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The Best E-Bikes of 2021. E-bikes are fun, they’re useful, and they help riders cover more ground more quickly than any other kind of bike.

The Best E-Bikes of 2021

These days, there are e-bikes for every activity, from commuting and fitness to hauling cargo, from road and gravel riding to mountain biking. They could someday be more affordable, too, with the introduction of e-bike acts introduced into the House and Senate. The proposal, currently making it way through Congress, would offer consumers a refundable 30 15 percent tax credit on e-bike purchases up to $1,500. VanMoof. CrownCruiser goes all in on carbon fiber for striking smart ebike. Many ebike makers have spent significant R&D time and money making their rides look like regular unpowered bicycles.

CrownCruiser goes all in on carbon fiber for striking smart ebike

The UK's CrownCruiser has chosen a different path, launching a retro-futuristic smart ebike that rocks a head-turning carbon-fiber monocoque frame. "Here at CrownCruiser Motors, we've blended distinct styling and the latest technology to create the ultimate expression of the cruiser bike," said company founder, Adebola Adeleye. "We've worked hard to create a bike that our design-conscious community can ride where they want, safely and in style – with minimum impact on the planet’s resources and their wallet. " CrownCruiser Motors CrownCruiser's ebike is reported to have been developed with input from experts in the aerospace, sustainable energy and motorsports industries.

As far as smarts go, the ebike is reported to come with rider recognition anti-theft defenses, GSM location tracking, and built-in Bluetooth. The video below has more. Bicycles Amsterdam– VELORETTI COM. Veloretti prepares to ride out first city ebikes in style. Amsterdam's ebike maker Vanmoof now has some company in the cycling capital of the world as bicycle maker Veloretti goes into production of its first ebikes.

Veloretti prepares to ride out first city ebikes in style

Both the traditional-looking Ivy and the more modern Ace feature automatic gear-shifting, a Gates belt drive and a Bafang mid-mounted motor. Essentially the only difference between the two new electric-assist rides is the overall design, with the vintage-styled Ivy rocking a low top tube for riders between 1.64 and 1.84 m tall (5.38 - 6 ft) to step through, while the full-bodied Ace road warrior has a chunkier full frame that's designed for folks between 1.73 and 2 m (5.67 - 6.56 ft) in height. Veloretti The frame and fork on both models are fashioned from aluminum, helping towards a weight of 21 kg (46 lb).

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Thor 250w/350w - Indiegogo. We designed Thor as our new launch professionally designed for UK roads.

Thor 250w/350w - Indiegogo

This bike is the first of our new series with top specs.First of all, there are a lot of features in Thor. One of the mains is Bafang rear hub Motor and a password-protected (optional) Bafang coloured display for extra security. What’s more, with RST lockable hydraulic front suspension, it can take you across any terrain. Sram 8 Speed gears and professional Logan Brake system installations keep it smooth and secure during the ride. We designed it beautifully and made it available to you in 4 attractive and bold colours. The ebikes that did things differently in 2020. This year has been a huge coming-out party for electric bikes, with sales going through the roof.

The ebikes that did things differently in 2020

Why? COVID-19 has been a huge factor – people just don't want to be smooshing themselves up against unknown disease bags on public transport any more. Also, wild weather events have made people more conscious of climate change, endowing EVs with a bit of a mass-market halo, and a lot of people have had a chance to test-ride an ebike now as well; test rides can very quickly create fans and evangelists. Either way, the segment has exploded. As we look back over the year, we've covered a lot of bikes. With all that COVID cash rushing into the market and buyers showing more enthusiasm than ever to explore ebikes as a clean commuting option with as much or as little exercise as you like, the stage is set for an even more interesting 2021. Harley-Davidson spin-off Serial 1 debuts first production ebikes.

Late last month, a new e-mobility company was formed from a skunkworks project at Harley-Davidson and showed off a striking one-off prototype.

Harley-Davidson spin-off Serial 1 debuts first production ebikes

Now Serial 1 has officially announced its first four production models. The concept prototype was created in tribute to Harley-Davidson's oldest known motorcycle, the Serial Number One. Very little information on the upcoming ebikes accompanied the company launch, other than that the first production model was due to be released in March, 2021.

