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Earth’s Frequency

Cymatics! Song of Earth - NASA Voyager Recordings - Audio Visualization by Jess-E. 13 paisagens maravilhosas da Terra vista do espaço – CicloVivo. Perda do gelo polar está modificando a rotação da Terra, diz NASA – CicloVivo. Study: Earth has its own 'Star Trek'-style force field. The University of Colorado Boulder has announced a discovery 7,200 miles above Earth of a protective shield similar to the force fields you might see in "Star Trek.

Study: Earth has its own 'Star Trek'-style force field

" The discovery of this barrier in the Van Allen radiation belts suggests a new explanation for how "killer electrons" are held at bay. This invisible shield, which was found at the inner edge of the outer Van Allen belt, protects against high-energy electrons, which have the potential to fry satellites, threaten astronauts and degrade space systems during intense solar storms. MIT scientists: There is an invisible force field protecting Earth. Ivan Ivan has been part of the team at Universe Explorers since February 2015.He is a freelance writer, editor-in-chief of He also writes for Svemir Online and Ancient Origins.History, Archaeology, Space and world’s mysteries are some of the topics he writes about.You can follow Ivan on Facebook" Latest posts by Ivan (see all) MIT scientists discovered an invisible force field protecting Earth.

MIT scientists: There is an invisible force field protecting Earth

Scientists believe that the enigmatic force field operates on low-frequency electromagnetism, but its source is still a mystery. EWAO The Earth Grid. Our Planet is unique, (so far) Earth is the only planet capable of sustaining life in our Solar System and so far in the universe, but what makes it more unique is the megalithic monuments that are scattered across the globe.

EWAO The Earth Grid

Places connected with straight lines, where advanced forms of geometry are found, mathematical equations carved into stone in several sites around the Planet, these are just some of the phenomena that are being discovered even today. Why were the Pyramids of Egypt built? How did the Ancient Egyptians manage to place the Great Pyramid of Giza at the exact center of all land mass on Earth? The east/west parallel that crosses the most land and the north/south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the earth, one in the ocean and the other at the Great Pyramid. How was this possible without the ability to fly? Scientists to drill into asteroid impact that wiped out dinosaurs.


Incredibly Detailed, Billion-Year-Old Ancient Maps Of Earth Produced By Researchers. Our planet has changed rapidly and violently through geological time, its continents and oceans fracturing and forming in incredible cycles.

Incredibly Detailed, Billion-Year-Old Ancient Maps Of Earth Produced By Researchers

Maps of the ancient Earth have been made many times before, but a team of researchers at the University of Sydney has produced one of the most detailed, open-source digital reconstructions of our home world. GPlates version 2.0, due for release this month, will no doubt be humanity’s most striking record of our planet’s history to date. Rocks produced by the cooling and solidifying of magma are known as igneous rocks; if iron-rich igneous rocks cool below a certain temperature known as the Curie point, they record the position of the Earth’s magnetic poles at the time.

As the magnetic poles wander over time, these igneous rocks act as location markers, and it is possible to use these to trace how rocks, and therefore entire continents, moved over time. Mueller and his EarthByte team wanted to drastically improve the accuracy of these models. Scientists have used groundbreaking technology to figure out how the Earth looked a billion years ago. By the time Dietmar Mueller arrived at the University of Texas as a graduate student in the mid-1980s, scientists had already long embraced a once-astonishing idea: that the continents on which all human history has unfolded, rather than fixtures of constancy, were orphans of a former grand supercontinent called Pangaea.

Scientists have used groundbreaking technology to figure out how the Earth looked a billion years ago

Showered with awards, the pioneers of this theory—plate tectonics—had by and large dispersed in search of the next big challenge. But Mueller and his classmates sensed far more ground to cover. A Giant Underground "Ocean" Has Been Discovered Beneath The Earth's Surface. A new study by American researchers concluded that in the mantle layer that lies between the crust and the core, there are vast reserves of water, probably three times the total volume of water of all oceans on the surface of our planet.

A Giant Underground "Ocean" Has Been Discovered Beneath The Earth's Surface

This “reservoir” of water, which seems to be stable over time, lies at a depth of up to 700 kilometers beneath the planet’s surface, in the intermediate zone between the upper and the lower mantle. The researchers, led by geophysicist Steven Jacobsen of the Northwestern University and seismologist Brandon Schmandt of the University of New Mexico, estimate that water is “locked” (molecularly trapped) in a mineral called ringwoodite.

This is a relatively rare crystalline structure with a rock formed from olivine under very high pressures and temperatures. The U.S. researchers used more than 2,000 seismographs to study seismic waves that provoked over 500 earthquakes in the USA.