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While You're Focused on Afghanistan, Here is What Biden's Doing Quietly. On August 24th, Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson alerted the American people of a serious breach within the Republican Party that has been occurring quietly while the public has been otherwise distracted by the ongoing outrage of the Afghanistan debacle. In a four and a half minute long closing monologue Tucker laid out a cold-hard case that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a key member of the Senate Judiciary Committee has been the pivotal vote, siding with Democrats against his own party in confirming nine of Biden’s so-far thirty-three Judiciary nominations. At least two of those nominees are nothing short of rabidly insane leftist activists.

Biden’s Been Stacking The Circuit Courts Quietly With Lindsey Graham’s Help Fox News’ Tucker Carlson explained, citing Biden nominees like Myrna Perez, director of the Brennan Center’s Voting Rights and Elections Program who has railed against Voter ID laws for over a decade. “This is hardly an isolated case. He Knows Where The Wind Is Blowing Why? Century Old Tombstone Has Chilling Warning About Democrat Party. A photo of a tombstone from over a century ago has gone viral for its chilling warning about the Democrat Party. The Civil War veteran to whom the tombstone belongs chose a very interesting epitaph to leave for future generations to read. Nathaniel Grigsby, an Indiana man who passed away at the age of 78 on April 16, 1890, served in the Civil War as a cavalry officer. When he died, he decided to leave a warning on his tombstone against the evils of the Democratic Party. The tombstone reads: “Through this inscription, I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party.

I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so-called party. Therefore, beware of this party of treason.” Grigsby was born in 1811, and went to school in Indiana with his dear friend Abraham Lincoln, before the former president moved to Illinois. It’s safe to say that Nathaniel Grigsby was not a fan of the Democrats. Tucker Carlson: The Left Is 'Satanic' - 'in Direct Objection to God' | Neon Nettle.

On 25th August 2021 @ 3.00pm © press During his show this week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his guest, journalist Jason Whitlock, both agreed that the Left is "Satanic" and driven by anti-Christian values. The pair discussed how the progressive policies pushed by Democrats are "in direct objection to God. " Whitlock explained how the Democrats' core beliefs are fundamentally Satanic and conflict with those of most Americans. "What do you think — I’ve always wondered this — what is the actual support for the ideas?”

Carlson asked Whitlock. "Not, you know, 'do you like Trump or Biden? ' "Like the core ideas of the Democratic Party - How many Americans actually believe that stuff, would you guess?” Have your say - ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ Whitlock responded by explaining that he thinks the actual number is probably quite low. "Tucker, I’m going to say something difficult to unpack in this short amount of time, but it’s what I truly believe," he said. "I’m just sorry. "I completely agree.” Tucker Carlson Rips LA Times For Racist Screed Against Larry Elder as Polls Show He Could Unseat Newsom. Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the Los Angeles Times over an op-ed for taking a racist shot at leading California GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder as he has drawn within a statistical margin of error of unseating Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in a recall election next month. Carlson was referencing a piece calling Elder, who is black, the “black face of white supremacy.”

“Elder’s father, who was a janitor, was black. So was Elder’s mother. So were 80 percent of the people in their neighborhood and by all appearances, Larry Elder seemed black too,” Carlson said. “Little did they know that this child of South Central, apparently an African-American in good standing was in fact a secret agent working on behalf of global white supremacy,” he quipped. Recent polling data show that while most Californians want to retain Newsom, the number who say they want to replace him is within the margin of error.

“Larry elder could actually win. “The question is: Can Larry Elder win anyway? Candace Owens Calls on America to Rise Up and Reject the Left's Marxist Agenda | Neon Nettle. On 25th August 2021 @ 5.00pm © press Conservative firebrand Candace Owens has issued a call to action to decent-minded Americans everywhere: Rise up and reject the Left's radical Marxist agenda. Owens made the call during the latest episode of her weekly show "Candace. " In her monologue, Owens warned parents that schools are indoctrinating their children to support the radical Left's divisive idealogy. She urged parents to save their kids from Marxism by pulling them out of the publicly sponsored “day-care” programs cleverly disguised as public schools.

