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25 Best Libraries in the World - Penguin Random House Writers' Academy. Spectacular German libraries. If the spectacular new libraries erected to house millions of books in Germany and around the world are any indicator, libraries today continue to attract a great many readers young and old, despite the prevalence of digital offerings.

Spectacular German libraries

German physicist Albert Einstein once famously said that the only thing you "absolutely have to know" is the location of the library - and view that has been shared by countless scientists, writers, politicians and statesmen. 'Everything you need' Woman's inspiration library completed by Masayoshi Nakanishi in Japan. Architect Masayoshi Nakanishi has created a library with curving seating areas, which is aimed exclusively at women in Japan.

Woman's inspiration library completed by Masayoshi Nakanishi in Japan

The MASA Architects founder was tasked with creating a space that would inspire local women in Fukui – a city where, more so than anywhere else in Japan, most married women have full-time jobs. The client, Fukui Bank, wanted to do something to support these women in their efforts to juggle employment, married life and raising a family. Nakanishi's response was to design a space that centres around a big, unusually shaped table that incorporates a variety of seating areas. Around this, three walls of bookshelves contain literature on subjects including food, health and beauty – categorised by the life stages they are best suited for.

"This space enables them to solve many different problems about life, as well as about money. " The large table is divided up into five different sections. Nakanishi founded his studio in 2015. Eight of the world's most unusual libraries — Quartz. For dedicated readers, all a library needs to be exciting are some well-stocked shelves of books.

Eight of the world's most unusual libraries — Quartz

But as Denmark’s award-winning new “citizen space” shows, libraries can come in all kinds of creative and unusual forms. Here are eight libraries from around the world sure to intrigue bookworms. The graveyard library The Jewish cemetery in the Austrian town of Krems an der Donau was desecrated by Nazis, with all written records and some burial stones lost. 10 Unusual Libraries Around the World. Beautiful libraries in all 50 states.

The Book Stop library can pop up anywhere. Luminous ‘Micro-Library’ Was Built Out of Used Ice Cream Containers - Curbed. Which cruise ship library is right for you? A few decades ago, a nicely appointed library was one of a cruise ship’s star attractions.

Which cruise ship library is right for you?

But then came climbing walls, ice-skating rinks, hand-carved carousels, 4-D theaters, zip lines and surfing simulators. Plus e-readers, tablets and smartphones. That spacious mahogany library stuffed with thousands of volumes suddenly had lots of competition. The four spaces of the public library « IFLA Public Libraries Section Blog. Recently, my staff and I embarked on a journey with the goal to redesign our library space to meet future needs.

The four spaces of the public library « IFLA Public Libraries Section Blog

In this process, we made extensive use of the so-called four space model, which offers a framework for discussions of new values of the public library and as a tool for designing, developing, and redesigning the library. Danish LIS-scientists Dorte Skot-Hansen, Henrik Jochumsen and Casper Hvenegaard Hansen introduced the model to describe the transformation of the public library from a passive collection based space to a more active space for experience and inspiration and a local meeting point. The four space-model plays a significant role in ‘The Model Programme for Public Libraries’ that I described in my last blogpost. The model consists of four different overlapping ‘spaces’: the inspiration space, the learning space, the meeting space and the performative space. ExperienceInvolvementEmpowermentInnovation. Inside the most incredible libraries in Britain.

Nearly 350 libraries in Britain have shut their doors over the past six years, with many more facing the threat of closure.

Inside the most incredible libraries in Britain

These spectacular images underline their worth, with many breathtaking book collections located in stunning rooms, both new and old. From university rooms in Oxford that have housed literary works for centuries, to vast modern buildings costing £55million featuring criss-cross Hogwarts-style staircases, MailOnline Travel presents the libraries worth writing home about. Scroll down for video The Codrington Library was completed in 1851 and features white marble statues that contrast with rows of dark bookcases. It contains 185,000 items, a third of which were created prior to 1800 Located in Manchester, John Rylands Library is a striking gothic library that opened on 1 January 1900.

Six Of The World's Coolest Modern Libraries - Take a peek at the world's most exquisite libraries - 24 libraries of the world so magnificent they’ll take your breath away. Libraries have long stood as the greatest symbol of our intellectual development.

24 libraries of the world so magnificent they’ll take your breath away

Many have been built on a grand scale, their creators sparing no expense. Despite the passage of time, some of these great public buildings still have the power to astound. In fact, there are very few modern libraries which have the ability to match these older ’temples of knowledge’. Here are 25 of the most surprising, astounding, incredible and beautiful libraries around the world. The National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic 500px. Books and Boats: Now There’s a Floating Library in Los Angeles. Lung-choking smog, Kardashians, a huge homeless population, bad traffic, and a methane-spewing natural-gas leak.

