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Review: GeoOrbital Wheel brings an electric boost and a touch of sci-fi to your bike. Of all the cycling gadgets we've had the chance to test here at New Atlas – and there have been quite a few – the GeoOrbital Wheel has got to be one of the most fascinating.

Review: GeoOrbital Wheel brings an electric boost and a touch of sci-fi to your bike

Like the Electron Wheel and the Omni Wheel, it's an electric front wheel that instantly converts your existing bike into an e-bike. Unlike them, however, it looks like it belongs in the upcoming Blade Runner sequel. That said, is it really the electric wheel of the future? The GeoOrbital Wheel actually owes its existence to another sci-fi classic – Tron. Inventor Michael Burtov was inspired by the light cycles in that film, which feature what are known as centerless wheels. In the case of the GeoOrbital Wheel, though, that empty space is partially occupied by a non-rotating module that contains the 500-watt brushless motor, the removable Panasonic li-ion battery pack, and the electronics.

Because the rollers are constantly pressing against the rim's inner surface, there's no room for a valve stem to be sticking up. Bamboo e-bike is ready for the streets of Bedrock. If they had electric bicycles on The Flintstones, is this what they'd look like?

Bamboo e-bike is ready for the streets of Bedrock

Perhaps. Benelli Biciclette. Achle: off-road queen.

Benelli Biciclette

Queen of off-road with purely sporting charm, Achle is the 29" e-mtb par excellence, able to guarantee maximum comfort and stability in any condition of the road surface. The bike is a real pleasure to drive in the most difficult climbs and in more challenging descents, where Achle ensures easy steps and maximum drivability, even beyond expectations. For a bike like that, could not miss a fork of great quality, of course adjustable, such as an SR Suntour XCR- 29, with a stroke of 100 mm. High-grade also in the gearbox assembly, with Shimano® DEORE 3x10 speed derailleur. Benelli Achle 29: Three weeks commuting on an Italian eBike.

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli has branched out into eBike territory and hit the market hard with no less than 19 separate models.

Benelli Achle 29: Three weeks commuting on an Italian eBike

The Benelli Achle 29 is a hub-drive electric mountain bike with stylish looks, nice componentry and some 250 watts of pedal-assist power to turn uphills into no-hills and long torturous commutes into something much more manageable for people who don't spray on lycra shorts each morning. Loz Blain is the polar opposite of a granite-calved fitness freak, so he's been commuting on the Achle for the past few weeks to find out what the fuss is all about. According to the Strava cycling app, my commute is 16.1 km (10 mi) each way. I found this out when I decided to cycle to work at the new Gizmag office one day last week. Lightweight Freygeist e-bike looks and lifts more like a regular bike. Some are louder than others, but e-bikes are usually easy to spot.

Lightweight Freygeist e-bike looks and lifts more like a regular bike

Evidence like a battery pack sticking up off the down tube, a thick, rectangular top tube or a large motor on the wheel is hard to miss. German startup Freygeist believes that the electric bike should look and feel more like the classic pedal bike. Its new Classic pedelec is virtually indistinguishable as an electric thanks to cleanly integrated hardware and a 26.5-lb (12 kg) curb weight. You won't notice the electric drive until it kicks in. Stromer hopes stylish youth will swap cars for e-bike commutes on the ST1 X.

Swiss e-bike outfit Stromer first started selling its pedal-assist two-wheel commute machines in the US back in 2013, with the launch of the ST1.

Stromer hopes stylish youth will swap cars for e-bike commutes on the ST1 X

Taking design elements from its ST1 models and mixing in some ST2 digital connectivity, the company has announced the ST1 X – aiming some of that renowned Swiss attention to detail squarely at young commuters. We have to say that the ST1 X, in both standard and sporty guises, is a bit of an eye-pleaser. It doesn't seem to sacrifice performance for beauty either, with Stromer quoting a 70 mile (110 km) range and a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) in the US (though a 15.5 mph/25 km/h model is also available in Europe). That pedelec power comes from a combination of a new 500 W Cyro motor delivering up 35 Nm (26 lb.ft) of torque and a 614 Wh battery pack. The latter doesn't spoil the stylish lines of the e-bike, being hidden away from sight in the chunky down tube, and can be topped up in-frame re removed for external recharging. Moke utility e-bike's seat goes to great lengths. The new Moke from Spain's Urban Drivestyle isn't your average e-bike.