Schools are teaching kids to hate their country, to undermine their parents, to think of the world as oppressed vs oppressor, and to believe that some races are superior to others, Owens argued. "Parents, pull your kids out of school; bring them back home," Owens told her audience. Have your say - ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ "This is the most important battle — the battle for future generations,” Owens declared. BREAKING Newsmax Host Greg Kelly: WOW!!!! Military HELICOPTERS are flying VERY LOW over MANHATTAN. What's going on ?!?!"

Remember when America was caught flat-footed on 9-11? Remember our nation’s mantra—“Never again!”??? Remember when only 8 months ago we had a President of the United States that terrorists feared? Well, it’s August 26, 2021, almost 20 years after the anniversary of the deadliest terror attack on American soil, and the Taliban has put Joe Biden and his regime on notice that they are now calling the shots. The same terror group responsible for the blood of Americans on our soil is letting our incompetent commander-in-chief and his woke military leaders know that they—not America—are in charge of the withdrawal of American citizens and allies from the new Islamic state. The Homeland Security threat level in the United States has been elevated. Trending: “It’s time to die!” …Young Father Shot To Death By Random Black Male Pointing Gun At His Baby Seated At Outdoor Restaurant…Killer Dances On Victim’s Dead Body [GRAPHIC VIDEO] WOW!!!!

Tucker Carlson: The Left Is 'Satanic' - 'in Direct Objection to God' | Neon Nettle. Bongino Demands 'Coward' Biden Resign Immediately: 'Time for BS Is Over' Fox News host Dan Bongino roasted President Joe Biden during his Sunday evening show, calling him a “coward” over his handling of the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan and that the failure is his to own. “I have a couple of messages I need to get out there – they’re important, time for BS is over,” he said during a segment on his show “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino. “The first message is for Joe Biden, our president in name only: You failed.

You are a total, epic, colossal apocalyptic failure,” Bongino said. “You failed the American people, you failed our country, you failed our military, our Army, our Marines, our Air Force, our Navy, you failed the Afghan people, you failed our allies,” the host and popular radio talker added. “You, you, you failed everyone. Because you were a coward. Watch the latest video at <a href=" “History will remember this as one of the most colossal, epic political failures in America’s history. “Biden should resign immediately. Problem loading page. Watch: Church Goes Wild as Fed-Up Oliver North Swears About Biden Admin on Stage. Former Fox News host and NRA President Oliver North received a standing ovation in a Tennessee church after swearing about the Biden administration’s slow movement in getting interpreters who worked with U.S. forces out of Afghanistan.

The Marine Corps combat veteran addressed the issue in the spring after President Joe Biden announced his intention to pull all U.S. forces from the country by the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks next month. North — co-author of the newly released, “We Didn’t Fight for Socialism: America’s Veterans Speak Up” — came back to the topic again last week in an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. He argued it would be “unconscionable” to do otherwise because of the vital role the interpreters played in the conduct of the war. “They’ve helped us for 20 years,” North said. “Over 300 of them have already been killed. The discussion on Afghanistan starts at 39:50 in the video below. Yes: 99% (1695 Votes) No: 1% (22 Votes)

Tucker Carlson Raises Question: Why Are 'Knives' Suddenly Out for Biden? Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Friday he sees clear signs that the mainstream media has obviously begun to turn on President Joe Biden as well as some top officials in his administration. “We’ve learned a lot in the past five days. Maybe the important thing we’ve learned is that Joe Biden is not capable of running the country. Joe Biden is senile. Saying that out loud is not an attack on Biden,” Carlson began as he kicked off his opening monologue. He went on to say that everyone in Biden’s inner circle has long been aware that he is “senile” but they allowed him to run for president anyway and that he won largely with the help of the major left-leaning press.

But, he added, there has been a shift in attitudes toward Biden as the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan became a global embarrassment for the U.S. “What is going on here? “In the last week, we’ve been reminded how tiny our domestic concerns actually are. “That’s hardly the scariest thing going on in the world right now. Momma Bear Crashes Press Conference, Screams, 'White Supremacy And Proud Boys Are Not The Problem!' [VIDEO] - Unite America First.

