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Watch: undercover cops in LA entrapping Uber drivers. The guy recording this video says he is an Uber driver who received a citation earlier from undercover cops who begged him to pick them up even though their phones weren't able to run the Uber app.

Watch: undercover cops in LA entrapping Uber drivers

When another Uber driver comes to pick the undercover cops, the man recording the video warns him it's a trap and the Uber driver takes off before he gets busted. Elijah McClain Police Stop Wasn't Legal, Independent Report Finds. Police had no legal reason to stop Elijah McClain, a new independent review has found, the first in a series of unjustified and violent actions taken by officers that led to the 23-year-old Black man being placed in a chokehold and injected with ketamine before he died.

Elijah McClain Police Stop Wasn't Legal, Independent Report Finds

The new report, commissioned by Aurora's city council, also found officers had no legal reason to frisk or put McClain in the controversial chokehold, pointing out that none of the officers involved suspected McClain of a specific crime at any point before he was wrestled to the ground. Shortly after the report was released Monday, Sheneen McClain, Elijah McClain's mother, said in a statement the review showed that instead of conducting a detailed investigation of her son's death, the city had "engaged in a sham investigation in order to exonerate its employees and hide their wrongdoing. " McClain was stopped by police as he was walking home at around 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 24, 2019. "It is not clear from the record whether Mr. 'These officers should be fired and indicted': Outrage grows after Rochester cops pepper spray 9-year-old child - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism.

Outrage erupted and the phrase " She's 9" was trending on social media early Monday after body-cam video footage emerged of police in Rochester, New York violently abusing a 9-year-old girl—including handcuffing her and then pepper-spraying her in the face while in the back of a cruiser.

'These officers should be fired and indicted': Outrage grows after Rochester cops pepper spray 9-year-old child - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

"This is your last chance, or pepper spray's going in your eyeballs," one female officer tells the young girl, handcuffed and sitting on the edge of the police car's back seat during events that took place Friday. According to reporting, the police had responded to a family dispute but what resulted was a horrifying scene of multiple officers abusing a clearly traumatized and emotionally distressed young girl.

"I want my dad," the girl can be heard crying to the female officer. The girl later says, "No! Cops Shoot Mentally Ill Man, Keep Shooting After He Falls Down, Killing Him. Slidell, LA — A mother in Slidell is grieving and asking for answers this week after police officers surrounded her son — who was in the midst of a mental health crisis — and shot him to death.

Cops Shoot Mentally Ill Man, Keep Shooting After He Falls Down, Killing Him

Caleb McCree, 43, spent his last moments alive surrounded by police before he was shot, fell to the ground, and received at least 5 more bullets ensuring his untimely death. According to police, who are being tight-lipped about the details of what led up to the shooting, a Slidell police officer responded to a call about an alleged stabbing at a Circle K gas station around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

McCree, according to his mother Beth Nilsson, was in a mental health crisis and need help. “When he was on his medication he was a different person,” Nilsson said of McCree, who lived with her. “I’m not sure what happened. NO CHARGES for Cop Who Knocked On Innocent Dad's Door, Murdered Him When He Opened It. Phoenix, AZ — Ryan Whitaker, 40, and father of two, had committed no crime, had harmed no one and was merely answering his door when Phoenix police officer Jeff Cooke dumped three rounds into him — killing him in cold blood.

NO CHARGES for Cop Who Knocked On Innocent Dad's Door, Murdered Him When He Opened It

The shooting took place in May of 2020, and we have just learned the officers involved will face no accountability whatsoever. As a result, the taxpayers of Phoenix shelled out a record amount of money in the form of a lawsuit. “You never get used to it… that’s for sure,” Steven Whitaker, Ryan’s brother told Arizona’s Family on Friday. “As much as people say time heals all wounds, I’m waiting for that to happen.” According to AZ Family, the decision not to charge the officer who shot his brother is a disappointment, he says. “You could be doing everything right and still lose your life,” Steven said.

“We’ve been screaming justice for Ryan since day one… but how? “I wanted to inform the community of my decision as I know many in the community and, certainly Mr. Officer slams high school student to the ground so hard she is motionless. A school officer in Florida was just supposed to be breaking up a fight at Liberty High School in Kissimmee.

