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Tremendous Charity Work by Angelina Jolie Made Her Real Star. A reel star can attract people with acting skills and make them watch a movie, but a real star attracts people with their kind heart and makes them follow.

Tremendous Charity Work by Angelina Jolie Made Her Real Star

In this blog: let’s discuss a famous Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie’s charity work. She has two faces like a coin. One face we all know very well as a leading Hollywood actress, filmmaker, and model. Most of us don’t know her second face. Angelina Jolie is also a well-rounded and extremely active philanthropist and humanitarian. World Population Day- Millions of Homeless Children but People prefers to have one.

World Population Day: Population can be controlled and even this world can be a better place.

World Population Day- Millions of Homeless Children but People prefers to have one

All we need is a reality check. Let’s discuss in this blog, the lives of homeless children and how we can tackle it. Life is full of a blame game. If we as a citizen have any problem, we can simply blame on the government. Heartwarming Quotes about Charity and Helping People. In this blog: We’ll share a few quotes about charity which is given by one of the greatest people, actors, philanthropists etc., These are the heartwarming sayings about helping others and becoming a better person.

Heartwarming Quotes about Charity and Helping People

These quotes are collected from various books and articles across internet. Quotes or sayings are the boldest words uttered by some random person, which remains in our brain and also motivate us. But a bigger name attached with these words increases its impact. 10 Psychological Benefits of Helping People- Making Charity. In this blog: We’ll discuss the Psychological Benefits of helping people and how making charity is actually good for our own self.

10 Psychological Benefits of Helping People- Making Charity

Also, let’s explore the activity of the brain and its impact whenever we help others. We always listen to this one phrase saying, ‘Help people, you’ll feel better’, but how exactly it makes an impact on our lives? To explore this, there has been a numerous activities and studies going on and the results are nothing less than astonishing. 1. As per Psychology Today, the people who give charity are more likely to have a positive life. Sanju: Charity Work by Sanjay Dutt in Real Life is Worth Inspiring. What’s new here: We’ll share the Charity Work done by Sanjay Dutt in his real life which is way too inspiring.

Sanju: Charity Work by Sanjay Dutt in Real Life is Worth Inspiring

When one of most awaited film, ‘Sanju’ is about to release, people are going gaga to know about real life of Sanjay Dutt. In a recent interview, Rajkumar Hirani, who is geared up with his next directorial film ‘Sanju’ has disclosed about Sanjay Dutt’s life incident. “When Former President of America, Barack Obama met Sanjay Dutt, he addressed him as ‘Munna Bhai’, There are many such real-life fascinating incidents of Sanjay Dutt’s life including his eye widening Social Work. Sanju is a regular volunteer and fundraiser for his best friend, Salman Khan’s Charitable Organisation, Being Human.In the year 1999, during the shoot of Vaastav, he bought food for many underprivileged people staying nearby.Sanjay Dutt has reportedly raised a huge amount for Kashmir Flood victims and people came to know about it when he was serving 3.5 years of his imprisonment.

Importance Of Blood Donation And Its Benefits - Seruds. “The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life.

Importance Of Blood Donation And Its Benefits - Seruds

One day that ‘someone’ may be a close relative, a friend, a loved one—or even you.” But Why do we Celebrate Blood Donor Day? Today, June 14th we are celebrating world blood donation day every year. This is one special day that we have to celebrate. This is the moment we have to memorize the great personality and Nobel Prize recipient Karl Landsteiner. Who need Blood Transfusion? Worst Of Climate Changes are Felt By The Poor - World Environment Day. Perhaps we all are exhausted by the dull talk of go clean and green, pollution-free statements on every world environment day.

Worst Of Climate Changes are Felt By The Poor - World Environment Day

But did you know that the intention of world environment day is not just about going green and pollution free? Yes, there’s a bigger scope for world environment day than these mere clean and green missions. Before anything lets all first know the significance of world environment day, let’s get the definition right. World Environment Day has been laid for raising awareness and taking action on issues like, Poverty and human rightsEcosystems and habitatsSustainable development and population growthPollution prevention and climate changeResource scarcity and sustainable consumption Its time again, the world environment day, but before making yourself a one-day environmental lover, perhaps you should look into the deeper problems of the climate.

