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CrowdTangle : détectez les contenus tendances sur Facebook et Instagram - BDM/tools. Découvrir CrowdTangle CrowdTangle est un outil pour effectuer une veille sur les contenus des médias sociaux, surveiller son e-reputation et détecter facilement les sujets tendances qui peuvent être pertinents pour sa marque.

CrowdTangle : détectez les contenus tendances sur Facebook et Instagram - BDM/tools

Cette plateforme de social listening est gérée par Facebook. Un jour sans fin. Être un militant implique de répéter souvent la même chose à des gens différents (ce blog en est la preuve hélas), c'est très normal et très compréhensible.

Un jour sans fin

Je risque donc de me répéter un peu, dans ce qui suit. Pardon. Dans le film "Un jour sans fin", Phil Connors revit encore et encore la même journée. Profession « nettoyeur du net » 1La production participative en ligne dans toute sa diversité fait partie intégrante de l’offre d’information d’actualité.

Profession « nettoyeur du net »

Les commentaires, opinions, critiques et interpellations produits par des amateurs sont désormais des formes d’expression intégrées dans les procès de production des médias professionnels autant que des sources alternatives et citoyennes. De ce fait la forme et la portée du contenu généré par les internautes influent sur le pluralisme de l’information et des opinions mises à disposition du grand public. Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions. KeithKeith Utley loved to help.

Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions

First, he served in the Coast Guard, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant commander. He married, had a family, and devoted himself utterly to his two little girls. After he got out of the military, he worked as a moderator for Facebook, where he purged the social network of the worst stuff that its users post on a daily basis: the hate speech, the murders, the child pornography. Utley worked the overnight shift at a Facebook content moderation site in Tampa, FL, operated by a professional services vendor named Cognizant. The 800 or so workers there face relentless pressure from their bosses to better enforce the social network’s community standards, which receive near-daily updates that leave its contractor workforce in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

The stress of the job weighed on Utley, according to his former co-workers, who, like all Facebook contractors at the Tampa site, must sign a 14-page nondisclosure agreement. The startup was Facebook. The Underworld of Online Content Moderation. More than a hundred thousand people work as online content moderators, viewing and evaluating the most violent, disturbing, and exploitative content on social media. In a new book, “Behind the Screen,” Sarah T. Roberts, a professor of information studies at U.C.L.A., describes how this work shapes their professional and personal lives.

The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News. Open-plan offices offer few pleasures; one of them is snooping on other people’s browsing habits.

The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News

The Shadow Workforce of Facebook’s Content Moderation. Content moderators working for Task Us, an American outsourcing tech company, in Manila, Philippines.

The Shadow Workforce of Facebook’s Content Moderation

Photo: Moises Saman/Magnum Photos There’s a famous Ursula K. Le Guin short story called “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas,” about a fantasy city called Omelas, a joyous metropolis without guilt or violence, populated by “mature, intelligent, passionate” people who celebrate beautiful festivals and shop at (duh) a “magnificent Farmer’s Market.” Le Guin is short on political or organizational specifics; Omelas is whatever utopia you can conjure up for yourself, with one extra feature: Somewhere in the city, in a grimy basement underneath a handsome building, a 10-year-old child, “feeble-minded,” terrified, and starved, has been imprisoned, begging desperately to be set free.

The people of Omelas are aware of the prisoner. Your Speech, Their Rules: Meet the People Who Guard the Internet. Alex Feerst: Tell me about your day-to-day.

Your Speech, Their Rules: Meet the People Who Guard the Internet

What are some hard calls you’ve made? Olivia: I remember deciding what to do about the Google video of Saddam Hussein’s hanging that wound up on the front page of the New York Times the day after it happened. I was like, “What the hell? I’m totally ill-equipped for this.” It was humbling. Lettre ouverte collective sur la PPL Cyberhaine. Behind the Screen. De la modération : enjeux, limites, remèdes. The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America. Content warning: This story contains discussion of serious mental health issues and racism.

TheThe panic attacks started after Chloe watched a man die. She spent the past three and a half weeks in training, trying to harden herself against the daily onslaught of disturbing posts: the hate speech, the violent attacks, the graphic pornography. Facebook va collaborer avec la justice française pour lutter contre les contenus haineux. Pour la première fois au monde, le réseau social américain s’est engagé à fournir à la justice française des données permettant d’identifier les utilisateurs qui tiennent et partagent des propos haineux sur sa plateforme.

Facebook va collaborer avec la justice française pour lutter contre les contenus haineux

Facebook va collaborer avec la justice française. Une collaboration qui reste une « exception française » C’est la première fois que le géant de la Silicon Valley accepte de collaborer avec la justice d’un pays en matière de discours haineux en ligne. Custodians of the Internet. Behind the Screen: The People and Politics of Commercial Content Moderation - Sarah T Roberts. When I began this research in 2010, the way I start­ed out with it was by read­ing over cof­fee one day a real­ly small arti­cle in The New York Times that was actu­al­ly more of an after­thought piece in the tech­nol­o­gy sec­tion.

Behind the Screen: The People and Politics of Commercial Content Moderation - Sarah T Roberts

And it talked about a group of work­ers in rur­al Iowa in the United States, in the Midwest, in an area that had been tra­di­tion­al­ly a fam­i­ly farm area. And these work­ers were tran­si­tion­ing from fam­i­ly farms which were no longer eco­nom­i­cal­ly viable in that part of the coun­try and mov­ing into work­ing into call center‐like envi­ron­ments for a firm called Caleris. And you can see their web­site here. This is a screen­shot from it from a few years ago. The work­ers were per­form­ing a num­ber of call center‐like tasks. So, I was intrigued by the sto­ry.