Officer slams high school student to the ground so hard she is motionless

Instead, he slams a female student so hard onto the concrete ground that she seems to be knocked out. He then proceeds to put handcuffs on her while she lies there motionless. From CBS: The officer is an employee of the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, which said Tuesday evening that it's collecting video and witness statements.The Sheriff's Office also said the officer "was in the process of trying to stop the student from fighting another student in the hallway when the deputy took her into custody. " Officer Points To Unarmed White Man He Once Killed To Prove He’s Not Racist. Police Perception vs. Public Perception. Arrest report for officer charged with George Floyd’s murder has damning new piece of evidence. From the arrest report: 8:25:31 the video appears to show Mr.

Arrest report for officer charged with George Floyd’s murder has damning new piece of evidence

Floyd ceasing to breathe or speak. Minneapolis Police Now Requiring Officers To Undergo Ergonomics Training To Better Protect Knees. MINNEAPOLIS—Apologizing for a lack of oversight following the death of George Floyd after police officer Derek Chauvin pinned him to the ground, Minneapolis Police Department officials announced Tuesday that they are now requiring all officers to undergo ergonomics training to better protect their knees.

Minneapolis Police Now Requiring Officers To Undergo Ergonomics Training To Better Protect Knees

“After reviewing video of the incident, we are disturbed by the officer repeatedly placing excessive stress on the knee joint, and will immediately implement stretching protocols to ensure this never happens again,” said a spokesperson for the Minneapolis police, noting that the officer’s actions were completely antithetical to the department’s standards for long-term joint health.

“Frankly, the officer could have done permanent damage to his ACL while crushing a suspect’s windpipe like that. If our officers are going to be out in the field kneeing people in the neck over and over again, that’s a repeat-use injury just waiting to happen, and we must address it. Guy Turns The Tables On Bewildered Cop By Interrogating Him With Questions Police Officers Ask People All The Time.

Video shows Florida deputy throwing student, 11, to ground - Orlando Sentinel. Theonion. Fort Lauderdale cops beat woman just 8 days after she testified against police brutality. Video Shows Cop Slam, Beat Black Man After Alleged Jaywalking. The Sacramento Police Department on Tuesday announced a formal investigation into the actions of one of their officers who was seen slamming a black man to the ground and beating him — all sparked by an alleged case of jaywalking.

Video Shows Cop Slam, Beat Black Man After Alleged Jaywalking

The video, released Monday, has sparked national outrage. It shows the officer confronting the man, identified as Nandi Cain Jr., as he crossed an intersection and attempting to talk to Cain but the situation quickly escalates. After some words are exchanged while Cain is standing in the street, the officer then violently throws Cain to the ground and begins to punch him in the head. The events leading up to the incident were not captured by the camera, and it is not possible to hear the conversation between Cain and the officer before the incident occurred. Bystander Naomi Montaie, who took the video and posted it on Facebook, can be heard screaming, "Oh my God!

Oakland's Creepy Police Sex Scandal Just Took A Brazen Turn. Dash cam video shows unarmed black man with hands in air before Tulsa police shoot him dead. Cops Shoot Unarmed Deaf Mute Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language « Memory Hole. Matt AgoristFree Thought Project Charlotte, NC — A community and family is mourning the loss of Daniel Kevin Harris, whose life was taken this week by a State Trooper who apparently fears sign language.

Cops Shoot Unarmed Deaf Mute Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language « Memory Hole

Harris, who is deaf and mute, was gunned down in front of his house. According to police, trooper Jermaine Saunders attempted to pull Harris over around 6:14 p.m. on Thursday. For an unknown reason, Harris did not stop and, instead, drove to his home. During the pursuit, both cars became damaged and eventually came to a stop near Harris’ home. Prosecutors Drop All Remaining Charges Against Officers In Freddie Gray's Death. People walk by a mural depicting Freddie Gray in Baltimore on June 23, at the intersection where Gray was arrested in 2015. Prosecutors in Baltimore have dropped all remaining charges against police officers related to Gray's death while in police custody. Patrick Semansky/AP hide caption toggle caption Patrick Semansky/AP People walk by a mural depicting Freddie Gray in Baltimore on June 23, at the intersection where Gray was arrested in 2015.