Cost of 1 Cigarette Can Buy Someone a Meal- World No Tobacco Day - Seruds. Yes, you can provide one-time meal to the poor kids.

Cost of 1 Cigarette Can Buy Someone a Meal- World No Tobacco Day - Seruds

Quit the habit of smoking and turn it for a good cause. Consuming tobaccos is just used to be a passion, whereas in current scenario, gradually people got habituated with it. In this post, we explore about the fight against tobacco. And we ask whether the world is still follow or not in a significant progress in tobacco control. Most of the people got addicted with smoking and we all know is not just a habit it’s an expensive bad habit.

Let’s Ensure That No Child Goes to Bed Without Food- Donate Food for Children. In this blog: Let’s discuss the value of food and why it is important to donate food for children.

Let’s Ensure That No Child Goes to Bed Without Food- Donate Food for Children

Admit it, you’re blessed. If you are able to go through this article that means you have an Internet connection and probably all the basic necessities. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of the privilege we carry with the life. These days we are flooded with social media apps and all other things. We order food in a restaurant, we enjoy till we reach maximum satisfaction we leave the leftovers. What do we gain with all that nonsense?

Lives are becoming normalized on our screens but for some kids, lunch at school may be the last meal of the day. Related blog: Feed hungry people not the dustbins We value your donation. Let’s us try not wasting a single grain and try to donate as much as you can. Let’s Ensure That No Child Goes to Bed Without Food- Donate Food for Children. How You Celebrated Mother’s Day? - Seruds. With Mother’s Day just bygone, you may be feeling happy the way you expressed your love for your mother.

How You Celebrated Mother’s Day? - Seruds

Whilst, some of us clicked selfie and published on social media and some carry a perspective of ‘every day should be a mother’s day. Whilst some people celebrate, some regard it as one of the regular days. And that’s total human to have a contrast of opinions. Be it anything, Believe us, Akon Lighting Africa is Helping 600 Million People. In this Blog: Let’s discuss How Akon is working for the betterment of Africa with his organization, ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ “I wanna make up right now na na… I wanna make up right now na na… Wish we never broke up right now na na We need to link up right now na na…” When we hear about Akon, the famous POP singer, these 4 lines come in our head first. His songs are always in the playlist of music lovers. Pour Happiness into the Hearts of Needy with your Donations: World Laughter Day. First Sunday of May is observed as World Laughter Day (which is 6th this year).

World Laughter Day is created by Indian based Dr. Madan Kataria, who is also a founder of Laughter Club in India and also a guru of ‘Laughter Yoga’. He is known for his unique Yoga technique that includes ‘Laughing at it’. World Immunization Week: Donate for Children’s Health. World Immunization Week is observed in the last week of April. It is an awareness campaign at a global level.

Immunization is the medical process by which a person’s immune is resistant to the infectious disease, typically by the administration of a vaccine. It helps us from 25 diseases. As per WHO, World Immunization Week (campaign) protects approximately 2- 3 million deaths every year, which is remarkable but there are still 22 million infants who didn’t get even basic Vaccines in countries like India and Bangladesh. India being one of the most developing countries are still yet to grow. There are many kids that face lifelong problems and it is all because of lack of proper vaccination and immunization. Even though government’s lukewarm attempts has been meeting the need partially. Countries like Africa, Afghanistan is much ahead of India when it comes to standing for proper immunization of the people, specifically kids.

It requires more than just government to take charge of everything. “Don’t Sharp Pencil Much, We can’t Afford Another”: Donate Education Material - Seruds. “Education is the key to eradicate poverty” Which is indeed true. There has been substantial decrease of poverty over past few years in India, and there are claims that if little more improvement is made by literacy rate in India, poverty can be resolved.

