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Check out Greatist's other Infographics and ADD this Infographic to your Website/Blog: Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your blog or website: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="600" height="5701" border="0" style="border:none" /></a><p>Get <a href="">health and fitness tips</a> at</p> Love this graphic? Buy the poster through Greatist's online store! The Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition

The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition [Infographic]

The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition [Infographic]

88 Unexpected Snacks Under 100 Calories

We’ve all been there: hunger striking before the dinnertime, a sudden craving for something sweet, the need for a quick energy boost before working out. The solution? A small and satisfying snack that won't tip that calorie count over the edge. The problem with snacking is when a quick nibble turns into enough calories to count as a meal. But these healthy, low calorie treats can please any palate while still leaving room for dinner. This list is filled with sizeable options enjoyable enough to devour (without any diet damage). 88 Unexpected Snacks Under 100 Calories
So, you know how I talked in my last post about being on a taco kick in my last post? Well, apparently I tend to cook in waves, because this week has also been shrimp-o-rama here at my place. First I made a batch of lightened-up shrimp scampi, which is coming on the blog next week. Then last night I made my very first-ever homemade shrimp paella with my neighbors from Spain. But the recipe that started it all was my lighter version of a classic — Skinny Popcorn Shrimp!

no-bake energy bites

no-bake energy bites
The New Superfoods You Should Be Eating The New Superfoods You Should Be Eating Eating healthfully just got a lot more interesting. Introducing eight fresh cancer-fighting, age-defying, energy-boosting ingredients to add to your plate now By Allison Young Related Goals: Image: Mitch Mandel Kefir
Detox Foods | Detox smoothies

Detox Foods | Detox smoothies

Toxins-free for life Looking to increase your energy levels, to lose weight, get clearer skin, prevent premature ageing and to help preventing diseases? Then look no further! This 5 days step-by-step detox will help you implement long-lasting healthy habits that yields results. Price: $47
Best Superfoods - List of Healthy Superfoods

Best Superfoods - List of Healthy Superfoods

Step into any supermarket and you’ll see thousands of labels shouting good-health claims: Whole grains! No trans fats! Essential vitamins and minerals! But figuring out what really is part of a healthy diet is getting harder and harder in these days of information overload.

The best detox foods to look great

Having a diet rich in detox foods will naturally help your health. But some of those foods are especially good to make you look great. Eating more of the detos foods below will not only improve your look but also support your body to detox naturally and flush out environmental toxins as well as metabolic waste. Losing weight Artichoke: One of the best detox foods for your liver, artichokes are also low in calories and contains compounds that can help lower your cholesterol levels. The best detox foods to look great
7 Super Snacks That Heal

7 Super Snacks That Heal

If some doctors had their way today, Americans would be more medicated than industrial feedlot cattle. But what most people don’t realize is that the first line of defense against stress, fatigue, depression, and so many other maladies is found in supermarket aisles, not in the drug store. Research shows that the vitamins, minerals, and active compounds specific to certain fruits, vegetables, and even chocolate and red wine have an immediate and lasting impact on your mood, your health, your fitness — even your sex life. Whether you have a big presentation at work, or the need to burn a few hundred extra calories a day (and who doesn’t want to do that?), why not put food to work for you? Here are seven research-backed quick cures just waiting for you in the fresh produce bins and supermarket shelves.

18 foods that fight common ailments

18 foods that fight common ailments Did you know that falling asleep easier, preventing PMS and easing the aches and pains of arthritis could be as easy as stocking your kitchen with the right foods? Take 47-year-old Sarah. When I first met her, she was 50 pounds overweight and had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.
While that tub of ice cream in the back of the freezer may be what you crave when you’re feeling blue, there is a long list of other (healthier!) foods that can cure a grouchy morning or a stressed-out afternoon. We talked to the experts to get the scoop on what to eat to make you feel better no matter what your mood. Foods to Improve Moods - Healthy Living Tips at WomansDay

Foods to Improve Moods - Healthy Living Tips at WomansDay

10 ways to boost your metabolism

Food Nutrition Facts - Healthy Living Tips at WomansDay

Every child has heard the healthy-eating mantra "You are what you eat." But there may be a closer resemblance between good-for-you grub and your body than you thought. We found 10 foods that mirror the body parts they provide nutrients for—for example, brain-boosting walnuts actually look like a brain. Coincidence?
11 Health Habits That Will Help You Live to 100 - MSN Health - Healthy Living

serves up its own ‘Plate’

The Healthy Eating Plate, a visual guide that provides a blueprint for eating a healthy meal, was unveiled today by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) in conjunction with colleagues at Harvard Health Publications. Similar to the U.S. government’s MyPlate, the Healthy Eating Plate is simple and easy to understand — and it addresses important deficiencies in the MyPlate icon. “Unfortunately, like the earlier U.S.
101 Healthy Soups Soups, stews, gazpachos, and purees—there is bound to be something for everyone on our list.more 12 Fish Taco Recipes Quick-cooking fish makes for a light and flavorful taco filling that's perfect for weeknights or entertaining.more 80 Healthy Casseroles For warm and comforting meals, our collection of casseroles is top of its class.more Smoothie Recipes Morning, noon, or night—smoothies are a treat right for any time of day.more 100 Easy Chicken Recipes Whether it’s grilled, sautéed, or roasted, here's your guide to the ultimate weeknight wonder: Chicken!more More Ways To Get Cooking Light Advertisement

Cooking Light | Find Healthy Recipes, Nutrition Tips, and Guides to Healthy Eating

stop buying granola bars & make these: no bake chocolate energy balls | {NATURAL} MOMMIE

Something we spend far too much money on is healthy organic granola bars. At $4.99 for a box of 5, I just can’t justify it anymore! Solution? This. If you’ve ever searched recipes on how to make your own granola bars, you’ll find hundreds of variations of this recipe around but really it comes down to what’s in your pantry. And it’s perfect if your littles have sensitivities or allergies because it’s completely customizable.
USDA Doubles Fruit and Vegetable Requirements for Kids' Lunches; Will Never Be "A Cool Mom"
The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet | Belly Bytes