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Free-time-activities-speaking-lesson. The study of adjective order and GSSSACPM. Photo illustration by Slate.

The study of adjective order and GSSSACPM.

Photo by Silense/iStock/Thinkstock It is a lovely warm August day outside, and I am wearing a green loose top. Does the second part of that sentence sound strange to you? Perhaps you think I should have written “loose green top.” You’re not wrong (though not entirely right, because descriptivist linguistics): An intuitive code governs the way English speakers order adjectives. Katy Waldman is a Slate staff writer. If you’re someone whose reflexes scatter the moment you try to lift the veil on your unconscious, this fascinating little-known field (little-known fascinating field?) Maybe I am overqualifying this article about qualifiers (or is that the point?). Linguists have broken the adjectival landmass into several regions. On his blog, the linguist Neal Whitman calls adjectives from the same semantic region—the ones where swapping their placement in a sentence neither sounds strange nor scrambles the meaning—correlative.

100 Answers to Common English Questions – Espresso English. Sometimes, even when you know a lot of English, you can have difficulty finding the right words or phrases to answer simple questions.

100 Answers to Common English Questions – Espresso English

Here are 20 of the most common questions in English – each one with five sample responses. General Questions 1. What do you do? This question means “What is your job/profession?” Audio PlayerI’m a student.I work in a bank.I’m unemployed at the moment.I run my own business.The word “run” means you are the primary person responsible for operating the business.I’m retired now. Inc. How to learn a new language: 7 secrets from TED Translators. By Krystian Aparta They say that children learn languages the best.

How to learn a new language: 7 secrets from TED Translators

But that doesn’t mean that adults should give up. Guess What! Free HTML5 Online Animation Maker, Banner Maker and Video Maker. 5 Fantastic Ways to Pair Students. You know what it’s like, the students are sitting down in their predictable places and you say “Right!

5 Fantastic Ways to Pair Students

We are going to move you around. Listen to your number!”. You give a number to each student and you pair them up with their corresponding number. In essence, you just move the students – which is meant to be their new – partner but the same person that they are with for the remainder of their course. Why not pair up students or groups of learners in a different way? 1. A simple and useful way to match learners together in pairs or small groups is to get them lined up and then ask them to go in order of height (from smallest to tallest – a good way to review superlatives). 2. This is possibly my favourite activity for pairing up learners together.

Safe and SoundSausage and MashSick and TiredGive and TakePeace and Quiet 3. This is another take from the activity above. The Best Sites For Creating Sentence Scrambles. Sentence scrambles — taking a sentence and mixing up the word order — are great activities for English Language Learners and native-English speakers alike.

The Best Sites For Creating Sentence Scrambles

They’re good for regular practice, and also nice for competitive games. In the classroom, students can create their own, too. I’ve often had students pick several sentences from the book they’re reading, make up cards with all the words and punctuation marks, paper-clip each sentence together (not in order), and collect them. Then, I divide students in small groups, and each group gets ten or so of them to compete to see who can complete them all first correctly. I’ve also used them one at a time for just a break from routine, and I’ve also created some for tests. I’ve found two online scrambled sentence creators that work well. Here are my picks for The Best Sites For Creating Sentence Scrambles: This is The Easiest Way To Memorize A Speech. If you need to stand up in front of people and make a speech, the first thing you might feel is terror.

This is The Easiest Way To Memorize A Speech

Then maybe a little bit of dread might creep in, followed by an intense need to find an excuse to get out of it. A big reason you might feel this way is because you’re worried that you won’t be able to remember the speech, thus leading to you looking stupid. It doesn’t have to be this way! 4 New First Week Activities and Some Oldies. 1.

4 New First Week Activities and Some Oldies

Each person is given a sheet of paper with a series of instructions to follow. Each student’s instructions should be different. Tell them to stand up and mingle until you stop them. Then ask them to share their answers. Your instructions can be as “Find someone who …” Find out who has been abroad before.Who can play any instruments? Comparatives.

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