Moke utility e-bike's seat goes to great lengths

Its sturdy steel frame, wide tires and extended bench saddle are designed to haul some extra cargo, whether that means an adult passenger, a bunch of gear, or two children. The bike's creators call that seat the longest bicycle seat ever and split it into three so that cushions can be swapped out for accessories like child seats and cargo racks. Noordung's Angel Edition bike has a battery that doubles as a boombox. Electric bike manufacturer Noordung has designed a bicycle with a battery that charges phones on the go and functions as a backup speaker.

Noordung's Angel Edition bike has a battery that doubles as a boombox

The detachable battery sits atop the company's Angel Edition bike, where it sits upon a carbon fibre frame. Once removed, it doubles as a speaker that can play 100 hours of music, controlled by the user's phone. "We believe commuting is not just moving from one point to another," said Noordung. "For us it represents a journey of joy. " For those running low on power, two USB ports offer room to charge phones or other devices on the go. As to powering the bicycle, Noordung claims the battery can carry riders for 30 kilometres from a single charge. The company will hand make a run of only 15 prototype Angel Edition bikes to start with, costing €9,760 each.

"They will be test-riders, debate partners in the future development, and possible first investors in the Noordung company," it adds. 43cycles. VELLO BIKE+ The First Self-Charging Folding E-Bike by VELLO bike. Greyp Bikes. Peugeot's electric bike folds in a snap. Peugeot might be known as a car manufacturer nowadays, but it's been through plenty of different iterations along the way.

Peugeot's electric bike folds in a snap

It started life making coffee mills, before jumping into bikes in 1830. Although it's found a niche in the automotive world since, occasionally someone in Sochaux decides it's time to dabble in the two-wheeled game, as evidenced by the eF01, a folding eBike aimed at making last mile transport a sweat-free enterprise.

Launched alongside the handsome new 5008 SUV, the eF01 is yet another take on covering the last mile. Rather than forcing commuters to work up a sweat with a folding/unfolding technique to rival the worst Ikea can offer, the team at Peugeot Design Labs have developed a three-step process taking less than 10 seconds. Pininfarina. Belt Drive Titanium e-bike – Budnitz Model E. Klever Mobility E-Bikes - X Range. Klever X brings an alternative look to the e-bike market. Never one to be satisfied with the basic diamond frame, Germany's Klever Mobility has released what could be called its most striking electric bike design yet at Eurobike 2016.

Klever X brings an alternative look to the e-bike market

The all-new rear-motored X series houses its battery and some open air in a distinctive pentagonal frame designed to accommodate both lads and lasses. It comes in several variants, including a 600-watt "Speed" version that scoots along at up to 28 mph (45 km/h). The last time we checked in with Klever at Eurobike 2013, it was busy taking home awards for bikes like the S25 and B25. While still quite distinctive, those low-slung designs might scare off some sensitive male riders, given their resemblance to traditional step-through women's frames. The new X shouldn't suffer from any such image problems.

SUV of electric bikes looks to conquer streets and dirt. The Moto Parilla Carbon comes to life as a heavily motorcycle-inspired electric off-road bike with claims of being the "SUV e-bike. " The beautiful but beefy fat bike doesn't exactly make us excited to start pedaling uphill, but it definitely makes a statement and turns heads. Plus, it's available with a throttle so those aching calves can take the day off. After a fling with British carmaker Caterham, its designers are pressing ahead alone. Back in 2013, Caterham was toying with the idea of selling the Carbon as part of a trio of motorcycles and electric bikes. Not surprisingly (its expertise is in cars, after all), Caterham had some serious help in creating the bike, from a couple of motorcycle/scooter industry veterans, engineer Zeno Panarari and designer Alessandro Tartarini.