Books and Boats: Now There’s a Floating Library in Los Angeles

There are plenty of things Los Angeles is known for, but being a hotbed of literacy isn’t usually one of them. However, a pop-up art-book installation floating just northwest of Downtown L.A. in the city’s Echo Park Lake is proving that when it comes to libraries, if you build it, people will come. These Stunning Home Libraries Will Give You Shelf Envy. February is Library Lovers’ Month, and to kick off the celebrations, we’re looking at 20 stunning home libraries from around the world.

These Stunning Home Libraries Will Give You Shelf Envy

Packed with comfy chairs, cozy blankets, and shelves as tall as the eye can see, we’d be lucky to have one of these gorgeous libraries in our homes. Sleep tight knowing that you’re surrounded by all your favorite books! Every library needs a great rug and a comfy chair (or two). Located in a refurbished French estate, this library will make you feel like royalty. Designing Libraries - Designing Libraries. 2015 Library Design Showcase. Welcome to the 2015 Library Design Showcase, American Libraries’ annual celebration of new and renovated libraries.

2015 Library Design Showcase

These are shining examples of innovative architecture that address user needs in unique, interesting, and effective ways. New construction dominated this year’s submissions, but renovated and repurposed spaces were a close second, showing how today’s libraries are both conserving existing resources and adapting to economic realities. Renovating History. 9 Incredible Sci-Fi Inspired Little Free Libraries. Think Little Free Libraries are just plain boxes filled with books? Think again. These otherworldly “branches” push the realm of Little Free Libraries to the outer limits.

This Doctor Who-inspired Little Free Library is an almost-life-size model of the famous TARDIS time machine and spacecraft. The 25 Best University Libraries in the World. Granted, libraries are often quite boring to look at. Thankfully, though, along the ages some universities thought they would make a bold statement and build fascinating libraries instead. Some of them have magnificent, historic interiors, whilst others are brand new and modern.

We promise they’re all amazing! 23 Adorable Tiny Libraries Around the World. 10 most extraordinary mobile libraries. From donkey-drawn trolleys to huge ships, you’ll see here outstanding vehicles that are designed to carry the most important cargo in the world – wisdom. For over a century mobile libraries have been an important tool to spread the knowledge, library services, and meet the growing need for books among citizens. A first bookmobile in the world was horse-drawn and operated in 1857 in Cumbria county in North West England. It was aimed to increase the lending of its books to enthusiastic local patrons. Since that time the beautiful pictures of libraries on wheels populated our minds and memories. We associate them with passionate librarians, who, in many cases, came as a rescue to people who were eager to learn more and get smarter.

Wait, don’t get too nostalgic. The vehicles listed in this article are not always bookmobiles in the strict sense. Envisioning a Colorado Haven for Readers, Nestled Amid Mountains of Books. SOUTH PARK, Colo. — The project is striking in its ambition: a sprawling research institution situated on a ranch at 10,000 feet above sea level, outfitted with 32,000 volumes, many of them about the Rocky Mountain region, plus artists’ studios, dormitories and a dining hall — a place for academics, birders, hikers and others to study and savor the West. It is the sort of endeavor undertaken by a deep-pocketed politician or chief executive, perhaps a Bloomberg or a Buffett.

But the project, called the Rocky Mountain Land Library, has instead two booksellers as its founders. For more than 20 years, Jeff Lee, 60, and Ann Martin, 53, have worked at a Denver bookshop, the Tattered Cover, squirreling away their paychecks in the pursuit of a single dream: a rural, live-in library where visitors will be able to connect with two increasingly endangered elements — the printed word and untamed nature. “It’s everything, really,” Ms.

Ms. “We’re just anxious for it to happen,” Mr. St. For Mr. The most beautiful new library buildings in America. The library is not dead. That sentiment is very clear when you look at these spectacular new designs for centres of learning and continuing education, all of which were built around North America in the last year. The Bay Area Plans a Free Library Built out of Books. The literary temple offers free books and an experience akin to being stuffed inside a giant hardback. Some say physical books are dead. Others say heck no, and not only want to read them but build an inhabitable library with them, too. Oxford's New Bodleian Library has had a radical modernist makeover - News - Books. The 50 Most Amazing College Libraries - College Rank. Are you looking for a fantastic library to study in? Books on the house as libraries move into pubs and cafes. “People can get a book from the shelf and sit down and chill out,” says Stuart Miller, pointing to a grand Chesterfield armchair he installed in the corner of the George and Dragon pub when he became landlord in July.

