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The Best Documentaries of All Time. Introduction The new Sight & Sound Documentary Poll is the result of a ‘why didn’t we think of that before’ moment.

The Best Documentaries of All Time

In the light of the amazing recent success and cultural impact of several nonfiction films, a group of curators, myself included, were chewing over what the BFI might do specifically for documentary films and television. It soon became obvious that we were not sure exactly what it was that we were trying to discuss. I’m usually loath to do anything that takes lustre away from Sight & Sound’s ten-year poll of the Greatest Films of All Time but a new poll seemed to me the most obvious solution to getting a full view of the documentary canon. What’s remarkable about the Top 50 documentaries list is that it feels so fresh. The top 50 1. Dziga Vertov, USSR 1929 (soundtrack here by Michael Nyman) 100 votes David Abelevich Kaufman is documentary’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

Man with a Movie Camera is a ‘city symphony’ film of a kind not uncommon in the 1920s. 2. Claude Lanzmann, France 1985. 50 PELÍCULAS PARA ABRIR LA CONCIENCIA ~ Nueva Mentes. Al final hay un enlace para bajar a su pc un programa recomendado para poder descargar los videos de YouTube, si quieren evaluar otros programas pueden hacerlo en: 1] 2012 LA NUEVA CONSCIENCIA.


Dr.Oscoy [película documental con audio en español - 91 minutos] ¿Que va a suceder en el 2012? … ¿realmente se va acabar el mundo? … En este documental el Dr. 2] CONVERSACIONES CON DIOS. 3] LAS 7 LEYES ESPIRITUALES DEL ÉXITO. 4] HIM: MÁS ALLÁ DE LA LUZ. 6] ¿Y TU QUE SABES? Extensión de la película documental ¿Y tu que sabe? 7] REVOLUCIÓN CUÁNTICA [película documental con audio en español - 52 minutos]¿Sabrías decir cuál es el objeto de estudio de la física cuántica o a qué es un cuanto? Posiblemente no, pero seguro que sí que conoces el láser, la resonancia magnética, o utilizas CD y DVD en tu vida cotidiana. 8] TU PUEDES SANAR TU VIDA. En esta pelicula Louise L. 9] COMO CREAR ABUNDANCIA. Dr. 10] LA PELÍCULA DEL CAMBIO. 11] CREAR EL DÍA. 12] HOME.

16 Movies All Successful Entrepreneurs Should Watch. The Top 25 Latin American Movies Of All Time [PHOTOS] Best Travel Movies. What are the Best Travel Movies?

Best Travel Movies

Inspiration These are the best travel movies ever (in my opinion). You can watch these films over & over again, and never get sick of them. Which ones are your favorites? I started to realize I had a travel obsession when all my favorite movies were based on crazy travel adventures. So here is my personal list of the best travel movies of all time. Once I’ve finished watching any of these films, I feel the instant urge to pack up everything and head out to explore the world.

So if you’re looking for some motivation to push you into a backpacking adventure of your own, sit down and watch a couple of these fantastic flicks with a bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine, and a friend. Just make sure to get off that couch and experience the real thing once in a while, because no matter how good these movies are, they can never replicate the incredible experiences of actual world travel… The Motorcycle Diaries Learn More » Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Learn More » The Way.

Les films primés au Festival de Cannes 2013. Les lauréats de Cannes 2013 (photo AFP) Steven Spielberg par Plantu Depuis plus de 10 ans que je vais au festival de Cannes, c’est sans doute une des meilleures sélections de films que j’ai vue et pour la première fois, je suis tout à fait d’accord avec la Palme d’Or et le palmarès en général.

Les films primés au Festival de Cannes 2013

Je suis sûre que Steven Spielberg, Président du Jury de cette 66ème édition, et moi, on s’entendrait très bien. En tout cas, j’ai bien apprécié tous les films primés. The Top 15 Economic 'Truth' Documentaries. On a regular basis we are placated by commercials to satisfy our craving to know which bathroom tissue is the most absorbent; debates 'infomercials' assuaging our fears over which vice-presidential candidate has the best dentist; and reality-shows that comfort our 'at least I am not as bad as...' need; there is an inescapable reality occurring right under our propagandized nose (as we noted here).

The Top 15 Economic 'Truth' Documentaries

Economic Reason has gathered together the Top 15 'reality' economic documentaries - so turn-on, tune-in, and drop-out of the mainstream for a few hours... Posted on 09 September 2012. 1. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis – Directed by Martin Borgs Based on the book “Financial Fiasco” by Johan Norberg this documentary depicts When the world’s financial bubble blew, the solution was to lower interest rates and pump trillions of dollars into the sick banking system. 2. 97% Owned - Directed by Peter Joseph 3. 4. Bailouts, stimulus packages, debt piled upon debt…Where will it all end? 5. 6. 7. 8.