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Comprendre les relations internationales (1/2), par Thierry Meyssan. Dans cette représentation de la bataille de Poitiers (VIIIème siècle), peinte au XIXème siècle par Charles de Steuben, les musulmans sont des barbares, à la fois violents et lascifs.

Comprendre les relations internationales (1/2), par Thierry Meyssan

Au cours des nombreux échanges par mail, il est apparu que de nombreuses choses que je tiens pour acquises ne le sont pas pour tous mes lecteurs. Aussi voudrais-je revenir sur certaines idées dont certaines vous paraîtront n’être que des généralités, mais dont d’autres vous surprendront. Nous sommes tous humains, mais différents Il est possible de se rendre dans un pays lointain et n’en fréquenter que les hôtels et les plages ensoleillées. C’est bon pour le bronzage, mais c’est humainement une occasion manquée. D’une manière générale, le voyageur veillera toujours à disposer de moyens plus importants que ceux des gens du pays qu’il visite de manière à pouvoir faire face à tout problème. Les relations internationales mettent en jeu plusieurs acteurs qui nous sont étrangers. Les gens changent avec l’âge. Comprendre les relations internationales (2/2), par Thierry Meyssan. L'Iran impérialiste devient anti-impérialiste, par Thierry Meyssan.

Les Britanniques renversèrent les Kadjar et placèrent un officier de leur armée en guise de Chah.

L'Iran impérialiste devient anti-impérialiste, par Thierry Meyssan

America’s Sicilian Expedition. By Francis Lee for the Saker Blog Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.

America’s Sicilian Expedition

War is the parent of armies; and from these proceed debt and taxes; and armies, and debts, are taxes of the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few … no nation could reserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.’’ (My emphasis – FL) (1) Thus was the initial warning by James Madison to the possible development (and dangers) which lie ahead of the great social and political experiment in what was to become the American Republic. Don’t Hold Your Breath for ‘World War III’: World War IV Has Already Begun. A.

Don’t Hold Your Breath for ‘World War III’: World War IV Has Already Begun

Columns > Time To Put Americans Back In Charge Of America. Bibi satire — The Arabist. Moshe Yatom, a prominent Israeli psychiatrist who successfully cured the most extreme forms of mental illness throughout a distinguished career, was found dead at his home in Tel Aviv yesterday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Bibi satire — The Arabist

A suicide note at his side explained that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been his patient for the last nine years, had “sucked the life right out of me.” “I can’t take it anymore,” wrote Yatom. “Robbery is redemption, apartheid is freedom, peace activists are terrorists, murder is self-defense, piracy is legality, Palestinians are Jordanians, annexation is liberation, there’s no end to his contradictions. Freud promised rationality would reign in the instinctual passions, but he never met Bibi Netanyahu.

Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide. Anguished Suicide Note Cites ‘Deluge of Doublethink’ In Driving Kind-Hearted Shrink to Despair Michael K.

Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide

Long Range Attack On Saudi Oil Field Ends War On Yemen. Long Range Attack On Saudi Oil Field Ends War On Yemen Today Saudi Arabia finally lost the war on Yemen.

Long Range Attack On Saudi Oil Field Ends War On Yemen

Two Formerly Independent Nations Struggle for Re-emergence. Two re-emergent states on opposite shores of the Gulf of Aden are attempting to rise above the ashes of genocidal civil wars to establish themselves among the ranks of nations.

Two Formerly Independent Nations Struggle for Re-emergence

On the northern coast of the Gulf of Aden are forces that have been fighting for the restoral of the independence of South Yemen. These secessionists recently succeeded in taking over key government posts in the city of Aden from forces loyal to the Saudi puppet government of Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, who ostensibly rules over Yemen from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. However, Hadi is a puppet leader without territory. Hidden Hands in the Middle East, by Charlie O'Neill. The Western public has been so poorly served, in recent years, by its supposed world-class media organisations that any semblance of a coherent narrative explaining world events and tying together their deeper, underlying, causes to one another, has almost completely disappeared from the programming of the major networks.

Hidden Hands in the Middle East, by Charlie O'Neill

More often than not, international affairs are presented to us as a series of apparently unrelated events that simply “occur”, in most cases without any meaningful context or background being provided, or else, with a completely one-sided and deliberately misleading interpretation being force-fed to us by our “impartial” broadcasters. This is especially true of coverage of the Middle East, a region where major interests, both financial and political, are at stake, and where, consequently, the powers-that-be desire to impart only the most superficial of understandings of the general situation to their populations. VIDEO 2019 07 03 22 16 14. За 10 минут до начала войны. Is There a Sunni Majority in Iraq? The United States based its policy on Iraq on two primary so-called facts: 1.

Is There a Sunni Majority in Iraq?

