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Kottala Nagaraju - Seruds. Kottala Subbarayudu - Seruds. S. Kaveri - Seruds. D.Madhavi - Seruds. Madhavi parents were labourers.

D.Madhavi - Seruds

Morning to evening in the sun they should break stones. It was so difficult to work. But they get a meagre income and its not at all sufficient for the family needs. Slowly her mother health spoiled. With heart disease she died 5 years ago, then father addicted to alcohol. Impact Madhavi after her mother died she thought her father will look after her. G. Anitha - Seruds. Anitha parents were daily wage labourers.

G. Anitha - Seruds

Father addicted to bad habits and not giving any money for the sake of family. So Anitha mother is always suffrering money for livelihood. Instead of sharing the family burdons he become angry and began to quarrel always with Anitha mother. Often it is happening in the house . Anitha mother fed up with him and began to live separately. Impact Anitha is a little girl and can’t understand why both of the parents are quarrelling often. T. Lakshmi - Seruds. Challa Maneesha - Seruds. Chinna Maddaiah used to work in the mines as daily wage labour.

Challa Maneesha - Seruds

Some times he used to go with the heavy truckers to drive a vehicle to one state to another state. During that time he got affected HIV /AIDS. He passed away with this dreadful disease. Mother Madhu Shankari also got affected HIV from her husband. D. Sharath - Seruds. Sharath parents are living in a small village near Kurnool.

D. Sharath - Seruds

They have five girl children and they hardly get any work in the village. There are limited opportunities in the village, like, the mines work, which is available for the truckers and drivers. Most of the families migrated to other towns. His father works as daily wage labour in the mines. With disregard to a girl child and obsessive need for a male child, her mother gave birth to the 5 girls and even underwent 2 times abortion. R. Sterllina - Seruds. Chakali Naveen - Seruds. B. Bhuvaneshwari - Seruds. Due to the excessive drinking of cheap liquor, Bhuvaneswari’s father suffers from liver psoriasis.

B. Bhuvaneshwari - Seruds

Due to this disease, he has a constant stomach ache and is bedridden. N. Nagalakshmi - Seruds. Boya Ramudu - Seruds. Sunkalamma and Hanumanthu the parents of Ramudu who were agricultural labourers in a very small village called Lingamdinne in Kurnool district.

Boya Ramudu - Seruds

As the rainfall is so less often they did not get work and with children, they have to starve. His father Hanumanthu was addicted to alcohol. Because of his drinking habit he slowly he became ill and died. His mother Sunkulamma had the entire burden of the family on her shoulders and she began to work hard for the sake of the family. Sadly she alone cannot fulfil the needs of the family. T. Vaishnavi - Seruds. P. Somiya - Seruds. S. Rajeshwari - Seruds. Donate Medicine in India for Poor People at Old Age Homes. This blog is all about the donation of medicines required from people like you at our old age homes.

Donate Medicine in India for Poor People at Old Age Homes

People in their golden age are dependant on your charity. In our previous blog, we mentioned how people end up throwing their clothes that never reach the needy people. Well, the response for the article is great as we received a few phone calls from nearby asking to donate clothes, we found solace. Here’s Why You Shall Stop Throwing Your Old Clothes & Start Donating. In this blog: Let’s learn why one shall donate old clothes to poor people.

Here’s Why You Shall Stop Throwing Your Old Clothes & Start Donating

If you are someone who throws away your old clothes, here’s something you shall read. We all have our wardrobe filled with unnecessary clothes. Donate Raincoats To Poor Children. Today’s topic is why one shall donate raincoats to poor children.

Donate Raincoats To Poor Children

Yes, we are now beyond the food and shelter and we’ll surely make a solid point why this is the best charity during the rainy season. The dire necessity of umbrellas and raincoats are felt only when there’s constant showering of water from the sky. Also Read: SERUDS INDIA now have an official Wikipedia Page Well, it’s quite chilling for us because we probably have enough resources to protect ourselves but its equally spine-chilling for these little kids who cannot afford to have any proper coverage during the rainy season. In a few of our previous blogs, we mentioned the importance of Charity for education and the academic year has been started already. But little less that people know the underprivileged kids fall sick mostly during this time of the year. Blame the change of the climate or climatic change that we are observing every year, the kids fell sick because of a lack of proper raincoats or umbrellas.

What is meant by Corporate Social Responsibility. Let’s unveil what’s the meaning of CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility for any business?