Disabled teen sues TSA, Memphis airport after bloody scuffle. MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A disabled St. Jude Children's Research Hospital patient was injured, and then arrested, by security workers at a Memphis International Airport checkpoint, a lawsuit alleges. CBS affiliate WREG-TV reports that 19-year-old Hannah Cohen was flying home to Chattanooga on June 30, 2015, after receiving treatment at Memphis-based St. Jude. Attorneys say Hannah Cohen has an impairment from radiation and removal of a brain tumor, and she is limited in her ability to talk, walk, stand, see and hear. The lawsuit says an alarm went off as she and her mother were going through a security checkpoint operated by the Memphis International Airport Police Department and the Transportation Safety Administration. "The security personnel failed to recognize that she was confused because of her obvious disability and was unable to cooperate with the search," Cohen's lawyers, Kelly Pearson and William Hardwick, wrote in the lawsuit.

Book Review: And Nobody Died in Boston Either (2016) « Memory Hole. State-sponsored terrorism with Hollywood special effects (9/10)Edited by James Fetzer, PhD, and Mike PaleckReviewed by Brian R. Wright [Note: The Coffee Coaster is proud to publish this review on April 15, 2016—241 years after the British were ordered to march on Lexington and Concord, Mass., thus leading to, on April 19th, the first colonial armed resistance that produced British casualties: the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ and the beginning of American Independence.

[And, ironically, the third anniversary of a major hoax-assault produced, in Boston, by an out-of-control, clandestine, federalized oligarchy for purposes of destroying all vestiges of individual liberty in our country.] The good news is this book, unlike the notorious Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015), was not ‘banned'[1] by Amazon. The federal Boston bombing drill 4/15/13 is more a collage of imagery than the Sandy Hook event, which happened [five months] earlier, 12/14/12. 12 Year Old Girl Slammed To Floor, Knocked Unconscious By School Cop In Shocking Video. Undercover Officers Ask Addicts to Buy Drugs, Snaring Them but Not Dealers. The tactic would seem at odds with the public positions of some of the city’s top politicians and law enforcement figures, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, and the Manhattan district attorney, , who have expressed support for reducing prison and jail populations by finding ways to treat mental health problems and addiction.

“We all talk a lot in this city about the public health crisis of drug addiction, and yet we take a very regressive approach to locking people up,” said Tina Luongo, who heads the Legal Aid Society’s criminal practice. Photo. WATCH: Kansas City police unleash pepper spray on demonstrators outside another chaotic Trump rally. Police were caught on video using pepper spray on demonstrators outside a Donald Trump rally in Kansas City on Saturday. A protester filmed the incident while standing in a crowd of demonstrators when police officers, two on horseback, started spraying them. The Twitter user, Chris, and his friends were talking among themselves and at one point jokingly yelled “Save the horse!”

In reference to a jittery-looking police horse. It’s not clear what prompted the officers to do so, but several began spraying the crowd of protesters, moving down the line. Chris posted that the officer “walked up spraying us.” How To Predict Bad Cops In Chicago. Alabama cop paralyzed Indian grandfather; judge throws out case after two racially charged trials. Sureshbahi Patel was walking on the sidewalk outside of his son’s home in an Alabama suburb on the morning of Feb. 6, 2015, minding his own business, when a white police officer approached him, frisked him and threw him to the ground, leaving him paralyzed. The 57-year-old grandfather had just arrived to the U.S. from a small town in India, and did not understand English. He reportedly said “no English” and repeated the address of his son’s home to the cop as he approached him.

Cops Tased A Mentally Ill Non-Criminal To Death, And They Can't Be Prosecuted. Editorial: Murder in My Name. Eight years ago, I heard what sounded like a car backfiring. Horrifying video shows cops sic K-9 on infant daughter of a man they mistook for a suspect. On January 30, 2015, a health food store in Henderson called the police after a disgruntled customer, attempting to return some protein powder, allegedly threatened to rob them. Cops didn’t know this camera caught them deleting video of the murder of Laquan McDonald.

Accused of deleting the surveillance video of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald’s death, several officers appeared in recently released screenshots tampering with Burger King’s computers before the footage mysteriously disappeared. Although 86 minutes of the surveillance video have gone missing, including the moment that McDonald was gunned down, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez claims no one tampered with the footage. Surrounded by officers and suspected of breaking into cars on October 20, 2014, Laquan McDonald, 17, was attempting to walk away from a group of Chicago cops when Officer Jason Van Dyke exited his patrol car. According to initial reports, McDonald was armed with a knife and lunged at Officer Van Dyke. Fearing for his life and the lives of his fellow officers, Van Dyke shot the teen in the chest out of self-defense.

