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Sustainable Materials

Appropriate Technnology. Biomimicry. Open Culture. Online Freedom. Amazing TED talks. The Buckminster Fuller Institute. Look Up. Human-Centered Design Toolkit. For years, businesses have used human-centered design to develop innovative solutions.

Human-Centered Design Toolkit

Why not apply the same approach to overcome challenges in the nonprofit world? This project, funded by International Development Enterprise (IDE) as part of a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sought to provide NGOs and social enterprises with the tools to do just that. IDEO, in collaboration with nonprofit groups ICRW and Heifer International, developed the HCD Toolkit to help international staff and volunteers understand a community’s needs in new ways, find innovative solutions to meet those needs, and deliver solutions with financial sustainability in mind. How to Turn a Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope Using Inexpensive Materials. Let others contribute to your Twitter account. Collaborative tool. ChickTech. Home // PlasMachine. Environmental Research : Valarm. Valarm mobile sensor data acquisition for analysis with Esri ArcScene and CityEngine.

Environmental Research : Valarm

Valarm is an Android app that interfaces with Yoctopuce USB sensors and modules to monitor: Valarm is an Android app and integrated web tools suite that gathers real time environmental data using external sensors. For example, a farmer can place a Valarm-based sensor web on their farm and compare plant health with micro-environmental phenomena related to the topography of the landscape. Similarly, a Valarm sensor web can be configured to study preferable locations for solar power generation sites or to monitor air quality (CO2 and VOCs) anywhere in the world or perform other land use land cover (LULC) analysis and mobile data acquisition. Furthermore, a Valarm device can be used without a network connection as a spatio-temporal data logger. Earth 2 Hub

Technology challenging poverty. Clean Tech News & Views: Solar Energy News. Wind Energy News. EV News. & More. TED: Ideas worth spreading.