The Basic Stamp Computor Tutorial The Basic Stamp Computor Tutorial Basic Stamp Computer Tutorial Created by Chip Randall, TJHSST Rev 1, March 1999 Table of Contents
Basic Stamp 2, Tutorial #10 - Serial Communication Tutorial #10 - Serial Communication copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Jan, '98 Introduction. Basic Stamp 2, Tutorial #10 - Serial Communication
MAE - Basic Stamp II How II - How to General Information: Setting up the Basic Stamp Hardware Tips and Program Debugging Color coding your wiring How to read resistors Basic electronics symbols Hardware Section: Output Hardware: Hooking up a standard LED Standard LED Data Sheet LEDs used for Lego block color detection: Blue: Lite-On p/n LTL1CHTBK5 intensity: 880mcd @ 20mA (mcd = millicandela) Yellow: Lite-On p/n LTL1CHKSKNN intensity 320mcd @ 20mA Green: Lite-On p/n LTL1CHKGKNN intensity 320mcd @ 20mA Red: Lite-On p/n LTL42E6N intensity 250mcd @ 20 mA Red: Lite-On p/n LTL42EKEKNN intensity 880mcd @ 20mA Data sheet not found, but similar to LTL42E6N above Input Hardware: Hooking up a switch as an input to the Stamp MAE - Basic Stamp II How II - How to
Figure 2: BS1-IC & TWS-434 Connections. Connect Pin# 7 (P0) of the BS1-IC to the data-input pin of the TWS-434 RF transmitter module. Pin# 4 of the TWS-434 is the antenna connection, and requires only a 13-inch piece of insulated hobby wire for an effective antenna. RF Remote Control For The BASIC Stamp RF Remote Control For The BASIC Stamp
Basic Stamp 2 - Working with Basic Stamps and PICs Basic Stamp 2 - Working with Basic Stamps and PICs Working with Stamps and PICs copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Georgetown County, SC, Mar, '98 Introduction. Many have asked me, "Should I get started with the Parallax Basic Stamps or with PICs".
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StampWorks v2 It's easy to get started micro-controlling your world with StampWorks. The StampWorks manual includes 35 experiments based on the BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller and the Professional Development Board (included). StampWorks gives you the hardware, the electrical components and, most importantly, the know-how to become a confident embedded programmer. Working your way through StampWorks you will learn about efficient embedded design, connecting circuits and "smart" sensors to the BASIC Stamp, adding computer control to your projects, and "Power PBASIC" programming techniques. Hobby Engineering: Basic Stamp Modules and Starter Kits Section Hobby Engineering: Basic Stamp Modules and Starter Kits Section
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PC Parallel Port, BasicX, BASIC Stamp®, 68HC11, PIC®, PICAXE, Data Acquisition and Control Peter H. Anderson 1946-2012 Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control
BASIC Stamp RS232 serial notes BASIC Stamp RS232 serial notes BASIC Stamp RS232 & modem (c) 1998, 2002EME Systems, Berkeley CA U.S.A. Contents: (updated 11/13/2010) The baudmodes is a 16 bit value that shows up after the first comma in SERIN and SEROUT commands. The low 13 bits (bit 0 to bit 12) specify the baud rate itself, while bits 13, 14 and 15 are modifiers that turn on or off certain modes of the serial operation. The values shown in the following table in the left-most column are the common baud rates.
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L.O.S.A - List of Stamp Applications If you have done something (big or small) with the BASIC Stamp that you are willing to tell others pleaseuse the form below and write a short description, nothing fancy is needed just a simple explanation. If youhave source code to share thats even better but it's not necessary. Download latest version of L.O.S.A
Tracy Allen's BASIC Stamp app-notes index BASIC Stamp Support Index (c) 1998, 2001EME Systems, Berkeley CA U.S.A. The Parallax BASIC Stamp micro-controller has generated enthusiasm in the electronics industry, where it has twice been nominated EDN Product of the Year. The family of BASIC Stamps is growing. It started with the BS2 original with the green mask seen at the right in the bottom row in the middle.
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Here are additional sites with information and support for BASIC Stamps. Parallax, Inc. Parallax is the manufacturer of the BASIC Stamp. Their site includes all the manuals for free download as well as many application notes, schematics and FAQs. Many of the documents can be found in the downloads web page. Tracy Allen's BASIC Stamp Links
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