10 beautiful Australian libraries – in pictures. Beautiful Libraries: The Top 10 Hotel Libraries in the World  Whether you're traveling on business or avoiding rain-filled cloud, sometimes you're stuck indoors while on vacation with little to do; but the best hotels have features that are ideal for those not-so-great sightseeing days. An indoor spa, welcoming bar, and game room are a few of our preferred indoor spaces, but our favorite may be a cozy library -- especially once the cold weather hits (and it has). Bookshelves lined with classic authors and city history books, burning fireplaces, and plush seating make a snug, snuggle-ready setting for reading. We've seen many hotels that offer a small shelf of loaner books, but these 10 hotels went above and beyond in creating a literary oasis for their guests. 4 Ways Academic Libraries Are Adapting For The Future. For academic institutions seeking to thrive amidst the constantly shifting world of higher education, libraries have become the heart of the spirit of collaboration and innovation—going beyond being places to merely access knowledge to become hubs to truly explore and create.

The institutions at the frontlines of this change are thinking beyond the days of the library as a collections repository to something much more powerful. The 2014 Library Design Showcase. The most spectacular libraries in the world. 10 beautiful Australian libraries – in pictures. A lake-based library of artist-made printed matter. 62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries. For the last couple years, Jill Harness has been rounding up the world's most beautiful libraries by continent. Here they are all in one place, in no particular order. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, with two story dark wooden arches, this is also the largest library in all of Ireland. It serves as the country’s copyright library, where a copy of all new books and periodicals must be sent when they apply for copyright protection.

10 Very Unusual Libraries. Beach Library. German Libraries: A Portrait - Library Types - Goethe-Institut  Update: Learned architecture: Australia’s best new libraries for 2014. Most Beautiful Libraries in the World. Stairs spiral around interior of Adept's Dalarna Media Library. Library and Learning Centre University of Economics Vienna / Zaha Hadid Architects. Best of #libraries. Bespoke libraries, joining book love with interior design. The 16 Coolest College Libraries In The Country. Slide Show: American Public Libraries Great and Small : The New Yorker - Waterfox. Charter school students create their vision for modern library - Waterfox. 10 Futuristic Libraries - - Waterfox. TOP 10 libraries of 2013 - Waterfox. Public Library and Reading Park / Martín Lejarraga. A Mountain Range Of Shelves Turns This Kids' Library Into A Playground. Abandoned Walmart in Texas becomes largest library in the U.S. Hotels Add Libraries as Amenity to Keep Guests Inside.

Walker digital. Book Forest: Berlin Turns Fallen Tree Trunks Into a Free Book Exchange! The 10 Weirdest And Most Wonderful Libraries In The World. 49 Breathtaking Libraries From All Over The World. "Reading Nest" Cleveland Public Library. 10 Literary Restaurants for Hungry Book Nerds Around the World. 20 mesmerising modern libraries from around the world. 10 Treehouse, Dollhouse, and other Truly Unique Libraries – Part I. The Library Test Kitchen at Harvard University - Books. Gender balancing the books. Freestanding "street library" Library Lounge – B2 Boutique Hotel Zürich. The 20 Most Beautiful Libraries on Film and TV. 20 Amazing Outdoor Libraries and Bookstores From All Over the World. The Most Playful Libraries in the World. Dig This Trend: Home Libraries for Book Lovers. Spectacular Photos of Ideal, Imaginary Libraries Around the World. The Amin Library made out of shipping containers opens its doors in Indonesia.

Four Amazing Mini Libraries That Will Inspire You to Read. 11 of the Most Beautiful Museum Libraries in the World. The Best Fictional Libraries in Pop Culture. Slideshow - America’s most beautiful college libraries. Hotels add libraries for gadget-laden guests. Top 10: Mind-Blowing Libraries. 7 of the coolest libraries in the world. Libraries and Their Landscapes. THE BOOK RIOT 50: #10 Libraries of the Rich and Famous. 15 super unique libraries around the world [PICs] There’s still demand for home libraries and bookcases. 10 Quirky Libraries – Part II. 10 Quirky Libraries – Part I. 8 Lovely Libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

Thick Creamy Discharge: Phone Box Library List. A Digitally Inspired Veil, Intended to Save Lives, Appears at N.Y.U. Library. Check out the world's most beautiful libraries. Mobile library brings the books, and librarians, outside. 37 Home Library Design Ideas With a Jay-Dropping Visual and Cultural Effect. 10 Wonderful Libraries Repurposed from Unused Structures. A Small Collection of Mini-Libraries. A reading space doesn't have to be huge to be grand. From over the top to under the stairs, these libraries will inspire your literary side. The 25 Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World. Wonderful Hotel Libraries. Long Overdue - Illinois State Magazine. The Once and Future Library. The 35 Most Amazing Libraries In The World. 20 Beautiful Private and Personal Libraries. Top 10s.