Now we know that the first Serial 1 ebikes will be released in the US and Germany, the four models are destined for urban commuters and casual recreational cyclists, and they've gone up for pre-order. And, as expected, they're not cheap. Ducati unveils (even more) electric bikes in latest push towards EVs. Ducati seems to be doing everything it can to elbow its way into the electric bicycle market, now unveiling three new designs for folding electric bicycles.

Ducati unveils (even more) electric bikes in latest push towards EVs

Ducati unveils new folding electric bikes The newest electric vehicles to join the Ducati family come in the form of a trio of folding e-bikes, each with their own unique designs. Cycles launches its range of Crossover e-bikes. PEUGEOT Cycles launches six « Crossover » electrically assisted bikes, which overlap the trekking and mountain bikes features.

Cycles launches its range of Crossover e-bikes

These multi-purpose bikes meet the enthusiasm of cyclists, who will ride them for commuting and leisure as well. The elegant design of the PEUGEOT bikes eT01 (e=electric, T=trekking) Crossover is fluid, thanks to their in-frame battery BOSCH PowerTube. Their powerful BOSCH engines and large tyres strengthen their trekking capabilities. The FS (Full Suspension) models provide comfort whatever the road, the path or the slope. The New e-Bikes Crossover are designed in France and assembled in Romilly sur Seine (Aube, France). The range of PEUGEOT Crossover e-Bikes PEUGEOT eT01 Crossover D9, « Sport » or « Mixt » frame. Buy e-bikes online. Canyon Grail:ON ebike rocks super-versatile double decker handlebars. High-end German bicycle manufacturer Canyon has released this sleek electric gravel bike, complete with an interesting double-decker handlebar setup designed to give riders a wide range of riding positions.

Canyon Grail:ON ebike rocks super-versatile double decker handlebars

Gravel bikes are targeted at the space between road bikes and mountain bikes. They typically offer a roadbike-style drop handlebar, letting you get down low and push hard on the street, while running bigger, thicker tires and the lazier geometry you need for mild to medium off-road action. It's a growing segment, these things will happily take you on a cross-country adventure on the weekend then in to work on Monday without missing a beat. Such a versatile riding profile is perfect to plonk a battery onto as well; how much more often would most people get out on a hilly gravel day ride if their bike was ready to chip in and help pedal in the tough bits? Tern Folding Bikes. Yamaha hits the road with 28-mph pedal-assist Civante. Yamaha Bicycles has impressive form in the world of ebikes, having launched the world's first electric power-assisted bike back in 1993. Now the company is launching its first Class 3 category ebike in the shape of the Civante.

"The Civante will introduce a new group of riders to Yamaha’s legendary quality, comfort and performance and increases and diversifies our retail options," said Yamaha's Drew Engelmann. "The Civante looks great, feels smooth and comfortable, and delivers the cutting-edge handling dynamics and seamless integration of assist technology that Yamaha does better than anyone else. " Like other Yamaha rides, the frame, motor, battery unit and other components are all produced in-house. Cabling is routed through the aluminum frame for a clean look, and there are mount holes for fenders, a kickstand and cargo rack. Yamaha Bicycles. Bosch unveils concept ebike designed for the company's tech. Bosch is already well-known for its electric bike motors and related technologies.

Now, the German company has unveiled a concept ebike, created to show how smoothly those products could be incorporated into one vehicle. Called the eBike Design Vision, the bicycle is described as an urban sports cruiser, made for "city adventures, commuter trips and off-road trails. " This versatility is made possible by both front and rear suspension, with the latter utilizing a shock absorber built directly into the top tube. The bike's carbon fiber frame seamlessly incorporates a variety of Bosch components, including a Performance Line CX motor adjacent to the bottom bracket, a removable PowerTube 625 lithium-ion battery pack in the down tube, and an eBike ABS braking module hidden behind the front cargo rack. That rack has an always-on daytime LED headlight mounted beneath it, which is powered by the main battery and is complemented by a frame-integrated tail light in the rear.

Bosch. Triumph Motorcycles rides into the ebike market with the Trekker GT. Triumph Motorcycles has announced its first ebike. The Trekker GT will roll for up to 150 km (93 mi) per charge, features the latest Shimano electric drive, and pricing starts at US$3,750. Triumph Engineering produced its first motorcycle in 1902, but its founder Siegfried Bettmann began by selling bicycles over a decade earlier.

