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Stuff to sit on and steer with. Ergonomy becomes crucial on long trips.

HANDLEBAR // HALO // TITANIUM — TI CYCLES FABRICATION. Bam City bar flexes to smooth out the potholes. When serious cyclists want a little more vibration damping (or lower weight) in their handlebars, they'll often shell out hundreds of bucks for a carbon fiber bar.

Bam City bar flexes to smooth out the potholes

French company Baramind, however, wants to extend the concept of shock-absorbing handlebars to everyday commuters, with the not-so-expensive but even-flexier Bam City. Baramind has already been making small-bump-absorbing bars for mountain bikers, for three years now. Those bars feature a flexible section in the middle, made from "a complex combination of fiberglass and carbon.

" Rigid inserts attached to the top of that section keep it from flexing upward, so it doesn't take up the rider's energy when they're pulling on the bars. This still leaves it able to flex downwards, although the extent to which it can do so is determined by another set of inserts on its underside – these are available in hard, medium and soft varieties, depending on the user's preference.

It tips the scales at 350 grams (12.3 oz). ShockStop suspension bike stem has a heart of rubber. Hand numbness is a very common complaint among cyclists, and one of its major causes is road vibrations being carried up into the handlebars.

ShockStop suspension bike stem has a heart of rubber

Over the years, various companies have attempted to address the problem via suspension handlebar stems that incorporate coil springs, air-sprung shocks, or elastomers – and they’ve all looked a little "unusual. " The ShockStop is the latest take on an elastomer-based suspension stem, but it looks completely normal. The device has a forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy body, inside of which is a pivot point (incorporating sealed cartridge bearings) and two interchangeable elastomer inserts – each stem comes with several sets of the inserts, in varying levels of stiffness.

When the front wheel hits a bump in the road, the stem absorbs much of the energy by pivoting 1 to 2 cm (0.4 to 0.8 inches). Its compliance is determined by the stiffness of the inserts, as selected by the user based on personal preference and riding conditions. Source: Kickstarter. BAM City. H2 - Selle Anatomica. Bicycle Handlebars. Bikepacking Aerobars: Increase Your Comfort And Speed On Your Bike Adventures -

List of Comfort MTB Handlebars - Share This others did.

List of Comfort MTB Handlebars -

Support us and pass it along... Don’t let comfort come second to performance when you bikepack. Because the further you ride, the more important it is that you look after your body. A comfortable handlebar is a great place to start, so here’s our full Low Down list of swept back and riser models… compose Cass Gilberttime Jan 25, 2018comment 118 The Low Down is a resource series that collates all the key options available for each topic discussed; be it handlebars, bags, or tents. For the most part, modern mountain bikes come stocked with relatively wide and straight handlebars, typically with a 9-degree sweep or less and a subtle rise at best. For those looking at alternatives to their stock handlebars – be it ones with more backsweep, more rise, or more width – we’ve collated our favourite ‘comfort mountain bike bars’, for want of a better term.

With so many variables around, nothing beats experimenting with different handlebars. Amazon. Amazon. ERGON BIKE ERGONOMICS. The GP5 BioKork features a full-size bar end with L-shape for maximum ergonomics when touring or on a fitness bike.


Reenginee ring and improvements were made to the product with enhanced ergonomic function, and premium feel. Now inte grated with a bar end with an installation friendly clamping system, as well as the rest of the Ergon bar end models (Patent Pending). This makes fitting extremely simple. Carbon Bar Compatible.

Infos: Ergon’s GreenLab initiative is about combining the core principles of ergonomics and performance with ecologically aware practices. Introduced in 2010, and for 2011, the GreenLab initiative has played an important role in the Ergon Development Department and the results of that can be seen starting with the innovations in the last two years. This uses as little material as possible to achieve our aims, and much of the material used is recycled.

This is the same in reverse for small grip. H2 - Selle Anatomica. Gilles Berthoud.