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Geo 3

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BIG HOLES. Although many mines feature a complex of tunnels, some of them thousands of feet deep, shallower mineral deposits enable mine operators to excavate large holes to reach ore veins.


Surface mining is considered safer and more cost-effective. Gigantic equipment, including shovels, excavators, and dump trucks, remove overburden and transport ore and minerals for processing. Open pit mines, often dug for copper or iron ore, are typically circular; miners dig giant holes that deepen and widen as ore is extracted. Coal deposits are frequently layered and cover wide areas. CAP ODYSSEY. Les voyageurs. Histoire Géographie 3e - Spécimen numérique.


Tourisme. Urbanisation. Etats Unis. A01_cai008.swf (Objet application/x-shockwave-flash) Mondialisation. Japon3ème.