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France télécom - cabine telephonique

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50 Ideas for the New City. The Omnibus is all about ideas.

50 Ideas for the New City

From the beginning, Urban Omnibus has been a showcase of good ideas for the future of cities, conceived in the public interest and tried and tested in the five boroughs of New York. So, we have decided to surface some of the ideas that have appeared on Urban Omnibus over the past two years and broadcast them around the city. In April 2011, we released a series of Idea Posters, pasted on fences, scaffolds and storefronts from Jamaica, Queens, to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and many places in between.


Accueil. Elvis Gratton 3 : La cabine telephonique. Video Paris teste la cabine téléphonique du futur - telephone, internet, cabine téléphonique. La ville 2. HISTOIRE. Cabines téléphoniques : France Télécom raccroche.