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Apps para programar (y para aprender a programar) en el iPad. El iPad se ha convertido en una herramienta multidisciplinar y universal para trabajar en clase, en cualquier asignatura y materia.

Apps para programar (y para aprender a programar) en el iPad

9 Apps for the Low or NO Internet Classroom  Having a ”bad internet day” is frustrating when you’re trying to stream a Netflix movie or connect to wifi in a coffee shop.

9 Apps for the Low or NO Internet Classroom 

It’s even worse when there are thirty or so inquiring minds or restless students waiting to start an activity or new lesson. So what do you do if you are in a low or no Internet classroom? Although you’ll need an Internet connection to download these apps and share student work, this list includes a handful of my favorite mobile apps for classrooms with no or low Internet access. Does this sound like a problem you have in your school? Keep these apps at the top of your list when thinking about how students will create and consume content in your classroom. Explain Everything This amazing screencasting tool lets students demonstrate their thinking while creating short video clips.

Book Creator Kids can create their own stories and publish books with this awesome app. Popplet Lite Students can make their own graphic organizers with this easy to use iPad app. Monica. 7 Apps for Special Needs Students. By Jana Rooheart As a special needs teacher, you face new specific challenges with every fresh student.

7 Apps for Special Needs Students

Whether you work in an inclusive classroom or in specialized groups, each child is unlike any other. Chrome Apps Perfect for the Chromebook Classroom. Chrome Apps Perfect for the Chromebook Classroom. CoSpaces – Virtual reality for everyone Review. CoSpaces the app is a window into a world that is created on a computer using your usual browser.

CoSpaces – Virtual reality for everyone Review

The app and the web-based software are two sides of the same experience so this review will consider the use of both of them separately and how they come together. The app and the creation tools are linked together by the use of a log-in. Each user needs a username and password. Whatever they save on-line then becomes available in the app.

Needless to say, a Wi-Fi connection is essential, as is a way for each student to create an identity on-line. CoSpaces' editor is simple to learn how to use. If you are familiar with creating in 3D then you will be pleased to hear that CoSpaces follows the usual mouse button conventions for adjusting the scene. People and animals can be placed and easily adjusted. Buildings can be constructed out of predefined shapes including a brick wall and transparent window. Leaving the scene puts it into the cloud and the user can switch to the app. Las mejores apps para Educación Infantil. +80 apps para docentes con Android. +100 apps de interés para docentes con iPad.

20 Educational iPad Apps Perfect for Every Classroom. January 18, 2017 Here is a list of some useful iPad apps we have been working on over the last few days.

20 Educational iPad Apps Perfect for Every Classroom

We tried to come up with what think are 20 educational apps perfect for every classroom. We were actually inspired by iTunes app list under the same title but the apps included there were definitely not what we expected to see. So we went ahead and dived into our archive and picked out the titles below. We know there are several other wonderful apps to be added here but for practical reasons we only limited our collection to 20 apps. If you are a teacher using or planning to use iPad in your instruction, the list below is definitely a great place to start with. You can download the visual below in PDF format from this link. 1- iBooks Author ‘Now anyone can create stunning iBooks textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

20 Cool Creativity Apps for Tech-Minded Teachers. Tech-savvy teachers incorporate apps into their teaching practices with ease, and creativity apps are a favorite for students who want to do something special for a class project.

20 Cool Creativity Apps for Tech-Minded Teachers

Here’s a list of 20 different creativity apps for the tech-minded educator to utilize in a range of creative classroom learning adventures. We often speak about Creativity Fluency and its role in shaping holistic modern learners. It refers to using artistic proficiency to add meaning to something through design, art, and storytelling. It is about using innovative design to add value to the function of a product through the form.

The 20 Best Augmented-Reality Apps. Augmented reality has long sounded like a wild futuristic concept, but the technology has actually been around for years.

The 20 Best Augmented-Reality Apps

It becomes more robust and seamless with each passing decade, providing an astonishing means of superimposing computer-generated images atop a user’s view of reality, thus creating a composite view rooted in both real and virtual worlds. Although AR apps run the gamut, from interactive map overlays and virtual showrooms to massive multiplayer skirmishes, each piece of software hones in on smartphone GPS and camera functionality to create a more immersive experience. The available selection of augmented reality apps is diverse, encompassing both premium and freemium offerings from a variety of big and no-name developers, but sometimes choosing which apps are worth your smartphone or tablet’s precious memory is tougher than using the apps themselves. 15 Good iPad Apps for Students Projects and Real World Learning. February 11, 2017 Here is a collection of some very good iPad apps students can use in their classroom projects.