What is meant by Corporate Social Responsibility

Its Benefits, and a quick guide for any company to begin charity work. Every corporate firm tends to make some of the other social activities. There are many companies in the world that does this. Is it Safe to Donate? How Milaap Earn? A quick review of Milaap Foundation, its crowdfunding policies and how safe it is to donate via Milaap. JK Rowling Charity Work- Billionaire Became Millionaire Due to Donations. JK Rowling Charity’s work is huge, literally huge. Social Work comes from the heart for some people and JK Rowling is one among very few philanthropists. She is well known for her work ‘Harry Potter’, She has been listed as one of the most influencer novelists with more than 500 million copies sold. Also Read: SERUDS now have an official Wikipedia Page Considering the massive popularity she has, the 53-year-old celebrity is no less than any major celebrity whose charity works tops the ranking always.

Let’s understand the charity work and social deeds by the legendary writer herself and her massive efforts to make society a better place to live. JK Rowling has donated close to 140 million $ for various causes so far. JK Rowling’s massive charity work includes one of her finest work, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them’. Donate Charity Gifts & Spread Happiness In Needy People.

In this blog: Let’s understand why is it important to donate charity gifts among the needy people and how the gifts donated to SERUDS are processed to the intended person. What’s the worlds biggest joy? The joy of spreading happiness. In our previous blog, we discussed the incidents that proved that humanity still exists. We took a step back in this blog to explain why is it important to donate charity gifts for the people who usually celebrate their special days only because of your little donation.

Ever wondered who’ll surprise the little angels on their birthday, who don’t have their parents? Spreading smiles is the noblest deed. Your little effort can make someone happy for a longer time. S. Gulnaz - Seruds. S. Jhansi - Seruds. K. Sai Keerthana - Seruds. P. Soumya - Seruds. P. Madhavi - Seruds. M. Sindhu - Seruds. N. Umadevi - Seruds. N. Swamydevi - Seruds. 5 Reasons Why Donation For Child Education Is Noblest Of All. In this blog: Let’s learn why donation for child education is much bigger and more impactful than our expectations.

Grab your seat belt as we provide rock-solid reasons to start donation for child education. But before which lets put up some facts about Seruds and its contribution to a child’s education in India. Seruds Contribution to Child Education: A total of 350 students has availed scholarships from Seruds NGO.Till today, more than 7800 poor kids have received education material as a donationEvery year, Seruds distribute sanitary napkins to teen girls who go to college and schoolsMore than 56 kids stay in Joy Home Orphanage by Seruds. Non Profit Tax Exemption Under 501(C)(3) in the USA By Making Charity. In this blog: Get complete information about non-profit tax exemptions under 501(C)(3) in the USA. Understand what donations and charities can help you avail of the tax deductions. Ever wondered what you can get by making charity in the USA? Well thanks to govt, one can now easily get the deductions under various tax exemptions.

Before we proceed to understand what all donations fall under the deductions category. Untitled. Make Charity via These Trusted Platforms. Social Work by India’s PM Revealed. Best NGOs in India- Genuine List of Top Charitable Org. Let’s take a transparent look at the list of best NGOs in India. A genuine non-tampered list to understand which Charitable foundation is actually topped the social work category. Reasons Why Charity Is Important For A Peaceful Life. In this blog: We’ll provide a few solid reasons why charity is important to lead a peaceful life.

Moreover, the mentioned points are a collection of the survey conducted among our donors. Charity Event Name Ideas - Brilliant Names for your Fundraising Event. In this blog: Find charity event name ideas that can make your fundraising event a super hit. The list of names is gathered across the internet only to filter the best. Do you have a charitable event to conduct? Well, you are in the right place to find the perfect name for your event. M. Anjanamma - Seruds. P. G. Sreevani - Seruds. Mahalakshmi M - Seruds. K. Mounika - Seruds. M. Vishalakshi - Seruds. N. Deva Kumari - Seruds. V. Kaveri - Seruds. Mother works as a daily wage agriculture labour in Cement Nagar, Nandyal Mandal, Kurnool District. Her father works as a lorry cleaner, truck driver, migrant labour. Whatever he earns he did not spend for the family, but he takes Alcohol with that money.

Whenever he did not get work he won’t get money to drink so he will demand his wife for money, but hardly he is providing normal food to the family. So she fails to give always angrily he used to beat her severely and began to sell whatever house hold things available in that vessels, clothes etc. Meanwhile, he habituated to bad habits and always drinks cheap liquor.