Americans are being told by the FBI, the media, and the government that the threat they face, keeping them from a perfect life, is white supremacy. But that messaging does not resonate with at least one Black mother of young children, in Portland Oregon, who crashed a press conference and interrupted the gathering accusing the media and participants of encouraging behavior that is dangerous to her and her children and Black people in general. Andy Ngo reported on the situation A black woman crashed a Portland press conference by far-left group Don’t Shoot PDX, an organization that supports violence, on Friday ahead of Antifa’s announced direct action planned to take place in the city over the weekendTwo weeks ago, a large group of Antifa carrying shields and melee weapons attacked a crowd of Evangelical Christians congregating for a prayer and worship event at the waterfront in downtown Portland.

“You are obsessed with the Proud Boys, they are not even here. They are not the problem. "American Marxism": Mark Levin's #1 Bestselling Book Details How Our Country Got Here, And What Can Be Done To Reverse It * The Scoop. Mark Levin with his new best selling book, American Marxism We’re seven months into Biden’s presidency, and the liberal media is still obsessed with new books full of titillating stories about former President Donald Trump from anonymous sources. Meanwhile, Mark Levin’s latest best-seller, provocatively titled “American Marxism,” is far too counter-revolutionary to be embraced by these liberal so-called “journalists.” Trending: Stranded American In Afghanistan Has Shocking Revelation On Move By U.S. State Department CNN’s Brian Stelter recently highlighted two new anti-Trump books that were ranked third and fourth on Amazon. However, “in a display of our fractured state of the union, two Fox hosts” were beating them, reported Stelter.

Mr. Is there anyone out there who believes Stelter actually read these two books before going lambasting them? Completing this poll entitles you to updates free of charge. I’ve read big portions of Stelter’s anti-Fox News book “Hoax.” Problem loading page. Tucker Carlson Calls On Citizens to Rise Up and Reject the 'Great Reset' | Neon Nettle. On 19th August 2021 @ 3.00pm © press Fox News host Tucker Carlson has issued a call to action to citizens around the world, urging that it is time to rise up and reject the "Great Reset" before it's too late. Speaking during an interview with SiriusXM, Carlson warned that the West is in danger of becoming a “soviet society.” He said that the global elite is ushering in the "Great Reset" to prioritize conformity and obedience over freedom of behavior and thought. "I do think, marginally, people can be more brave and more honest just in their personal lives,” Carlson told host Alex Marlow.

"There’s no reason to sit at a dinner party and be browbeaten by somebody and not pipe up. "You don’t have to argue, but you can quietly speak your conscience in public.” Have your say - ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ "The society has become so incredibly conformist," Carlson warned. "I see it in my kids and their friends. TRENDING: Tucker Carlson Calls On Citizens to Rise Up and Reject the Great Reset. Tucker Carlson Nails It: "We are led by buffoons...everything they touch turns to chaos" Tucker Carlson said what everyone is thinking about the mess our so-called leaders are responsible for…He said, “We are led by buffoons; everything they touch turns to chaos.” “So maybe it’s possible that we failed in Afghanistan because the entire neo-liberal program is grotesque. It’s a joke. It’s contrary to human nature.” This opening statement from Carlson is fire! Twenty years of a nation-building exercise that was a total lie is coming back to haunt the Deep State buffoons.

Heads need to roll but will they? Trending: CNN Hosts Appear Physically Ill As Correspondent Describes “Desperate” Situation In Afghanistan…”Individuals clinging to U.S. We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, profanity, vulgarity, doxing, or discourteous behavior. Tucker Carlson said what everyone is thinking about the mess our so-called leaders are responsible for…He said, “We are led by buffoons; everything they touch turns to chaos.”