Moto Parilla imagines the Carbon navigating rough roads and open spaces in remote parts of places like Africa, Alaska, the Australian Outback, Iceland, Russia and South America. RadMini Electric Bicycle. BH eMotion now producing AWD ebikes. BH eMotion electric bikes are based in Spain, and due to the performance and price points of their products, they have been doing well in North America these past couple of years. They are now selling factory turn-key All Wheel Drive models, and I’ll tell you why I think this is a good thing that was way overdue. [header pic is courtesy of Blue Monkey Bicycles, in Utah…thanks, Duane!] Beistegui Hermanos, BH Back in 1909, in Europe, there had recently been a great deal of innovation in the design of firearms, and the governments of many countries realized there was a need to modernize their armies in order to survive.

Three brothers from the Beistegui family in Spain (Cosme, Domingo, and Juan) formed a business and gained a contract to manufacture modern pistols. As soon as World War One ended, there was a sudden drop-off in the demand for new pistols, so in 1919, they switched to a product that was suddenly in great demand…bicycles! New e-bike and scooter sure don't look retro. There are two schools of thought when it comes to the design of electric vehicles. On the one hand, there are people who think that in order to gain mainstream acceptance, the vehicles should look as normal as possible.

On the other, some people believe that such innovative technology should be reflected with unconventional looks. Bike motor keeps things small and simple. A lot of people want an electric boost while they're cycling, but don't want to replace their perfectly-good existing bicycle with a costly new e-bike. That's why several types of add-on motors exist. One of the latest, the Swiss-made bimoz, is not only a lot less obtrusive than most, but at 1.97 kg (4.3 lb) including battery, it's also claimed to be one of the lightest.

Similar to the low-profile Bionicon e-ram, the 250-watt bimoz motor attaches to the bottom bracket, taking the place of the existing left-hand crank. Bamboo e-bike is a real Car Killer. Along with its unique rear suspension system, and tandem bikes that can be converted to singles, Calfee Design is well-known as a builder of bamboo bikes. One of the company's latest creations is a bamboo e-bike, packed with enough features that it could quite literally take the place of a car – hence its nickname, the Car Killer. Although the specific bike that we saw at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is a one-off design concept, a very similar model was built for a client in San Francisco. He uses that bike on a daily basis, in his job as a contractor. BestiaNera Sport e-bike may keep you up at night. Vintage Electric Bikes: Quality hand crafted cycles.

Propella e-bikes look casual and power up via throttle or pedal assist. As we see each year at events like the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and Eurobike, bicycle designers will experiment with just about any style of frame. But they always seems to come back to the tried-and-true classic – the diamond frame. Evolution of Ebike Battery Packs. One of my favorite ebikes has gone through an evolution of battery pack changes in its five year life, which is a good illustration of ebike battery technology changes and the different ways to mount battery packs. (read our story on mounting ebike battery packs) The technology for the ebike motor and controller has not changed much…the direct drive Crystalyte hub motor is still one of the most reliable and convenient motors you can buy at the 1500 watt level…and the controller is still a common 35-amp standard ebike controller.

It is sad, but the technology on ebike motors and controllers hasn’t improved much. The Gazelle company has a new ebike designed by Giugiaro. Royal Dutch Gazelle has been making bicycles since 1902, and they are a global bicycle powerhouse that is based in the Netherlands, but…most North Americans have not heard of them (They are actually the third largest bicycle producer by volume…in the world!). The Netherlands (formerly known as Holland) is one of the most bicycle-friendly places on Earth. Gazelle recently decided to build an upscale mid drive bicycle, and they hired the famous Italian design studio Italdesign Giugiaro to help them create something stunning.

Giorgetto Giugiaro. Electric Bike Emergency Repair Kits. You can tell a lot about a man about how he handles times of tribulation and challenge on his rides. Here is a write up on how different writers of prepare for the inevitable break downs and let downs that electric bike riding inevitably brings. Here's some pics and info on the Interbike 2015 convention. The three biggest bicycle conventions each year are the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan (held in March), Eurobike in Germany (August), and Interbike in Las Vegas Nevada (September).

