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Libraries, Technology and People by Michael Stephens. Librarian Problems. New Librarians Symposium (or NLS6) I recently attended the New Librarians Symposium, thanks to my workplace who funded the whole trip.

New Librarians Symposium (or NLS6)

Here is the blog post I had to write about my experience for my workplace blog: Bethan's information professional blog. Library blogs. Resources for students within the School of Information Studies. Best iPad Apps for Blogging. 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers. Blogging can be quite a process.

20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

First you may have to do some research, then put your thoughts together, and of course add any necessary screenshots and images. Let’s not forget the optimization part (SEO, keywords, etc) and sharing your content on the Web so that others will read it and hopefully share it. With all of these steps involved, blogging can be quite time-consuming and many bloggers get burnt out rather quickly doing these things on a daily basis. Lucky for us, the process doesn’t have to be so difficult anymore. Thanks to the Web and technology, there are hundreds of tools out there to assist your blogging process and make it less of a headache. Save Ideas for Later Tools that let you save items for later use are great time savers because you can save Web pages, images and files as you’re reading or browsing. American Libraries Live. Phil Bradley's weblog. To the Chair of a professional library interest group,

Phil Bradley's weblog

Swiss Army Librarian. Imagination>knowledge — thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking (Goethe) REAL PUBLIC LIBRARIAN. Librarian in Black – Sarah Houghton. 025.431: The Dewey blog. LISZEN: Library Blog Search Engine « Library Zen. New Stephen's Lighthouse.

The T/L Journey. Public Library Services. Hashtags are used in social media to connect people in discussing the same topic, even if they don’t know each other.

Public Library Services

For example, during the current test cricket series, people have been commenting using the #ashes hashtag. The British Library uses hashtags for all their exhibitions. Their current exhibition Georgians revealed uses #BLGeorgians to connect promotion, and people talking about the exhibition. We would like to start connecting discussion and images of New South Wales Public Libraries through the use of the suggested hashtag #nswpubliclibraries.

The only recorded instance of its use to date is Instagram is a photograph sharing tool. If you or your library is on Instagram you can share photographs (eg events, collections, services and staff) using the hashtag #nswpubliclibraries. StevenBell.Info. Salem Press - Directory of Library Blog Award Winners. Librarians - Useful links for Librarians (showing 1-8 of 8) Nailing the Library Interview « Mr. Library Dude. Getting that librarian position can be a daunting process.

Nailing the Library Interview « Mr. Library Dude

First, you write your cover letter and resume. On Libraries, Rhetoric, Poetry, History, & Moral Philosophy. You know when someone at Scholarly Kitchen thinks your anti-open access rant is excessive you’ve crossed some sort of threshold.

On Libraries, Rhetoric, Poetry, History, & Moral Philosophy

You also know that when a biologist and a co-founder of the Public Library of Science bothers to give your article a thorough fisking, you have people’s attention. Even Roy Tennant seems a little riled, and he’s usually pretty calm. Jeffrey Beall has managed to publish an anti-open access article in an open access journal that’s so poorly argued that I wonder if he’ll later use the publication as an example of how bad OA publishing can be. The Beall Hoax. I was going to write a detailed response pointing out, among other things, that Beall makes a number of outrageous claims about OA advocates without referring to or citing any of them. Sense & Reference. Flutterings. It's all about the services. Metadata standards is a huge topic and evaluation a difficult task, one I’ve been involved in for quite a while.

It's all about the services

So I was pretty excited when I saw the link for “DRAFT Principles for Evaluating Metadata Standards”, but after reading it? Not so much. If we’re talking about “principles” in the sense of ‘stating-the-obvious-as-a-first-step’, well, okay—but I’m still not very excited. I do note that the earlier version link uses the title ‘draft checklist’, and I certainly think that’s a bit more real than ‘draft principles’ for this effort. But even taken as a draft, the text manages to use lots of terms without defining them—not a good thing in an environment where semantics is so important. First off, I have a problem with the preamble: “These principles are intended for use by libraries, archives and museum (LAM) communities for the development, maintenance, governance, selection, use and assessment of metadata standards. 1. 2.

Best Library Blogs - My delicious collection. Inquiring Librarian. Cool Quotes about Libraries, Books, and Knowledge, compiled from Ex Libris. All too often, especially in larger settings, bureaucracy creates tidy little job descriptions into which staff are jailed.

Cool Quotes about Libraries, Books, and Knowledge, compiled from Ex Libris

What this mathematically driven system does not take into account is that human beings are complex creatures with more than one ability. Information Activism and library stuff. The Apple Way for Libraries (a Manifesto?) The Apple Way for Libraries (a Manifesto?)

The Apple Way for Libraries (a Manifesto?)

I have really begun digging deep into the Apple model and philosophy. It is a very interesting and different approach to doing business and delivering content, information, and technology. I think there is a lot for libraries to learn from the Apple way, so I will proceed to write a ramble of various approaches that I feel libraries need to adopt. This is spurred on, in part, by the recent Penguin/Overdrive news. Integrated Products.