This opening statement from Carlson is fire! Levin: "Biden engineering the most diabolical presidency since slavery" Conservative firebrand Mark Levin is apoplectic about what he sees going on in America and in fact has written a book describing what he sees and what he feels patriotic Americans can do to fight back in American Marxism. On his Fox News Sunday night program, Life, Liberty & Levin, the former Reagan Justice Department chief of staff went off. Watch the latest video at <a href=" Fox News reports that Levin, in describing the Biden presidency, said Biden is engineering “the most diabolical presidency and most diabolical Democratic Party since slavery.” During the program in which he hosted economist Stephen Moore of The Heritage Foundation and former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, Levin sharply criticized the sudden hard-left turn of the Democratic party, calling the move toward a neo-Marxist ideology a “massive degrowth movement dress[ed] up as climate change and the Green New Deal.”

“[Democrats] will ram through whatever they have to. What else? Noncompliant Movie. Dead Americans and our changing demographics. Candace Owens: 'The Left Is Losing Control of the Narrative' | Neon Nettle. On 11th August 2021 @ 6.00pm © press Conservative commentator Candace Owens said the left is trying to censor conservatives on social media because it's losing control of the narrative. During an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures," Owens said: “I speak all over the country, and I wouldn't do that if I was not optimistic.

" "I'm incredibly optimistic because it's very apparent that the left is losing control of the narrative," she said. "If they weren't losing control of the narrative, it wouldn't be necessary to censor so many conservatives. " Have your say - ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ "It wouldn't have been necessary to censor the then-sitting president of United States President Donald Trump," Owens continued. “So, despite all of their rhetoric, think about this. " TRENDING: Bill Gates Offers 1 5 Billion if House Passes Biden Infrastructure Bill “Why is that possible? "This is why they're going through extremes,” Owens said. "We know there are protests every day in the U.K. In Lieu Of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah's Recent Self-Promoted Birthday Bash, Can Someone Answer This Question About His Birth? » Sons of Liberty Media. Army Recruiter Says Parents Refusing to Let Kids Join Biden's Woke Military | Todd Starnes.

Pro-police mayoral candidate: It's time to actually start backing cops. Candace Owens: 'The Left Is Losing Control of the Narrative' | Neon Nettle. Mel Gibson to Direct a movie about the Rothschilds. Problem loading page. 'Take Me to Jail': Residents Put Flags Back Up after Caltrans Removes 100 American Flags | Todd Starnes. Mark Levin: Antifa & Black Lives Matter Are 'Militia Wing' of Democratic Party | Neon Nettle.

This is exactly what is going on in this country. Carson blasts Biden over extending the eviction moratorium extension: "We don’t want to create a permanent underclass that is dependent upon the government" Problem loading page. Problem loading page. After Ben Carson Accuses Biden Of Unconstitutional Act - Joe Gets Sued By Landlords Over Eviction Ban. Pompeo Jokes, Denies Knowledge Of Missing $5,800 Whiskey: ‘The Great Case Of The Missing Whiskey Bottle’ Stunning comments by Stephen Miller -- your government hates you. Sara Carter Podcast: GOYA CEO combats child trafficking, exposing the growing criminal enterprise in U.S. All you need to know about the unaffordable $1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill. This Might Be The Most Legendary Mark Levin Rant EVER. Filmmaker Ken Burns: Mark Zuckerberg ‘an Enemy of the State’ Who Belongs in Jail | Neon Nettle.

Gingrich Hits Pelosi With Heavy Accusation - Claims Nancy Is The "Greatest Threat To Constitutional Liberty" "Damned if I'm Going to Allow Pelosi to Tell Me What To Do" - Rep. Chip Roy | Todd Starnes. 'Fox Is Cozying Up to Biden,' says Former Fox News Star Eric Bolling | Todd Starnes. Free Will, Karl Marx & The Use Of The Health Belief Model Of Behavioral Change » Sons of Liberty Media. Conservatives Say 'Patriotic Americans' Need to Take Back Control, Poll Shows | Neon Nettle. Problem loading page. Problem loading page. Tucker Carlson Calls on Joint Chiefs Chair Milley to be Fired for Undermining Trump, Elected Leaders.

