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Le nu perdu - Davyd Tousignant et Tomi Grgicevic. #concourslafab La Fabrique culturelle et les RIDM craquent pour les courtsParticiper ici dès maintenant Les Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM) en partenariat avec La Fabrique culturelle de Télé-Québec vous invitent à voter pour votre oeuvre favorite parmi la sélection de 5 courts et moyens métrages :

Le nu perdu - Davyd Tousignant et Tomi Grgicevic

Grand Nord Grand Large, partenaire de l'Odyssée sauvage de Nicolas Vanier - Le blog de glace - Grand Nord Grand Large - GNGL. Décidément, Nicolas Vanier, parrain de Grand Nord Grand Large est infatigable. À peine son film Belle et Sébastien sorti au cinéma, notre voyageur du froid commence une nouvelle aventure. Troisième volet d’une trilogie commencée en 1998 avec l’Odyssée blanche, et poursuivie en 2005 avec l’Odyssée sibérienne, l’Odyssée sauvage qui débutera le 21 décembre est une formidable épopée, à laquelle nous sommes fiers de contribuer.Grand Nord Grand Large, partenaire de l’Odyssée sauvage, vous propose de suivre l’avancée de Nicolas et de ses chiens sur le blog de glace dès le 21 décembre et jusqu’à l’arrivée au lac Baïkal.

Du plus grand océan au plus grand lac. Rencontre. Ce film est en Français, il est également disponible en Anglais.


This film is in French, but it is also available in English. « L’ampleur d’une aventure se mesure par ce que l’on en retire ». Québec, Canada. Lors du solstice d’été, des jeunes Autochtones de la nation Innue, Huronne-Wendat et des jeunes Québécois s’unissent pour parcourir le sentier des Jésuites, un chemin ancestral d’eau et de terre de 310 km reliant le Lac Saint-Jean à Québec. Certains partent sur la trace de leurs ancêtres, d’autres pour vivre une expérience unique en nature ou encore par pur défi personnel. Paiement sécurisé Pour la première fois depuis les années 60, les livres pour enfants de Tomi Ungerer sont réédités en Amérique. DÉRAPAGES (2012. GABRIELLE (2013. Cinetrafic : listes de films, extraits vidéo, critiques... Django Unchained. All Critics (246) | Top Critics (46) | Fresh (216) | Rotten (30) | DVD (2) Django Unchained is 165 minutes and nothing much happens beyond talk and the provision of corpses.

The plot lurches around and the artful structure of Pulp Fiction has been abandoned. A film bursting with pleasures great and small ... Django Unchained is Tarantino's most complete movie yet. It is also his most vital. Django Unchained has mislaid its melancholy, and its bitter wit, and become a raucous romp. Genre-movie-mad writer-director Quentin Tarantino's foray into Western World is a pretty grave disappointment. Wildly extravagant, ferociously violent, ludicrously lurid and outrageously entertaining, yet also, remarkably, very much about the pernicious lunacy of racism and, yes, slavery's singular horrors. Overlong, self-indulgent garbage with a portrayal of a "house Negro" that is a grotesque distortion of a sad reality. You will definitely get your money's worth. A bloody masterpiece. Arthur Newman. All Critics (45) | Top Critics (15) | Fresh (10) | Rotten (35) An offbeat, sometimes self-congratulatory road movie romance.

Arthur Newman

They embark on one of those maundering, life-lessony odysseys that filmmakers love but audiences rarely do. One of those many indies that exist to give actors a chance to go slumming. Well-acted but ultimately unmemorable ... The film equivalent of a dysfunctional computer sloppily assembled from discarded parts of other machines. The promise it begins with doesn't pay off. Constantly screws up even its own mid-sized ambitions. a far-fetched story, told in a rather unappealing way. Despite some amusing lighthearted moments, the film stumbles when it attempts to be more profound. Arthur Newman is overwhelmed with arty ambitions and a heavy-handed acting style. Obviously the theme of "Arthur Newman" is the American dream of starting over, but Johnston's screenplay hits it so obviously that it loses its resonance.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita è bella) All Critics (99) | Top Critics (20) | Fresh (69) | Rotten (17) | DVD (15) Yes, there are heaps of charm and poignancy in this trifle, but it's a trifle nonetheless -- light-and-bright, for sure, but also slight-and-trite.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita è bella)

Its sentiment is inescapable, but genuine poignancy and pathos are also present, and an overarching sincerity is visible too. In the real death camps there would be no role for Guido. But Life Is Beautiful is not about Nazis and Fascists, but about the human spirit. The lesson that Benigni ultimately imparts is that it's easy to convince a child horror doesn't exist as long as it stays out of the way while the two of you are goofing off.

Benigni's movie made me want to throw up. Roberto Benigni's finest hour arrived in 1997 when the triple-threat writer/director/actor delved deep into Charlie Chaplin territory - see "The Great Dictator" (1940). Wrenching Holocaust fable with bittersweet humor. With Life Is Beautiful, the final frontier of schmaltz has been reached. Argo. All Critics (265) | Top Critics (48) | Fresh (254) | Rotten (11) | DVD (4) Entertaining and suspenseful in old-fashioned ways.


Affleck himself turns in a quietly impressive movie star performance. Tony Mendez is a kind of anti-Bourne, comfortable with his anonymity, living off his wits, not his fists. For 100 minutes, 'Argo' is close to flawless. 'Argo' is one of the best movies of the year. Argo has that solid, kick-the-tires feel of those studio films from the 70s that were about something but also entertained. The movieland satire is laid on thick, but it's also deadly accurate. While the plot of Argo sounds too unbelievable to be true, this fact-based story ends up as both compelling and as exciting as any adventure James Bond ever had. By not pandering sentimentality, Affleck has managed a task that, like its subject, seems impossible: He's taken what others would have turned into farce and emerged with one of the year's best pictures.