic clothing is polluting the ocean with plastic fibers — Quartz. In the early 2000s, Nancy Koehn was socked with one personal blow after the next within a three-year period: Her father dropped dead suddenly. Her husband walked out and a terrible divorce ensued. And she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As these “big hunky blocks” of her life were falling around her, the business historian says she reached for the collective writings of Abraham Lincoln. “I was feeling vulnerable, and it was a personal search for some sort of clarity and redemption,” explains Koehn, the James E. Robison professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Koehn set out to write a book about the former president, inspired by his remarkable leadership as he persevered in his fight against slavery.

Micro-plastics in the ocean come from fabric fibers. This is a 1 Million Women community guest post from cosmetic chemist Daphne Kapetas. This Is The Biggest Secret They Dont Want You To Know! New Map Reveals Where The World’s Most Toxic Countries Are – Prepare for Change. Believe it or not, the five least-toxic countries are found in Africa. Rivers and lakes mysteriously disappearing increase around the world. Active volcanoes in the world: March 22 - 28, 2017. New activity/unrest was reported for 7 volcanoes between March 22 and 28, 2017. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 16 volcanoes. There is no oxygen on flat earth. Preparing for Pole Shift in 2017 by John Moore - 10-12-2016. Former CIA Officer Blows the Whistle on Government Criminality. September 29th, 2016. Linda Moulton Howe Pole Shift Coming Faster than Expected. The Day Earth stood still.

Methane Monster II ~ Demise of the Arctic. DISASTEROUS Methane Leak Poisons California. GeoEngineering and BioEngineering : The Unmistakable Link - Carnicom Institute. Red Alert - Lava Dome Under Gulf Of Mexico Rising As Waters Heat Up. Natural Hazards Viewer. Tsunami Events Tsunami Observations Significant Earthquakes Significant Volcanic Eruptions. Plastic Waste in the Ocean Will Outnumber Fish by 2050. 11th April 2016 By Carolanne Wright. The worst part about BP’s oil-spill cover-up: It worked. Corexit: Deadly Dispersant in Oil Spill Cleanup - Government Accountability Project. Why we should fear a cashless world. The Expanding War Against Nature. Massive Global Tree Die-Off Caused By Geoengineering - Zen Gardner. Earthquakes - 7 days, M2.5+ Chemicals In Our Waters Are Affecting Humans And Aquatic Life In Unanticipated Ways.

Peter Breggin MD Psychiatric Drugs Part I. Bloodsuckers Spreading a New Deadly Virus in the U.S. 50% of the World's Wildlife Gone in Just 2 Human Generations. Earth's Shields Continue to Collapse/Cern/StarGate. The New Madrid Earthquake That Will Divide The United States In Half. Inuit Elders Issue Warning To NASA And The World "Earth Has Shifted" Stephen Hawking: God Particle Could Destroy Universe. Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization - PLEASE SHARE!! chemtrails. Extreme Cold in USA, Melting Arctic Methane, on 01 08 2015. Is Yellowstone about to BLOW GROUND now MELTING n SPEWING GAS. How the UN Is Confiscating American Homes and Controlling All Food and Energy. Strange Unexplained Mysteries. EARTH WARNING/RAPID POLE SHIFT.

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons Jeff Rense & Dr. Patrick Flanagan (Video) UVB Radiation Is Off The Charts, Metering Proves This Fact. Secret Pacific Aerosols continue California Drought 10 22 14. Marine mutants wash up on shore: two-headed dolphin a sign of chemical poisoning tipping point. The MicroChip Invasion, Spy Chips in your home. Over 30 Billion RFIDs made a Year. This Discovery Makes Bee Die-Off Problem That Much Worse. Why The Earthquake Near San Francisco Is Just The Start Of The Shaking In California. Why does the CDC own a patent on Ebola 'invention?' - Stanford biologist warns of early stages of Earth's 6th mass extinction event.