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"Oi" : The bike bell that doesn't look like a bike bell. by Knog. We’ve designed a bicycle bell, Oi.

"Oi" : The bike bell that doesn't look like a bike bell. by Knog

We think it’s a bit different. We hope you like it. $150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home (downloadable plans) Self-Filling Water Bottle Converts Humid Air into Drinkable H2O. Editor's Note: The Fontus is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

Self-Filling Water Bottle Converts Humid Air into Drinkable H2O

There are two versions being offered: the stand-alone Fontus Airo (available for an early-bird price of $200, plus the cost of shipping) and the Fontus Ryde (available for the early-bird price of $165, plus shipping), which can be attached to a bicycle. The company says the product will ship worldwide, and delivery is estimated for April 2017. Brompton and Bicycle Trailer Cyclone IV Chubby. Brompton folding bike - Travel cases.

10kW Electric-Bike / Motocross Style. 5000w 60mph New Fastest Production Electric Bike - XC-4A "Viper" Hi Trek Cycles. A-Bike Electric, le plus compact des vélos électriques pliables ? Accueil. Bicycle Touring Pro. Bike City Copenhagen infographic about the many bikes in. BlinkerGrips. Cardo Systems. CES : Connected Cycle, la pédale de vélo connectée Made in France. COBI. World’s Smartest Connected Biking System. by iCradle, Inc. Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email COBI.

COBI. World’s Smartest Connected Biking System. by iCradle, Inc.

By iCradle, Inc. Play. – Review: Hebie 695 Steering Stabiliser. The Hebie 695 is the first steering stabiliser I’ve ever used. – Review: Hebie 695 Steering Stabiliser

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I unpacked it. I guess I had in my mind that a steering stabiliser would hold the front wheel straight when you lean your pannier-bag-laden bike up against something, but also that it would keep your wheel stabilised when you want to ride with no hands. – The Ultimate Power Resource for Bicycle Touring: Dynamo Hubs, Solar Panels, Power Supplies and Batteries. This resources has been created to offer as many bicycle touring options as possible in the dynamo, solar, power supply and battery field. – The Ultimate Power Resource for Bicycle Touring: Dynamo Hubs, Solar Panels, Power Supplies and Batteries

We have offered a quick blurb on each product with our opinion where valid. What is best for you? Déménagement à vélo à Montréal. Electric Bike Review. Upload

Electric Bike Review

EVO : vélo utilitaire urbain hybride et modulaire. GripRings - Poignées de vélo colorées Primaire. Haiku, the bike assistant by ASPHALT Lab. Kevin_cyr. Camper Bike, a sculptural piece built in April 2008.


A stand alone piece and the subject of a series of paintings. Camping far out in the wilderness forges a revolutionary heart. Bear your motherland in mind while casting your eyes on the world. Scaling the summit with the motherland in your heart. Kevin_cyr. LATA DESIGN - Product Agency. Client Description Dolfi is a company with experience in design, ultrasonics & manufacturing and is delivering products internationally.

LATA DESIGN - Product Agency

Inspired by the amazing benefits of ultrasound, successfully utilized for years in many industrial and medical applications, they developed their new Dolfi product. Dolfi is passionate about redefining the ultrasonic technology for everyday consumer use. Lumos Next Generation Bicycle Helmet with turn signal. M.lemessager. On the road with a camper bike. Remorque vélo Y-Frame. Shimano XT SPD Trekking T780 MTB Pedals. Showers Pass VelEau. Sleek, Aerodynamic, and Stable What if you could double your bike’s water carrying capacity for those longer rides?

Showers Pass VelEau

Or what if you don’t feel comfortable reaching down for a water bottle while hammering in a paceline? We’ve all been there. No one wants to hit the pavement because one rider in the group is looking down or fumbling for their water bottle. Races have been lost and riders have been injured by jettisoned water bottles. Stealth Electric Bikes - USA - Stealth Electric Bikes USA - Electric Bikes. SupernovaTHE PLUG III. The performance of the new „The Plug III“ has been improved mainly in the low and very high-speed ranges.


Now weighing only 46 g, this USB charge adapter simply replaces the headset cap. The electronics is compatible with the iPhone and nearly all mobile USB devices. The Plug III will produce clean 5V / 500 mA USB power from the AC current of hub dynamos from speeds of 11 km/h (7 mph). The Airstream is especially well suited to be charged by The Plug III, thanks to its USB charging ability. Since the light can also be charged while running, the burn times shown in the table below are possible. The Plug III is perfect for charging sensitive devices like the iPhone that require a very high quality power supply. Test du support de guidon Runtastic Bike Case pour Android - Matos vélo. Les supports de guidon se multiplient depuis l'avènement des applications vélo pour smartphone. Mais jusqu'à présent, ces supports se limitent principalement aux iPhone. Pour tous ceux qui comme moi possèdent un smartphone Android, il était difficile de trouver des supports, notamment pour les derniers modèles "grand format" tels que le Galaxy S3 ou Galaxy S4.

Mais c'est désormais chose faite avec Runtastic qui en même temps que sa nouvelle application Road Bike propose ce support de guidon pour Android compatible notamment avec les Galaxy S3 et S4 (une version iPhone existe aussi. Un support qui ne remplacera sans doute pas un GPS à part entière, notamment en raison de la taille du tout sur un potence, mais qui pourra sans doute convenir aux utilisateurs moins férus de technologie et qui ne veulent pas investir dans un compteur complexe. J'ai profité d'une sortie sous la pluie le tester ! The all-in-one ebike computer: Nyon Performance. The Siva Cycle Atom - Powering your life one pedal at a time by Aaron Latzke & David Delcourt. The Atom is a lightweight, highly efficient bicycle generator and rechargeable battery pack designed to power virtually any of your electronic or mobile devices via USB.

Our generators mount on most standard bicycle frames in minutes, and the battery packs detach easily to quickly extend your battery life. The Atom is designed with top of the line magnetic rotors, powerful lithium batteries and will be assembled here in the USA. As you ride, it harnesses the kinetic energy you generate, either directly charging your device or storing the energy in the detachable battery pack, giving you on-demand power whenever and wherever you need it. The Atom is for the modern commuter cyclist, the urban biker, the weekend rider, the gadget lover, the green fanatic, and anyone that’s ever needed a charge on the go. Vehicles as housing: 27-sq-ft bike home + rowboat shelter.

Very Bike News. Voyages vélo et vacances velo - la France à vélo en liberté ! Watch?v=W2L-pP-vGwo&feature=youtu. Wiggle. Le sac de transport Helium a été créé pour les globetrotters qui voyagent avec leurs vélos en avion, en train ou en bus. Voyager avec un vélo n'a jamais été aussi simple : l'Helium est léger et facile à transporter, et son rembourrage gonflable révolutionnaire offre une protection inégalée. Grâce à ses dimensions minimales, il tient facilement dans le coffre des voitures les plus petites. Les plus petits détails ont été pris en considération : le sac de vélo Helium est doté de compartiments spéciaux pour une paire de roues supplémentaire, mais également pour y ranger votre casque, vos chaussures ou vos autres affaires indispensables (pompe, chambres à air de rechange, etc.)

Développé avec les commentaires de cyclistes pro, l'Helium est simplement le meilleur sac de vélo actuellement sur le marché. Il dispose d'assez d'espace pour deux paires de roues. Yirego.