The Sunnis are a 20 % minority.2. A Short History of Collective Punishment: From the British Empire to Gaza. No Attack on Iran, Yet. Oh, Gaza, Strong as Death. Sacrificing Gaza: The Great March of Zionist Hypocrisy. The Flow of Immigration Towards Europe - The Sounding Line. Submitted by Taps Coogan on the 29th of November 2017 to The Sounding Line. The following infographic from Lucify shows the current flow of immigration from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia into Western Europe according to data from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

It shows the biggest migration of people into Western Europe since WWII. How the U.S. Aristocracy Made a Foreign-Policy Chump Out of Trump. By Eric Zuesse for the Saker blog In order to understand Donald Trump’s foreign policies, a person must be totally open-minded to at least the possibility that the U.S. is the world’s most aggressive, war-mongering nation, so that when an international poll was taken of the publics in 65 nations in 2013 as to which country is “the greatest threat to peace in the world today”, the 67,806 respondents were correct to place the United States as being overwhelmingly in that position, “the greatest threat to peace in the world today” — far ahead of any other nation. 2 radically different interpretations of Saudi's 'great purge' and Lebanese PM Hariri's 'resignation'

Yesterday was among the most strange of days in recent Saudi history. It started with the shock resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister and Saudi citizen Saad Hariri shortly after he met with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and ended with the announcement that 11 princes, 4 serving ministers and around 30 ministers in total have been arrested on corruption charges, ostensibly as part of Muhammad Bin Salman’s (MBS) sweeping “reforms” to the Wahhabi Kingdom.

In between these events, Houthi rebels in Yemen fired a missile which nearly hit King Khalid International Airport in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, before being intercepted by a Saudi missile. Later, Saudi media stated that the Houthi rocket was an attempt on Hariri’s life, a claim which seems quite outlandish given the crude nature of Houthi weapons. Anatomy of a purge: MBS's actions, Saudi Arabia's crisis, and its coming collapse. Message from The Duran: If you like this article then please consider supporting our Crowdfunding campaign. We depend on your support to continue to provide you with articles like this one. The ongoing purge in Saudi Arabia, together with the kidnapping and extorted “resignation” whilst on a trip to Saudi Arabia of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, is posing a host of questions about the man at the centre of this drama: the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the country’s de factor ruler Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

Le camouflet infligé au président Macron en Arabie saoudite, par Thierry Meyssan. Après le Califat, le Rojava, par Thierry Meyssan. Cette carte a été publiée par Robin Wright neuf mois avant l’offensive de Daesh en Irak et en Syrie. Selon la chercheuse du Pentagone, elle rectifie celle publiée en 2005 par Ralf Peters pour le remodelage du Moyen-Orient élargi. Selon la Grande stratégie états-unienne, définie par l’amiral Cebrowski en 2001 et publicisée en 2004 par son adjoint Thomas Barnett, l’ensemble du Proche-Orient élargi doit être détruit à l’exception d’Israël, de la Jordanie et du Liban. Par conséquent, la victoire imminente contre Daesh ne changera pas les intentions du Pentagone. Le président Trump s’est opposé à la manipulation des jihadistes. Il a stoppé le soutien financier et militaire que son pays leur accordait.

Le Guide suprême de la Révolution a distribué en 2016 plus d'1 milliard de dollars dans le monde. Le Guide de la Révolution est une institution particulière à l’Iran. Inspiré du gouvernement des sages de la République de Platon, le Guide dispose à la fois d’un pouvoir de veto sur toute décision des dirigeants politiques de son pays et d’un pouvoir d’initiative à l’étranger. Son budget est composé des revenus extraordinaires du pétrole.

En l’occurrence, la fin de l’interdiction de commercialiser le pétrole iranien découlant de l’accord sur le nucléaire a soudain fait bénéficier le pays, et donc le Guide, de revenus exceptionnels —ce qui ne devrait plus se reproduire—. Some advice from Confucious - Deprogramming Tips and Techniques - Quora. "But the moment eloquence or the language of debate enters, true reasoning becomes impossible. For the purpose of the debater is not to find the truth but to win the argument, and to this end he will often stray as far as possible from the real issues" "Eloquence and debate are designed, not to decide issues, but to sway people, for this reason they lean heavily on appeals to emotion and prejudice, and make use of neat, clever, and sometimes humorous turns of phrase rather than profound analysis of ideas"

Israeli-Palestinian & Middle East Conflict – From Oil To Climate Genocide. Israel's Declining Sperm Quality Tied To Depleted Uranium Exposure By Tim King. Russia and Islam, connecting the dots and discerning the future. Eurasianism: How A Better Middle East Would Look. The US-Saudi Plan To Prompt An Iranian Pullback From Syria. What Russia said to Israel after the Palmyra raid. Israel and Russia are NOT on the verge of war. They are allies!

Russia’s Mideast Energy Diplomacy: Boom or Bust? Growing Risk of International Confrontation in the Syrian Desert. The Revolutionary Distemper in Syria That Wasn’t. War Profiteer Story. Histoire des services secrets israéliens en Algérie.