15 Good iPad Apps for Students Projects and Real World Learning

The apps, which are curated from Apple's Real World Learning collection, are geared towards enhancing a number of key skills that include: creative thinking, design skills, literacy skills, coding, and many more. Some of the things students can accomplish using these applications include: create beautiful ebooks to share with others; create visual sketches to record notes; design educational video clips, screencasts and presentations; capture and organize ideas in diagrams and mind maps. 1- Book Creator ‘Book Creator is the simple way to make your own beautiful ebooks, right on your iPad. With over 25 million ebooks created so far, Book Creator is ideal for making all kinds of books, including children's picture books, comic books, photo books, journals, textbooks and more.’2- Paper by Fifty Three. 7 apps para flipear tu clase. ¿Quieres flipear tu clase pero sigues preparando únicamente el contenido en PowerPoint?

7 apps para flipear tu clase

Las nuevas tecnologías no son la solución para mejorar la educación en sí mismas, pero sí que son una gran ayuda gracias a la cual las metodologías más innovadoras pueden llevarse a cabo de una manera más sencilla. Las 15 mejores apps de cuentos interactivos. Educa Apps de 6 a 12 años. Apps Educativas gratuitas.

Bits de lectura e inteligencia, vocabulario, cuentos interactivos, juegos de aproximación a otra lengua son algunas de nuestras propuestas para esta categoría.

Educa Apps de 6 a 12 años. Apps Educativas gratuitas

Apps Playground - Helping you find the best apps for kids. 21 FREE Android Apps For Teachers. “50 of the best teaching & learning apps for 2016” plus 12 other resources re: tools. Una app gratuita con juegos de matemáticas para niños. Animal Math Toddler Games es una app gratuita para iOS que propone a los padres pasar un momento entretenido con los pequeños de la casa, jugando con las matemáticas. Muchos colores, dibujos y música pegadiza encontrarán en esta app que promete ayudar a los niños a aprender sin darse cuenta.

Cuenta con diferentes grados de dificultad, según la edad de los pequeños y las habilidades que los padres o maestros desean que vayan desarrollando. Por ejemplo, hay juegos para identifiquen y vayan reconociendo los números. Tendrán que poner determinado número en una cesta, elegir el que se les indique entre un grupo, colocarlos en orden, seguir una secuencia, etc. Top 5 Unexpected Apps for STEM Education - StratoStar STEM Education Blog. In today’s world, we use apps for everything from managing our bank accounts to expressing our thoughts via tweets, so why not use them for our STEM education projects?

StratoStar has compiled a list of our top 5 favorite apps will make tracking, solving equations, and creating reports simpler. 1. The Periodic Table of STEAM iPad Apps. I recently published a post showcasing a collection of some pretty amazing apps for enhancing teaching and learning displayed in a periodic table-style infographic. Check it out here. Due to its popularity, I’m revisiting this topic, except the focus has shifted this time around to apps that address STEAM—the addition of art/design into the interdisciplinary approach of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). These resources are categorized in areas such as computing, making, photography, virtual reality, augmented reality and more!

As you take a closer look at this super cool guide, think about this: It’s never just about the apps. Instead effective technology integration is all about how tools support curricular goals in a meaningful, relevant, student-centered manner. Click here to view and/or download a high resolution file of this image, which was created and compiled by ICT Evangelist Mark Anderson. Full STEAM ahead toward your next app adventure! Best Android apps of 2016: 27 apps you must try. Best weather app for Android There are plenty of weather apps available that are more accurate and better looking than the ones that come pre-installed on your Android device. MORECAST is our current favorite weather app here at AndroidPIT because it has one of the best-looking interfaces, with a clear and sensible layout.