But there are many rural and slum areas, where poverty is destroying education. Children from 5- 15 years of age who belong to school, are seen on roads playing and working as a child labour. Charity Work By Varun Dhawan is Bigger Than His Age: Seruds NGO India. In this Blog: We’ll discuss the charity work by Varun Dhawan which will eventually inspire you to make a donation The October movie star is raking high with appreciations for his performance. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest movie stars of coming generations and heartthrob of millions. But most of us don’t know about the massive charity work by Varun Dhawan. Varun Dhawan was actively seen attending several charity events notedly, one conducted by Sujana Foundation where the actor was seen to offer trophies and also he spent a lot of quality time with those children.

He is very fond of children and as per India times, he is always ready to visit NGOs and events where he is invited.As per TOI, Varun Dhawan has donated his favorite Golden jacket (which he wore in Dishoom) for a huge amount to raise fund for the underprivileged.During his shoot for Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, one of his fans got injured. Varun has turned 30 now. So, this was the charity work by Varun Dhawan. He Left School So That His Brother Can Study in English Medium School: Donation For Education - Seruds. B. Vishalakshi - Seruds. Www.globalgiving. B. Bhavani - Seruds. B. Rajeswari - Seruds. Sponsor Education Material for Abandoned Orphans. A. Soujanya wishes for her to simply finish her Education. Anusha B asks for your support! Provide Lunch for Underprivileged Children. Fill The Life of Needy People With Colours Of Charity: Eco Friendly Holi.

In this blog: Learn the best way to celebrate holi, by helping needy people ECO FRIENDLY HOLI Rang barse bheege chunar wali rang barse… This is the song we will hmm, sing and dance for few days as the festivals of colours is here, Holi. We all can see people dipped in colours, breaking eggs on each other, and the redness of the ‘gulal’ (colour powder used to play Holi) will be there on skin for many days.

It is great fun in playing Holi with friends and family. But do you know how much pollution Holi celebration causes? Pollution Due to Holi Celebration: During Holi festival Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Particulate matter levels go high which causes poor air quality. Also on this auspicious day participants also burst fireworks which release harmful gases and toxic substances into the air which can be measured by air quality monitoring. (Source) Water Wastage Due To Holi The wastage of water could be estimated that while playing Holi, a person uses at least two buckets of water.

(Source) He Never Got School Uniform And Years Later He Bought It For Entire Orphanage - Seruds. Charity Can Bring Positivity In Life - Seruds. In this Blog: learn how life can be filled with positive vibes just by making simple charity and donation for various causes. Understanding The Perspective Of Golden Ager: Donation to Old Age Homes. Untitled — Understanding The Perspective Of Golden Ager:... All He Need Is ‘Pair Of Shoes’: Donation For Children - Blog by Seruds.

Charity Work By Shah Rukh Khan Will Inspire You To Make A Donation. Legal Status Of NGO Matters in Charity - Seruds. There’s a long list of specified rules under various sections that declares an unregistered or unauthorized social organization as a uniform phrase called ‘NGO: Non-Governmental Organization’. The legal status that an NGO holds matter a lot while making a charity or donations. Women Empowerment By Skill Development Program: Charity for Woman. Provide Groceries for Poor Elderly Person. G Venkatalakshmamma - Seruds. G Nagamma - Seruds. Sponsor Milk for Elderly Persons in a Old Age Home.

Donate food for Elder G Girijamma. Sponsor midday meals G Eswaramma. Donate for DailyWage Workers during COVID-19 India. Challenge This Project solves problem of 400 migrant, daily wage earner families and it shows effective impact on their lives. They are getting scared on their lives due to sudden lockdown & Pandemic COVID-19. The workers lost their meager income. These families are suffering with starvation. We are feeding hungry homeless with cooked food & sponsoring groceries kits to daily wage workers.

Solution By knowing critical situation of the daily wage worker families we decided to create hope on their lives. Long-Term Impact We are helping daily wage, migrant, agriculture workers who lost their jobs in this critical crisis Pandemic Covid-19. Resources https:/​/​www.serudsindia.orgSeruds NGO India. Sponsor food for Lakshmi Devi.