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SideBars FAQ. AllVideos (plugin) Scroll Back To Top - Joomla Plugin. Advanced Module Manager - Modules the right way. Choosing the right tools to help you better manage your Joomla site is crucial to the professional website manager/developer.

Advanced Module Manager - Modules the right way

I've been using the Advanced Module Manager from NoNumber.nl for sometime and it just continues to get better with every new release. This is the way Modules should be. Watch, learn and enjoy. Return to Top for Content Items. Sh404SEF Downloads. Reumer Tech. Power Zoomer - five level image zoomer module for Joomla. Compatible with iphone and ipads The Power Zoomer plugin is a gorgeous, super awesome, beautiful yet free image gallery module for Joomla with the best part being the Power zoomer option as the name hints- this free Joomla module is loaded with a series of amazing buttons 1 2 3 4 5 6 to zoom in/zoom out of the product image for a more clear cut picture.

Power Zoomer - five level image zoomer module for Joomla

This free Joomla image gallery is one of the top best unique joomla image gallery module that that makes implementing and customizing much easier with feasible resources and flexible customizable options to get a striking free image Joomla gallery launched on to your Joomla powered website. Googlemaps Plugin. I have used this plug-in on many sites over the last few years and it has continued to improve vastly over that time.

Googlemaps Plugin

It's very easy to install, configure & use (assuming that you have a basic understanding of Google Maps and the API). Documentation is very good and when I had a problem a couple of days ago, I emailed my support question and had a new version that fixed the issues within a couple of days. Truly great support. The only maps plug-in I will use. Buy Presentation Slider Pro. "Presentation Slider Pro" will Display Articles from a chosen Category inside a Horizontal Accordion with Handle images containing vertical Text.

Buy Presentation Slider Pro

You can use "Presentation Slider Pro" as: an Article Tease. a Deck of Slides to present your Products / Services etc... a stylish menu and many other things... "Presentation Slider Pro" is designed to work out of the Box so it will be easy to install an use. Although it is designed to be as customizable as possible so it can be easily modified to fit nearly every possible Webdesign. Horizon Slim" Demo - Gallery Slideshow. Modalizer - make modal popups in Joomla! Modalizer has been discontinued.It has been replaced by a brand new extension: Modals Description Modalizer will help you create modal popup window links.

Modalizer - make modal popups in Joomla!

Suchmaschinen-Optimierung-SEO - SEO-Generator. This native Joomla 1.5 - 3.x plugin automatically generates keywords and description for each article by pulling text from the title and/or the content to help with SEO.

Suchmaschinen-Optimierung-SEO - SEO-Generator

It also gives you the ability to set different title configurations, robots meta tags and google webmaster verification keys. Joomla provides a great system for including metadata keywords and description on articles. Simple RSS Feed Reader. My hopes were very high based on positive feedback given here.

Simple RSS Feed Reader

Yes, extension was easy to install, and easy to set up. Still, the extension did not do what it was supposed to - I was looking for a RSS feed reader which could retrieve set number of items for all specified feeds. This only shows feeds from last added feed. Document Details. Trafalgar Design. + Addition ^ Change # Bugfix - Removed v 0.9RC4 # Fix for "all closed" on initial display with native sliders.

Trafalgar Design

ByeByeGenerator. Simple and easy solution for the generator tag.


No brainer install. And it does exactly what it says it does. I had been looking for all the core files I would need to change and dreading every minute of it knowing I'll be updating some day and either have good notes or good memory. BYE BYE eliminated it all for me. SEOSimple. Just installed it, and think it's great.


Had to do some digging to know to view 'page source' to actually see the results. I was looking in the meta data fields at the article level. Not sure if I missed something in the documentation, but if it's not there, would be good to add it (might be good to add this note to the description text at the plugin module). Thanks for making this plugin freely available!

Set Generator tag. Negetics "Presentation Slider Slim. Tabber - make content tabs in Joomla! Modalizer - make modal popups in Joomla! Modalizer has been discontinued.It has been replaced by a brand new extension: Modals Description Modalizer will help you create modal popup window links. Slider - make content slides in Joomla! Sidebars - iJoomla SideBars/Features. Social Widgets for Joomla – Official documentation. In August 24, the first Russian Meet Magento event took place in Moscow. It was really international conference, such persons as Thomas Fleck (Germany, NetReseach), and Donald A. Wisniewsky (USA, CyberHull) where among speakers. Also there where many attendees and speakers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. Besides Magento developers, there were also many business owners and ecommerce stores owners. See more. Art Total Menu Light - Free Hierarchical Menu For Joomla!

K2. The powerful awarded content extension for Joomla! With more than 1.2 million downloads so far (and counting!) ✔ WHAT IS K2? ======================== K2 provides an out-of-the box integrated solution featuring rich content forms for items (think of Joomla! Xpert Scroller. XpertScroller is our next generation extensions based on the GNU General Public License V2.

Based on the experiences we have gathered and through hard practice, we created probably the best tool to present articles for Joomla! Numerous options and possibilities of formatting styles enables XpertScroller to be an complex awesome tool for making webpage contents more attractive. As it supports K2 component, XpertScroller allows the user to choose between using a standard Joomla! Article manager and K2 component which offers more appealing possibilities. Xpert Scroller. Modules Anywhere - place modules anywhere in Joomla! Description With Modules Anywhere you can include a single module or complete module positions anywhere in your site, including within 3rd party components and even within other modules. Why use Modules Anywhere, and not the {loadposition} plugin? Developers of popular Joomla! extensions like K2, AllVideos, Simple Image Gallery, Frontpage Slideshow and many more.

Google AJAX RSS. Tabs & Slides (in content items) Extension Demos (for Joomla!) Estensions Root. Joomla enbed PDF Plugin. SEO-Generator. Joomulus-Joomla Bear. Joomla SEO - Joomla Tutorials, SEO tools for Joomla - Joomla Meta tag Generator Component. CU3ER Flash Gallery – New Joomla Template Coming Soon. Pricing & Sign-up - CU3ER. GCalendar.