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Cambridge University Press’s Videos on Vimeo. An A-Z of country name origins. We’ve taken on an ambitious task today: we’re looking at the origin stories behind the names (in English) of every single country in the world – using the list of countries as determined by the UN and information from the Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Place-Names.

An A-Z of country name origins

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, discover surprising and intriguing language facts from around the globe. Afghanistan While some sources claim that Afghan may come from the Sanskrit Avagana, itself perhaps derived from the Sumerian name of the Badakshan region, Ab-bar-Gan, ‘Mountainous Country’, according to a Persian translation, Afghan means ‘wailing’ or ‘moaning’.

Albania Just like Afghanistan, Albania is a mountainous country. Algeria Algeria is the Anglicization of the Arabic name Al Jazā᾽ir, ‘the islands’. Andorra The name Andorra comes from a local Navarrese word, andurrial, meaning ‘shrub-covered land’. Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Australia Austria.

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London. U.S. The English Language. The Olympics 2016. Crime. The English speaking world. 17 Things You Probably Never Knew About Arthur Conan Doyle. Arthur Conan Doyle was born 22 May 1859, and died 7 July 1930.

17 Things You Probably Never Knew About Arthur Conan Doyle

Last year, I marked the day by writing a post about what fiction writers could learn from Conan Doyle's famous detective: 10 Elementary Tips For Writers From Sherlock Holmes To celebrate the anniversary of his birthday this year, I want to share 17 quite interesting pieces of trivia about the creator of the world's most famous detective. Conan is not part of his surname. He name is Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle. After he left high school he started to use Conan as part of his surname.He was a medical doctor, having studied medicine from 1876 to 1881 at the University of Edinburgh Medical School.Doyle had five children – a daughter and a son with his first wife, Louisa and two sons and a daughter with second wife, Jean.

The epitaph on his gravestone at Minstead in the New Forest, Hampshire, reads, 'Steel True/Blade Straight/Arthur Conan Doyle/Knight/Patriot, Physician & Man of Letters.' Odyssey 2050. Workingwitharticles8c2016. How Far Back In Time Can You Go Before the English Language Becomes Incomprehensible. The 22 most ridiculous US laws still in effect today. #10 is just crazy… LOL! – Page 2 – Just something (creative) 17 kvinnor som ändrade världen. Search Results - Tillsammans över gränser – Vi gör skillnad! Canada's Novels. Kidcyber. HowStuffWorks - Learn How Everything Works! R.I.P., Tillman the skateboarding dog. A new flag? Sesame Street: Healthy Foods. Louis Theroux - Topic. Nature Is Speaking.

Remember, remember the fifth of November: A guide to Guy Fawkes Night. This evening, millions of people in Great Britain (and some people elsewhere) will celebrate Guy Fawkes Night by setting off fireworks and building bonfires.

Remember, remember the fifth of November: A guide to Guy Fawkes Night

Many will light effigies of Fawkes — a 17th century revolutionary — on fire. If you're an American, this quirky, slightly violent British custom may seem pretty strange to you — not least because we don't (yet) have any holidays that make it socially acceptable to burn effigies. Here's a guide to clear up the confusion. What's the history of Guy Fawkes Night?

The holiday goes way back to the early 17th century, when Catholics were severely persecuted in Britain. In response, a small group of Catholic dissidents plotted to kill King James, blow up the House of Lords with gunpowder, and spark a rebellion. To that end, they stockpiled 36 barrels of gunpowder in a cellar below Parliament, in London. Okay, so how did this become a holiday? Over time, it became a rather festive event, with bonfires and public drinking. (Sam Roberts)