The Coventry-based moto brand went into receivership in 1983, and its name and manufacturing rights were snapped up by businessman John Bloor. Renamed Triumph Motorcycles, operations later moved to Hinkley in Leicestershire. And now the company has gone back to where it all started – kind of – with the launch if its very first ebike. Triumph Motorcycles The 6061 frame is proprietary though, as is the seat post and the grips on the ends of the narrow-width handlebar.

The New Gogoro Eeyo Is the Sports Car of the E-Bike World. E-bikes are having a moment in the COVID-19 era, as they offer a reliable form of transportation that’s both environmentally sound and socially distanced. Eschewing the traditional cargo hauler reputation of electric bikes, Gogoro is betting big on the fact that biking is fun—and that most e-bikes, well, aren’t. Built for agility, the Eeyo is an ultralight e-bike can be thrown over your shoulder, charged on the go, and ridden like a sport bike—so you can really hug those curves. Photo by Gogoro Launching in the US, Europe, and Taiwan this summer, the Eeyo 1s is a carbon fiber e-bike that weighs in at an incredibly light 26.4 pounds. Turbo Vado SL. Vanmoof rides out with more affordable, tech-packed city ebikes. Dutch bike maker Vanmoof has today officially launched its next generation ebikes, aimed at getting city folks out and about on two wheels – once COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are lifted. The company recognizes that launching new ebikes at a time when people around the world are being told to stay at home to flatten COVID-19 curves may seem a little odd, but says that the time is right for a move to "cleaner cities with healthier people.

" "COVID-19 is testing all of our assumptions and infrastructure – everything from health and security, to our community and connections is brought into question," said company co-founder Taco Carlier. "We now see that city-dwellers are looking for options that give them back their freedom. And we believe the VanMoof S3 and X3 can truly replace the car or public transport and open up cities to a new default transport option. " Aventon Level Commuter Electric Bike Review Part 1 – Pictures & Specs. E-bike kit is said to be world's smallest and lightest.

The Best E-Bikes of 2019. Hyper E-ride Electric Bike, 26" Wheels, 36 Volt Battery, 20+ Mile Range. Is an E-Bike Better for Commuting than a Motorcycle? We Find Out. The karmic OSLO is a city commuter with the comfort of a child's bike. Karmic unveils its latest electric bike featuring an uncomplicated design and a minimal aesthetic that’s akin to an apple product. the san-francisco based company launched the scooter-inspired ‘OSLO’ via a kickstarter campaign on tuesday (september 17). images courtesy of karmic karmic has tucked cables, batteries, gears, and the chain, underneath its patent-pending design. only an LCD display in the center of its soft-grip handlebars giving information on speed and battery. the hydroformed aluminum chassis features thermoplastic bodywork that weighs in at a relatively light 44lbs. sat atop the clean, monochrome frame is a wide, long saddle inspired by the ‘long and comfortable’ seat of a child’s bike. it’s size also offers convenient storage, with space to stash your phone and wallet underneath the seat.

Phantom XR 400 Electric Bike – ProdecoTech Electric Bikes. A legend in the electric bicycle industry, the ProdecoTech Phantom has been making an impact since it rolled off production lines. ProdecoTech reinvented the Phantom line to offer a newly designed frame. The brushed aluminum Phantom X is powered with a 14.25Ah Samsung cell battery that’s mounted in the downtube of the frame.

Accessory Roundup: New Gecko Puncture-Proof Tires, Litelok, & Sigma ROX GPS. Calamus One e-bike features blindspot assist. The Bike Trap. Home - Pragma Industries. Home - Pragma Industries. World's first fuel-cell e-bike gets a big boost in range. Electric Bike for Urban Riders – COWBOY (Belgium) Bike Hunt Report – June - VanMoof Blog. When bike thieves struck close to home, the VanMoof Bike Hunters weren’t going to let them get away without a fight. Bike Hunt Report – May - VanMoof Blog. Luna's new Fixed offers hipsters a shockingly affordable stealth electric bike. Luna's Fixed is a killer deal on a super-stealth 400-W e-bike. Raleigh Misceo iE Electric Bike Review Part 2: Ride & Range Test [VIDEO] Electra Bikes. Limited edition Electra e-bike looks to Café Racers for inspiration. Raleigh Misceo iE Electric Bike Review Part 1 – Pictures & Specs. Bike brand tries to track down one customer's stolen bike; accidentally exposes international bike theft operation - Cycling Weekly.

