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Donate to Save the Environment

Donate to Save the Environment
“He that plants trees loves others besides himself.” Since 2003 we are mainly focusing on environment protection and by planting 21500 trees. A strong effort is happening in different urban, sub-urban areas and villages by plantation to reduce the dangerous threat of global warming, which would be helpful to reduce air pollution to make healthier environment. According to the report of UNO, around 9 hectares forest has been acquired in every minute between 1990- 2005 around the world and trees are obtained in every year in 5 million hectare areas. This is a signal of a major threat for all nations. The whole world is facing the problem of global warming due to regular cutting of trees at huge level. The problems of global warming, climate change and air pollution can be reduced through plantation by some extent. Polluted environment and air will be pure which would be helpful to reduce the number of death occurs from asthma, pneumonia and breath related other diseases.

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How Far Can You Go To Help People? Spiderman of Paris Went 4 Floors Mamoudou Gassama, Spiderman of Paris (given name) was recently applauded globally for his daring act of Climbing 4 floors building for saving a kid. Twitter went GAGA over his act and gave him a name ‘le Spiderman’ (Spiderman of Paris). A Malian Migrant who became an overnight sensation for his heroic gesture of saving a toddler who was hanging from the balcony, four floors high. Women Empowerment 2.0 “No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens.” Michelle Obama Generations have passed and the fight for gender equality is still not over. Every day we see women fighting for their place in society and every day we win just a little. You may think that after soo much time, we should be moving faster towards a society where one ‘whole’ half of the society is not left behind. Unfortunately, that is the case… We are slow.

World’s Biggest Charity - 6 Year Old Donated his Piggy Bank World’s biggest charity is expected to have a huge amount, wealth, and assets involved right? Not really, sometimes, little gestures by any person can be an inspiring story enough to share and motivate. We encountered one such incident recently that melted our heart, we observed the world’s biggest charity.

P. Hussain - Seruds Hussain’s father was labour. Mother was also labour. His father died 3 years ago. Even when he was alive he didn’t earn much for the family. So it is so difficult for Hussainamma to feed the family. Her meagre income was so less it is not at all enough to feed 3 children. The Power Of You: You Can Change Lives - Seruds The ‘Power of you’ is a narrative blog written for self-realization. We always talk about the change we can make but lesser that we know about our power that can change the scenario of everything around. Is that me? P. Sireesha - Seruds Sireesha parents were daily wage labourers and they have three children. The income they were getting is very less and it was not at all sufficient for the family needs. Sireesha is a brilliant student among other children in the class. Mother is a kidney failure patient. Kashi is a drunken father.

Charity Work By Cristiano Ronaldo Will Make You His Fan Charity work by Cristiano Ronaldo is more impactful than his strike. Not only the most loved football player has a golden boot, but even his heart also has the Midas touch of gold. In this Blog: Let’s learn about the Christiano Ronaldo’s Charity Deeds which will make you his fan for sure. If you follow social media, we can see a huge number of posts that talks about his social work and we are quite sure that you might have encountered at least one for sure. We recently came across this post about Ronaldo’s Charity and decided that we shall publish an article showcasing his heart-melting charitable deeds. The Real Madrid superstar has an endless list of charity work. Best NGO Working for Children Our Child Support Projects Seruds started the child welfare programs in the year 2003. During floods in 2009 in AP, we started creche program for kids of women working in hazardous jobs. When we were working for the flood relief activities, the community asked us to start the day care centers for their children when parents go out to work.

What Does Charity Begins at Home Means? We always hear the phrase ‘Charity Begins at Home’ and we take it as a regular proverb or quote. But if we dig a deeper meaning of it, it’s amusing and breath-taking. So, hold on till the end of the blog to understand what does charity begins at home actually means. Education Material for Girl Students in India The Challenge: Poor students need school materials like notebooks, uniforms, clothes, shoes, pens, pencils, private convent school fee, and tuition. These deprived girls are good at studies but struggling for education support, since their parents are working as daily wage laborers in construction sites, scavenging, tobacco units and gets meager income and are not able to provide for their education expenses. A significant number of children come from backward communities.

Real Service to Society: Celebrities Village adoption in India Village adoption for energizing the rural economy and slow down the rural-urban migration. If you seriously want to contribute something back to society, you can consider the village adoption for a specific duration. Village adoption doesn’t mean that the change of entire village to town. Best Non Profit Orphanage for Children SERUDS started Orphanage in Budhavarapeta, Kurnool in December 2012. Today the Children’s Home shelters 60 boys and girls in the age group of 4 to 16 years. These abandoned orphan, street children come from different family backgrounds like a father who died of AIDS, mother who committed suicide, alcoholic father and mother left children and is living with other person, or both parents died.

Charity For Genuine Needy People at Old Age Homes in Andhra Pradesh Story: Padmavathaamma has 1 son and 1 daughter. Her son got married and works as a construction worker. He wastes the money by consuming liquor daily. Her husband used to work as a college watchman.