Impact As a 12 years old girl able to understand what was happening in the home, Father addicted to Alcohol, Mother is unable to get sufficient amount for the family needs due to ill-health constantly, but she is helpless condition but when her mother suggested joining in home, he agreed happily. M. Madhavi - Seruds. These People Are Richest By Heart - See Viral Pics Of Helping People. Some people are so rich by there heart despite being so financially broken that can teach the biggest lessons of humanity for everyone. There are many pics/videos that go viral on the internet when people praise them. People always look up for such impressive work by people, a few months ago a pic of policeman feeding old woman went viral, a few weeks ago Spiderman of Paris was ruling all over the internet. If you follow Pinterest, you might already see a clear selection of such pics in the topic.

Here we have some collection of pics and speculated theory about how generous one can be. Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations Can Be Done this Way, God will be even Happier. Everywhere Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations happens with utmost serenity and devotion we spent thousands of rupees in preparing big banners flexis. We spend lots of rupees making Ganesh Idol. We spend the limitless amount in the auction of Ganesh laddu. Disclaimer: We are not against any religion, caste, belief or any race. Award for Excellence in Social Service Goes to Seruds NGO - Seruds.

International Literacy Day 2018: Global Literacy Stats & How to Improve it. International Literacy Day 2018 has been observed on the 8th of September every year. Ever since we have been seeing various movements and struggles of people all over the globe… striving hard for education.Even in India, govt’s initiatives like ‘Right to Education’ have brought. Some relief to standards of Literate people because we all know that education can lead the world in a better direction. In this Blog: Let’s discuss the stats of literacy at a global level with reference to 2016 stats by Unicef. Some stats can bring you a joy of relief but some can leave you devastated. On occasion of International Literacy Day 2018, let’s take a look on Global Literacy Stats. Celebrities Who Made Biggest Donations to Kerala Relief Fund. Kerala Flood Victims Still Not in Relief, Need More Funds at Relief Camps. Charity Work by Sachin Tendulkar is Worth Reading. 8 Year Old Became 3 Year Old Sister’s Mother: Heart-breaking Story.

M. Kusuma - Seruds. Testimonials of NGO in India. M Revathi - Seruds. M. Greshwari - Seruds. Charity For Genuine Needy People at Old Age Homes in Andhra Pradesh. Lakshmi Devi K - Seruds.

K. Sukanya - Seruds. Sponsor Poor Elders with Monthly Grocery Donations for Charity. These People Are Richest By Heart - See Viral Pics Of Helping People. Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations Can Be Done this Way, God will be even Happier. Award for Excellence in Social Service Goes to Seruds NGO - Seruds.

International Literacy Day 2018: Global Literacy Stats & How to Improve it. Celebrities Who Made Biggest Donations to Kerala Relief Fund. Kerala Flood Victims Still Not in Relief, Need More Funds at Relief Camps. Charity Work by Sachin Tendulkar is Worth Reading. 8 Year Old Became 3 Year Old Sister’s Mother: Heart-breaking Story. K. Sreelakshmi - Seruds. K. Saralamma - Seruds. Donate to Save the Environment.

K. Neelaveni - Seruds. K. Jayasri - Seruds. Make Online NGO Donations for Charity Awareness Programs. G. Chitravarni - Seruds. G. Lakshmi - Seruds. Tremendous Charity Work by Angelina Jolie Made Her Real Star. World Population Day- Millions of Homeless Children but People prefers to have one. Heartwarming Quotes about Charity and Helping People. 10 Psychological Benefits of Helping People- Making Charity. Sanju: Charity Work by Sanjay Dutt in Real Life is Worth Inspiring. Importance Of Blood Donation And Its Benefits - Seruds. Worst Of Climate Changes are Felt By The Poor - World Environment Day. Cost of 1 Cigarette Can Buy Someone a Meal- World No Tobacco Day - Seruds. Let’s Ensure That No Child Goes to Bed Without Food- Donate Food for Children. How You Celebrated Mother’s Day? - Seruds. Believe us, Akon Lighting Africa is Helping 600 Million People. Pour Happiness into the Hearts of Needy with your Donations: World Laughter Day.

World Immunization Week: Donate for Children’s Health. “Don’t Sharp Pencil Much, We can’t Afford Another”: Donate Education Material - Seruds. Charity Work By Varun Dhawan is Bigger Than His Age: Seruds NGO India. He Left School So That His Brother Can Study in English Medium School: Donation For Education - Seruds. Here’s How Simple Act of Kindness Can Change Lives. Full Story Behind the Viral Pic of Cop Feeding Old Woman - Seruds. Check Your Tax Deductions Under Sec 80G Before Filing IT Returns.

Virat Kohli Is Very Sensitive Towards Society: Charity Work By Virat Kohli. Celebrate International Day of Happiness by Making Charity & Donations.