Biden Will Be Forced to Resign, Rep. Ronny Jackson Tells Starnes | Todd Starnes. Round Two: Dems Plan To Destroy Brett Kavanagh - Liberty One News. Foul-Mouthed Thug Confronts Tucker Carlson in Montana Fishing Store | Todd Starnes. Anti-Woke Comedian J.P. Sears Scores Massive Success Without The Hollywood Machine. Tucker Carlson's 'unmasking' claim confirmed by NSA investigators: report. MARK LEVIN: The silent majority is pissed off and is rising up! Jordan Peterson tries to Help Conservatives with their Narrative | We the People Convention.

Anti-Woke Comedian J.P. Sears Scores Massive Success Without The Hollywood Machine. Activists In The Crosshairs: Ali Alexander Has A Good Point About Nancy Pelosi, Read His Fiery Statement.

Activists In The Crosshairs: Ali Alexander Has A Good Point About Nancy Pelosi, Read His Fiery Statement. Problem loading page. Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden Has Lost Control of the Southern Border | Neon Nettle. How Black Rifle Coffee Used Every Trick In The Book to Fool Conservatives - Revolver. Watch Staind's Aaron Lewis Perform Controversial New Single, 'Am I The Only One', On 'Candace' Show. Black Rifle Coffee says they don't hate you. VIDEO: Thug Sets American Flag On Fire, Nearly Burns Down Patriotic Family's House | Todd Starnes. Problem loading page. Veteran Warns America: 'Wokeness Is Poisoning Our Military' | Neon Nettle. Danger of American Marxism: promising heaven, delivering Hell.

Owner of 'Black Rifle Coffee' Calls Customers “Racists” & “The Worst of American Society;” “I Hate” Them - The Beltway Report. Woke Black Rifle Coffee Hates You. Problem loading page. Single-Family Rent Increases Drastically As Americans Move To Red States. Mark Levin Calls on Americans to Rise up against Marxism: 'This Is NOT a Passing Fad' | Neon Nettle.

Secession Movement Passes Major Hurtle ... This Is The Solution! - The Beltway Report. As Florida Boat Owners Run Supplies To Cubans Fighting For Freedom — DHS Said They Could Face Fines * The Scoop. "THEY'RE KILLING PEOPLE" - Biden Weighs in on Facebook | Todd Starnes. Christian UFC Fighter Warns Americans Marxism Is a Deadly 'Poison' | Neon Nettle. Problem loading page. News about the lawsuit against carpe donktum's toddler video. Carpe Donktum responds to making it to Biden's enemies list. Black High Schooler Made National News, Puts Ocasio-Cortez In Her Place on Live Television - The Beltway Report. Miami mayor says 'U.S. has a vested interest and a right to intervene on behalf of the Cuban people’ Problem loading page. BREAKING: Talk Show Host Larry Elder Announces Run for California Governor | Todd Starnes. Huckabee Turns The Impeachment Screws On Kamala - Mike Accuses Her Of Treating Average Americans In 'Elitist, Snobbish' Way.

With Charlottesville's Robert E. Lee Statue Removed ... Let's Revisit The Leftist Lies. Levin on defeating the Marxists, "we have the power, numbers, resources" Ashton Kutcher Warns Chinese Communist Party Uses TikTok to Push 'Anti-US Propaganda' | Neon Nettle. James Woods Blasts Cuomo: 'Check on Your Grandparents, There's a Killer on the Loose' | Neon Nettle. Mueller's Pit Bull Says It's "Anti-American" For Tucker To Complain About Being Spied On. James Woods Blasts Cuomo: 'Check on Your Grandparents, There's a Killer on the Loose' | Neon Nettle. 2024 Winner Is 'Obvious' Says Clinton Aide Morris - Based On Biden's Performance, Victory Is Going To Trump. ‘Superman’ Actor Dean Cain Rips New Woke Captain America: ‘I Am So Tired Of All This Wokeness And Anti-Americanism’ * The Scoop. Hobby Lobby Faces Backlash Over Newspaper Ad Calling For Christian-Run Government * The Scoop.

James Woods Slams Biden for Defunding Police: 'America's Streets Will Run with Blood' | Neon Nettle.