These are the trade shows where bicycle parts manufacturers show off their new stuff to bike shop owners in the hopes of securing sales contracts. ZEHUS. ConoDrive rear-rack bicycle e-drive turns pedaling into pedelec-ing. The Electron Wheel - Home. Review: Electron Wheel makes your bike easier to pedal, but harder to lift. Go-e ONwheel electrifies your bike from below. This is a street hot rod ebike with lots of power and style. Evelo Omni Wheel turns almost any bike into an electric bike. Review: FlyKly Smart Wheel gives your bike a boost. Hard Tail - Australia's favourite ebike. Review: Hitting the streets with the Dyson Hard Tail electric bike. Ford rolls autonomous and smart tech into new city/road/mountain e-bike. Crank forward bikes have a more comfortable riding posture. Smart Wheel, Smart Light, Smart App. Superpedestrian - The Copenhagen Wheel. Centinel Wheel makes bikes into e-bikes. Focus Aventura Impulse Speed. Cruz – Vintage Electric Bikes.

Stromer ST2. JIVR folding e-bike ditches the chain. Bamboost e-bike combines bamboo and balsa with a touch of tech. Ford's experimental e-bikes connect with car and rider. Raht Racer velomobile may let riders pedal "as fast as a car" Omni Wheel by EVELO Electric Bicycle Company. Rogue C6 smart bicycle takes aim at the urban commuter. Review: Vanmoof Electric 3 Bike. The E-Bike revolution. Modular Virtus e-drive transforms a regular bike into an e-bike and back again. Haibike unleashes mid-motored carbon fiber and electric-suspension e-bikes. Vote // The Bike Design Project. Vote // The Bike Design Project. The Faraday electric bike shows us all how retro the future will be. This custom mid drive is from 2008 using premium components. The Raptor 140 battery, slimmer but larger than the original. Gi Bike: The light, full-size, electric, folding bike by Toledo, Augustinoy & Sevillia.

Velogical shrinks the rim drive to "world's lightest" e-bike drive. NEO VOLT folding electric bike boasts discreet battery, impressive range. Information - Human Generator – new e-bike trades the chain for an alternator. Stealth Electric Bikes USA - Stealth Electric Bikes USA. Stealth Electric Bikes. Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec folding electric trike goes up to 28 mph (45 km/h) 10 Turn Key Cruiser Electric Bikes. Top 10 Fastest Production Electric Bikes. Reviews - Specialized Turbo. Hi-Power Cycles: High Power Electric Bikes, MTB's, ATV's, Go carts. Voltitude fold-up pedal-assist electric bike rolls into production. M55 Ebike Video Glimpses. Overview: Third Element. Stealth Fighter E-bike Review. DIY non-hub builds, the why and how (part-1) Electric Bike Emergency Repair Kits. Cykle Dual System Bike. GrassHopper by Designer: David Gonçalves. Yikebike EV announces lighter models with 50 percent greater range. Grace Urban Ebike. Electric Bikes and DUI.

Crushing Pikes Peak With a Hub Motor; on a $1,600 Electric BIke. LIFEbike takes a fresh approach to ebike design. UPS using E-Trikes for delivery in Germany. VANMOOF 10 Electrified bike has GPS tracking and smart power systems. Rubbee turns any bike electric. Rubbee - The electric drive for bicycles by Rubbee Ltd. Custom Build Gallery, Rodgah’s Specialized Big Hit FSR. Bigfish Line+ E-bike folds down in 10 seconds. Greyp G-12 e-bike has supercar roots. Bike+ light hybrid system unplugs the e-bike for a Prius-like ride. Lampociclo hand-builds e-bikes inspired by 1920s motorcycles. Custom Build Gallery, Teklektiks dual-motor Yuba Mundo. Alter e-bike uses a hydrogen fuel cell to expand range. Why I sold my car for an Electric Bike. Electric Bikes can be ridden in the Snow with these tips.