General Motors wheels out its first commuter-focused e-bikes. Cycle electric Komsa, a stylish upscale city ebike. This German ebike has an elegant and subtle style that caught my eye. Style may not be hugely important to most people, but I think that this time, it’s worth mentioning. The mid drive it uses is only a mild EU street-legal system, and here is what I could find out about it. Milos Jovanovic, the designer When I’m in the mood for an adult beverage, I’m much more likely to have a beer to drink, instead of wine.

That being said…in spite of how I observe the expensive art culture with amusement from a distance, I also appreciate that…sometimes…a slight improvement in how something looks might not be a horrible thing, when you are considering the possibility of using a professional designer… Suru gets the Scrambler e-bike ready for road or dirt. Jet Bike makes e-biking effortless, but noisy. WAU - The BEST feature-packed smart eBike. The 6 Best Bike Locks in 2018. Yamaha launches 4 new mid-drive e-bikes in the USA. IZIP E3 Moda Electric Bike Review Part 2: Ride & Range Test [VIDEO] Coboc rolls out featherweight 24-lb stealth electric fixie. EasyRide - Badass Bike For Everyday Life! by Benedykt Starnawski. The Best Electric Bikes For Powered Pedaling.

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S Electric Fat Bike Review Part 1 – Pictures & Specs. The new Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S fat eBike commuter is in for testing & review! The RipCurrent S is an interesting combination of fat tire (4″ wide) eBike with up to 28mph of pedal assist. With its full assortment of accessories it is ready for the daily commute and adventure ride almost every kind of terrain and weather. Just some of the highlights are high capacity lithium battery options, a 750 watt hub motor, suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes, pedal assist & throttle, and much more.

The Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S pricing starts at $1,699 with free shipping (mainland U.S.) and they have a month payment options as well. In this first part of the review you will get a detailed look at this bike with a BUNCH of pictures and the specifications. Part 2 of the Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S review will give you info on the ride characteristics, results from the range test, pros, cons, and overall thoughts on this eBike. Alright, let’s take a closer look at the Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S!

Price: Kvaern's BMX styled electric bike runs on solar power. Juiced RipCurrent S delivers a killer deal on a fully loaded fat-tire commuter e-bike. Electric Bike Reviews, News, and Information; plus e-bike riding and maintenance tips! Rad Power Bikes RadRover Electric Fat Bike Review Part 1 – Pictures & Specs. High performance electric off-road motorcycles. Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S. Billy: We’re redefining joyrides. by Enki Cycles. Joyrides, redefined. Gulas Pi1S: World's fastest e-bike lets you pedal down the freeway at 115 km/h.

Evolution of Ebike Battery Packs. BMW's Active Hybrid e-bike rides both ways. Biomega. Skibsted + biomega extends its product portfolio with the AMS E-Low electric bike. Electric-assist Urban Arrow cargo bike wants to be your second car. Spirit of Cruising - duesenspeeds Webseite! Düsenspeed delivers motorbike performance in retro-inspired e-bike bodies. Cruzer e-bike can carry your surfboard to the beach in vintage style. The Ruffian - an epowered by Bosch eBike. Super 73 offers retro e-biking adventure on the cheap. Grunner e-bike mixes massive range with punchy performance. Review: GeoOrbital Wheel brings an electric boost and a touch of sci-fi to your bike. Bamboo e-bike is ready for the streets of Bedrock. Benelli Biciclette. Benelli Achle 29: Three weeks commuting on an Italian eBike. Lightweight Freygeist e-bike looks and lifts more like a regular bike. Stromer hopes stylish youth will swap cars for e-bike commutes on the ST1 X.

Moke utility e-bike's seat goes to great lengths. Noordung's Angel Edition bike has a battery that doubles as a boombox. 43cycles. VELLO BIKE+ The First Self-Charging Folding E-Bike by VELLO bike. Greyp Bikes. Peugeot's electric bike folds in a snap. Pininfarina. Belt Drive Titanium e-bike – Budnitz Model E. Klever Mobility E-Bikes - X Range. Klever X brings an alternative look to the e-bike market. SUV of electric bikes looks to conquer streets and dirt. RadMini Electric Bicycle. BH eMotion now producing AWD ebikes. New e-bike and scooter sure don't look retro. Bike motor keeps things small and simple. Bamboo e-bike is a real Car Killer.

BestiaNera Sport e-bike may keep you up at night. Vintage Electric Bikes: Quality hand crafted cycles. Propella e-bikes look casual and power up via throttle or pedal assist.