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The Psychology of Colour

The Psychology of Colour

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How to Keep a Magic Circle Closed I love starting projects in the round with the magic circle! No weird bumps from knots, and you can pull it as tight – or keep it as loose – as you like! But if you don’t finish them off correctly, they can start to come undone! Here’s how I make sure my magic circles always stay closed – and how to fix a magic circle that starts opening up later on! www.creativebloq Mobile-friendly website is must-have of modern online business. If your shiny new site isn't responsive you will definitely fail that battle for visitors, traffic and success. By the way, Google made this battle even more urgent by adding a website's mobile-friendliness into its algorithms. Don't miss this Interior Design Ideas - Home Bunch – Interior Design Ideas Have you ever wondered which paint colors are the most used by interior designers and homeowners? You will find many of them in this Interior Design Ideas. As you probably know by now, Home Bunch shares paint colors in every post and, this time around I am adding some extra paint colors in our popular series “Interior Design Ideas”.

Chevron Stitch or Ripple Stitch The Ripple Stitch, also known as the Chevron Stitch and has been called an Afghan Stitch, is one of the classic stitch patterns known and loved by many. No grouping of stitch patterns would be complete without including it. This was the first stitch pattern that I learned, and to this day (more than 40 years later) I still love working with it. The fun thing about this stitch pattern is that you can do it in Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, and Treble Crochet (and any of the extended stitches as well). I will show you the stitch pattern in Single Crochet. Below the description I will share the small changes to make for other stitches. VLC is easily one of our favourite media players (and yours too). However, it’s not just a one-trick pony. Under the surface, there’s a wide range of features that you might not have known it offers. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers When we made my art room, it originally started out that I was going to have a big plain rom with lots of storage. BUT, I have a wonderful husband who said I deserved more and so I ended up with the most beautiful and functional art room I can imagine. When we did the drywall, on the ceiling, I decided since the room was so pretty, that I wanted faux tin and bought Styrofoam ceiling tiles to achieve the effect.

Extending a Row with Foundation Single Crochet This week’s tutorial is a quick demonstration of a neat little trick to extend a row of crochet. Foundation stitches, in particular foundation single crochet, are a great way to to start a project. But what happens when you’ve made a few (or a bunch of) rows, and want the next row to continue on past the previous row, but don’t want to chain? Extending a row with foundation single crochet! show_article As a screenwriter, the ability to craft dramatic suspense can turn your script from a basic, by the numbers story into something memorable, and the basis of a movie that people will remember. Film is a visceral art, and a thousand things have to go right in the execution of a story to make it resonate, but it all starts with the screenwriter. Without the basic foundation and the proper storytelling tools, your script might not make it past the first read. Evoke Emotion Create sympathetic characters that the audience likes and can relate to. After all, the characters are the ones who are telling the majority of your story, through their actions and dialogue.

Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers This is a super fun and easy way to create unique pavers for sidewalks and pathways. I'm currently working on a pathway around my house and wanted something heavier and more decorative than the pavers available at the outdoor center. I did five practice pavers first and experimented with different brands of mortar, cement and rock placement. I didn't want any of the rocks coming loose or pavers breaking in half in the future. Two Hands Healing and Creative Arts Ah picots, very possibly the most feared and hated stitch in crochet. Personally I avoided the picot stitch for a very long time. When I would look at stitch dictionaries I would skip over any stitch patterns that contained picots. Or if I used those stitch patterns, I would eliminate the picots. In the past I had primarily seen picots used as a decorative element for edgings or borders.