But according to witness statements and police dashcam video, McDonald was walking away when Van Dyke opened fire. Chicago Releases 'Chilling' Video Of Cop Shooting Teen 16 Times. Vicious Police Beating Of Stanislav Petrov Sparks Call For Federal Probe. City Of Chicago Moves Forward With $5.5 Million Reparations Package For Jon Burge Torture Victims: Chicagoist. (Photographer Name/Source)In this June 8, 2010 file photo, former Chicago Police Lt.

WATCH: Cop chases motorcyclist 38 miles for running stop sign — then shoots him and kicks him off his bike. Video shows Texas cop slam suspected drunk driver to ground as woman’s terrified daughter watches. Baltimore Police Beat Journalist During Protest (GRAPHIC VIDEO) Cop Makes Woman Sit In Hot Car To See How Her Dog Felt: Police Blotter. This undated photo provided by the Jackson, Tenn. Albuquerque cop arrested for allegedly beating suspect after turning off body cam. Watch: Cops break woman’s face because ‘she flunked the attitude test’ during drunken arrest. Elderly black man arrested for walking with golf club sues Seattle cop. Ten Shocking Facts About Baltimore. Poisonous cops, total immunity: Why an epidemic of police abuse is actually going unpunished. Rollingstone. Photo shows rifle-toting Chicago cops posing with a black drug suspect like a hunting trophy. Cop Suspended After Video Emerges Of Brutal Arrests At Teen Pool Party.

Life imitates art: California cops beat mentally ill man with batons in the heart of John Steinbeck country. ‘Paramilitary thugs': Colorado man livid after SWAT blows up his entire home in pursuit of shoplifter. Cops Take Phone From Man Filming Them, Then Pepper-Spray Him. Jailhouse Snitch Tapes Reveal How Cops Recruited A Serial Murderer To Be Their Informant. WATCH: Mob of Philly cops assault man holding crying baby for not paying his $2.25 transit fare. Michigan cop charges black college student with felony for waiting to pull over in well-lit area. ‘Shut the f*ck up or I will break your f*cking neck': Dallas cop threatens teen after mistaken 911 call.

NYPD Officers Beat Autistic Teen in Front of His Home, Lawsuit Says - Fordham - New York. Huffingtonpost. Huffingtonpost. One day after Sandra Bland’s death, 18-year-old Kindra Chapman was found dead in jail. WATCH: NYPD officers beat young black man who had his hands up over allegedly-stolen pizza. My Dunkin’ Donuts Cops Adventure. Seattle bus driver’s eyeglasses camera reveals deputies lied — now they face discipline instead of him. Rollingstone. America’s New Brutalism: the Death of Sandra Bland.

‘I’ll put a bullet hole right through your f*cking head': Off-duty Mass. cop suspended for threatening driver. Florida cop placed on leave after video of him treating a homeless man like an animal emerges. 14 Years Ago, a Woman Vindicated Me Now. WATCH: Calif. cop draws his gun after resident films him from his own driveway. Woman Publicly Sodomized in Gas Station Parking Lot by Cops Because they 'Smelled Weed' WATCH: Disabled vet rips cop who told him he couldn't park in handicap spot because 'you can walk' Arizona detention officer charged with punching unruly inmate jailed on minor charge. The Case for Banning High-Speed Police Chases.

LAPD urges officers to be community guardians, not warriors on crime. Huffingtonpost. WATCH: TX man stumbles into jail lobby seeking help but dies after deputies pile on him instead. Disturbing video shows Taser death of Natasha McKenna in jail: ‘You promised me you wouldn’t kill me’ Colorado man ticketed for broken windshield in parking lot of auto glass repair shop: ‘Definitely a bummer’ Florida police officers fired after rupturing man’s spleen and leaving him screaming in pain for 2 hours. Texas School Resource Officer Caught on Camera Choking and Slamming 14-Year-Old Student «

WATCH: Unarmed black woman beaten and tackled by Florida cops for filming arrest of her husband. Here's How Police Could End Up Making Body Cameras Mostly Useless. Prairie View Police Taser Councilman In His Own Front Yard - Rebel News. She was guilty of being a black girl: The mundane terror of police violence in American schools. Video Shows Officer Flipping Student in South Carolina, Prompting Inquiry. WATCH: Arizona cops assault unarmed man for pulling out his phone during profiling stop.