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Pricing for Online Project Management, Work Management and Crowdsourcing Software

Pricing for Online Project Management, Work Management and Crowdsourcing Software

Online Project Management & Planning Software The 5 Best Google Marketing Tools You Didn't Know Existed A short while back Mashable published a great piece on Google tools that people probably didn’t know existed. As we were going through the list, we found many helpful tools that could be of great use to marketers in particular. While Google Trends already seems to be a favorite among marketers, we’ve listed 5 more tools and resources that Google offers that will help you get more out of your marketing experience. Google Correlate Google Correlate, a part of Google Trends, goes further than showing the ups and downs in people’s interest toward a given topic by enabling you to see correlation data by time and geographic location. Once you’ve logged into the tool you can upload your own data set to view any correlations. The tool is essentially Google Trends reversed. Don’t have a data series to enter into the program? Google Think Insights Google Think Insights offers marketers a wealth of resources on consumer trends, key statistics, industry research, and marketing insights. Google Fonts

Open Source Software :: Open Source Project and Task Management Software dotProject is a volunteer supported Project Management application. There is no "company" behind this project, it is managed, maintained, developed and supported by a volunteer group and by the users themselves. For more about the product, what it does, etc please follow the links to the doc site at the top of site. The software is free to anyone who would like to download it. If you would like to see the system in operation - use the Demo link in the modules list to the left top of the site. If you would like to download the package use the downloads link on the top right. If you are looking for support, to ask a question or to check to see if issues have been raised by others - use the support link at the top right to access our support forums. If you have a bug or a Feature Suggestion that you would like to log - use the bugs link at the top right of the site. If you are looking for documentation, hints and tips - please use the doc site link at the top right.

How To Use Google Voice Commands In Google Drive Editor’s note: This is a revised version of an article we originally ran on March 22nd, 2014, updated to reflect the latest Google innovations. Since its inception, Google Drive has been a source of excitement for innovation-minded educators. However, as with any new teaching technology, you may find yourself thinking “it sounds intriguing, but will it really make a difference?” In regards to Drive features like audio feedback, the answer to that question is an unequivocal yes. Image via Flickr by Ben Marvin Conversational Grading: Red ink is synonymous with financial debt and academic failure. Unfortunately, there’s only so much that can be said with traditional grading methods. Language Learning: Whether English or Mandarin Chinese, learning another language can undoubtedly seem like a daunting task. Speaking Tests and Oral Essays With Drive apps like Kaizena, voice commenting isn’t just a one-way street. Disability Friendly Learning: Distance Education: How to Use Google Voice Commenting

Project Management Software That Is Essential To Increase Productivity & Streamline Communication – The Shadow Gang | Creators of premier multi-platform content and immersive experiences in thriller entertainment Need a Basecamp Alternative? | PM-Sherpa Basecamp prides itself on providing their customers, for 17 years now, with the utmost user-friendly program. Their goal is to continue providing their basecampers with a product that is at the highest level of integrity and quality. Oh but wait! Subtasks – Task Dependencies – Gantt Charts – Kanban Boards – Export to Excel Workload Reports – Cost Tracking – Time Tracking – Import Microsoft Project Files As Basecamp is simply not up to par, what do you do? Not Satisfied with Basecamp?

Features - Visual Website Optimizer - Visual Website Optimizer Using Visual Website Optimizer, they A/B test different versions of their website and landing pages to find out which one works best. Made for marketers, our tool is incredibly easy to use, and doesn't need IT resources. Easy A/B testing Visually create different versions of your website In less than 5 minutes, create tens of different versions of your headlines, images, buttons, forms, etc. Multiple editing options to change any part of your webpage Easy point-and-click interface with no knowledge of HTML required Do small changes or transform your website completely. Powerful Multivariate Testing Understand which changes on your website matter most Using Visual Website Optimizer, you can easily understand which changes on your website (color, headlines, buttons or layouts) increase conversion rate, and which changes don't: Split URL Testing Specify different URLs to split traffic among them Behavioral & Geo Targeting Personalize your website and focus your marketing efforts Usability testing