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Within Reach - Sustainable Communities. Directory of all communities visited on the journey Community Videos A Visual Communities Coffee table book And lots more...

Within Reach - Sustainable Communities

Become a Facebook fan Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to our channel Check out our new blog! Since our San Francisco screening last year there have been hundreds of requests to screen the film. Join and get our monthly eNewsletter: Subtotal: 0.00does not include shipping & tax loading. EDU - An Intergovernmental Organization for Accreditation, Education & Research. Order of precedence.

An order of precedence is a sequential hierarchy of nominal importance of items.

Order of precedence

Most often it is used in the context of people by many organizations and governments, for very formal and state occasions, especially where diplomats are present. It can also be used in the context of decorations, medals and awards. Historically, the order of precedence had a more widespread use, especially in court and aristocratic life. One's position in an order of precedence is not necessarily an indication of functional importance, but rather an indication of ceremonial or historical relevance; for instance, it may dictate where dignitaries are seated at formal dinners.

The term is occasionally used to mean the order of succession — to determine who replaces the head of state in the event he or she is removed from office or incapacitated. Lists (people)[edit] Lists (decorations and medals)[edit] See also[edit] Freedom Network. About is a not-for-profit formed under United States and Michigan state law that provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Open Mesh Project.

About has been incorporated as a 5013c not-for-profit to ensure the OpenMeshProject continues to exist beyond the participation of individual volunteers. We will maintain offices with working space, space where Open Source Experts and wireless engineers can gather, build events for these people to communicate, we will offer innovation around Open Source Mesh network software. We will be establishing, building, maintaining, and distributing a common Open Source Mesh software/firmware that will allow citizens of the world to commonly communicate without telephone or cable companies. The raw product will free to download and free of charge. The technology will be released and maintained as Open Source GPL V2 project. Welcome to Terratrada. Principles. Principles matter They matter because the people we deal with on a day to day basis can hold us accountable to them.


They matter because they're how we look at problems, devise responses and interact with people. They matter because the field that we're operating in can knock us sideways, and it's really useful to have something solid to grab hold of. These are the principles that Transition Network aspires to as an organisation, and we hope to model them in such as way that other transitioners adopt them as well.

Like everything else, they're not cast in stone, and if the wider field of transition feels that they need to change, then we welcome that input. On this page we've listed the transition principles, permaculture principles and the characteristics of resilient systems - all of these are part of how transition has come about. Transition principles. TROM : the reality of me. Bridging the Digital Divide! South-South News is a 21st century media platform dedicated to covering the stories of global development from the United Nations, governments, the private sector, and civil society.

Bridging the Digital Divide!

Launched in February 2010 during the Sixteenth Session of the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Committee on South-South Cooperation, South-South News works in close collaboration with the UN, specialized agencies, governments, businesses and civil society groups to advance the implementation and progress of the Millennium Development Goals. Welcome to the Official Web Site Locator for the UN System of Organizations. Decolonize north america. Upload Subscription preferences Loading...

decolonize north america

Working... decolonize north america Uploads Play Related channels on YouTube LiftingVeils No Time For Apathy PurpleKushEntertainment Karri-Lynn Paul LastRealIndians's channel fightpollution Sign in to add this to Watch Later. World Statesmen Links. NationBuilder - the Community Organizing System. The Homeless Defend Becoming Hotspots - Digits. SideCar Ridesharing App Launches in the San Francisco Bay Area - Liz Gannes - Commerce. After my last meeting on Friday in downtown San Francisco, a stranger pulled up to the curb driving a blue Lexus.

SideCar Ridesharing App Launches in the San Francisco Bay Area - Liz Gannes - Commerce

I hopped into the car, got a ride home and paid the suggested donation of $14 with my phone. It was way less weird than I expected. The guy who gave me the ride was an incredibly friendly fellow named John Robertson, who was driving for a start-up called SideCar, which has built an alternative to taxis, with cars driven by regular people and hailed using smartphone apps. SideCar launches to the public today in the San Francisco Bay Area. At a SideCar employee’s suggestion — I should admit that my Friday afternoon meeting had actually been at SideCar’s office — I sat in the front seat of Robertson’s car and chatted him up. Robertson told me he recently retired after 30 years as a project manager at UPS, and quickly got bored. Robertson said he lives in the East Bay, and has used the driving as a chance to get to know San Francisco better. CROWDFUNDING. OPEN SOURCE ECOLOGY. NationBuilder - the Community Organizing System.