7 of the Best Android Applications for Students. It has become the norm for students to possess smartphones and tablets, but how many are using them to enhance productivity at school or college? Here are seven superb Android applications that can make learning significantly easier and fun. If you don’t have Wolfram Alpha, you’re definitely missing out. It’s an app that can solve difficult math problems and even show you how to work out the answer for yourself. You also get access to expert knowledge on a wide range of topics such as Statistics, Engineering, Science, Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry.

Price: $2.99. 50 Fab Apps for Teachers. Less Is More You don’t need a one-to-one classroom (one device for every student) to integrate tablets into instruction. Whether you have one tablet or five, possibilities for teaching with them abound. Single Tablet. 25 Free iOS Apps for Elementary School Year. The Human Body app for kids by Tinybop. 3 aplicaciones de resolución matemática para Android. Solucionar problemas y ecuaciones desde el móvil es cada vez más sencillo, y con esta breve lista queremos indicar algunas excelentes opciones android que pueden ayudar bastante con el tema: Photomath – Cámara calculadora: 22 Apps para gestionar el aula y organizar el nuevo curso.

1. Apps. ¿Tu niño necesita refuerzo en matemáticas? Estas apps y juegos le ayudarán. Con el curso recién estrenado y las clases en plena ebullición seguro que son muchos los que se han preguntado si no deberían haber insistido un poco más en los cuadernillos y libros de repaso de las diferentes materias. Una situación que, sin embargo, nunca es tarde para abordar. De hecho, es posible hacerlo incluso de manera divertida. 31 iPad Apps For A Smoother-Running Classroom. 31 iPad Apps For A Smoother-Running Classroom A smooth-running classroom is about, among other things, organization, workflow, and classroom management. Organization is about resources, priority, and consistency. Workflow is about clarity, tools, and consistency. And classroom management is about relationships, trust, and consistency. 3 aplicaciones gratuitas que todo estudiante necesita. Home.

60 Apps to Teach STEAM in the Classroom. Using a tablet to explore STEAM concepts is a natural pairing—as kids drag, draw and create they learn more about technology and the world around them. That's why we've gathered 60 of our favorite apps for teaching STEAM in the classroom, with recommendations for every grade level. Read on to get our list! Science Apps for Grades K-2. 26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom. 42 STEM iPad Apps for Kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) APPS TRASTORNOS ESPECÍFICOS DEL DESARROLLO DEL APRENDIZAJE – Fun4us. A Handy Chart Featuring 75 Educational iPad Apps for Teachers.

Khan Academy agrega 21 aplicaciones educativas gratuitas para niños. Teacher Recommended: 50 Favorite Classroom Apps. 25 awesome apps for teachers, recommended by teachers. Apps school. Apps para el Aula. 6 Must-Have Creation Tools for the BYOD Classroom. Vídeo móvil profesional con la app de grabación MAVIS para iOS. 3 Powerful Apps for Creating Green Screen Videos with Students. Teachers iPad Apps. Apps That Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers. 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015.

The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad. Google Apps para Educación en mi aula. 7 Excellent Science Apps for Elementary Students. Android Apps / a little bit iOS. Technology in the Classroom: Amazing iPad Apps for Educators. 10 Personalized Learning Apps. 22 Apps To Make Videos In The Classroom. Android - Apps. Free apps list. S BYOD Dream Tools: Free Tools that Work on ANY device!

5 STEM APPS for the Elementary Classroom. PT #APPS: +50 APPS DE INTERÉS PARA DOCENTES CON IPAD. Unique Montessori Apps. Apps basadas en la pedagogía Montessori. Descarga miles de apps Android y iPhone desde Google Play y la App Store - Appszoom. App for iPad. 5 Top Augmented Reality Apps For Education. Software and apps. iTeach 1:1: Digital Storytelling Apps. 50 Of The Best Teaching And Learning Apps For 2016. 90 aplicaciones Android para profesores. 90 aplicaciones Android para profesores. 540 Aplicaciones educativas gratuitas para tablets y Movil 2014. Nueva app para que los niños aprendan programación con juegos y cuentos interactivos.

TICS - herramietas, apps, ipads. Bloomz - Teacher Parent Communications App. Coding for the Common Core: 15 iPad Coding Apps for K-5+ Apps That Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers. Las 5 mejores aplicaciones para hacer vídeo con las fotos de tus vacaciones - el Taller Audiovisual. 50 Apps, 50 New Ways To Learn.


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