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Broccoli & cheese pierogi. Beef Wellington for two. Mary Berry's whole roasted trout. Mary Berry's retro crab cocktail. Mary Berry's potted brown shrimp. Jamie Oliver vegetarian recipes. Whole roasted ricotta pasta. Roasted Cauliflower & Coconut Soup. Cheat's fish & chips. Sausage & mash pie. Easy salmon en croûte. My kinda butter chicken. Cullen skink fishcakes. Sausage & mash pie. Mushroom cannelloni. Filo chicken Kiev. Jerk spiced chicken in a bun. Jerk spiced chicken in a bun Creamy slaw, charred pineapple & pickled scotch bonnet chilli Jerk spiced chicken in a bun Serves 2 Cooks In15 minutes DifficultyNot too tricky 7 WaysChicken breastChickenFruitBread Nutrition per serving Calories 505 25% Fat 12.5g 18% Saturates 3.1g 16% Sugars 24.3g 27% Salt 1.6g 27% Protein 31g 62% Carbs 71.2g 27% Fibre 6.3g - Of an adult's reference intake Recipe From 7 Ways By Jamie Oliver Buy now Tap For Method Ingredients 1 fresh Scotch bonnet or red chilli 1 x 150 g free-range skinless chicken breast 1 heaped teaspoon jerk seasoning, plus extra for sprinkling olive oil 1 x 220 g tin of pineapple rings in juice red wine vinegar 1 carrot ¼ of a white cabbage (150g) 2 heaped tablespoons natural yoghurt 2 large soft buns Share this Recipe Please enable functionality cookies to use this feature Tap For Ingredients Method Please enable targetting cookies to show this banner Related recipes Easiest broccoli quiche Cauliflower cheese pasta Close.

Jerk spiced chicken in a bun

Cauliflower cheese pasta. Rosé pesto prawn pasta. Rosé pesto prawn pasta Beautiful king prawns, angel-hair pasta & lots of garlic Rosé pesto prawn pasta Serves 2 Cooks In12 minutes.

Rosé pesto prawn pasta

Harissa squash salad. Harissa squash salad With sliced avocados & beautiful mozzarella Harissa squash salad Serves 4 Cooks In1 hour.

Harissa squash salad

Cheat’s deep-pan pizza. Cheat’s deep-pan pizza Sausage, sweet onions & cheese Cheat’s deep-pan pizza “So simple and so delicious, this super-easy method allows you to make tasty pizza in a flash.

Cheat’s deep-pan pizza

We’re talking crispy on the outside, spongy in the middle, with just three ingredients for the base – flour, salt, water. Plus we’re only using one pan, meaning minimal washing up. Veggie quesadillas. Crispy mushroom shawarma. Crispy mushroom shawarma Tahini flatbreads, pickles, minted jalapeño salsa & dukkah Vegetarianv Crispy mushroom shawarma Serves 4 Cooks In1 hour plus marinating DifficultyNot too tricky VegetablesMushroomBread Nutrition per serving Calories 357 18% Fat 18.2g 26% Saturates 3.5g 18% Sugars 13.6g 15% Salt 1.8g 30% Protein 14.3g 29% Carbs 33.3g 13% Fibre 5.7g - Of an adult's reference intake.

Crispy mushroom shawarma

Roasted veggie curry. Roasted veggie curry Spiced spinach-stuffed naan Vegetarianv Roasted veggie curry “Roasting the veg before immersing them in a ridiculously tasty sauce really intensifies their natural flavour, giving you even more bang for your buck.

Roasted veggie curry

I’ve kept things fairly gentle on the spice front so that all my kids will give it a go, but feel free to add extra heat, if you like. Serves 8. Crispy Pork Tacos. Jamie Oliver chicken recipes. Crispy garlicky chicken With lemony rocket Crispy garlicky chicken “Super-simple to put together, this is a great, fast method for really good, crispy crumbed chicken, and I’ve added garlic for extra flavour.

Jamie Oliver chicken recipes

Pounding the chicken, both before adding the crumbs and to help them to stick, tenderises the meat and makes it even quicker to cook. ” Jamie Oliver fish & seafood recipes. Smoky pancetta cod With lentils, fresh rosemary & wilted spinach Smoky pancetta cod “This dish will change fish suppers forever!

Jamie Oliver fish & seafood recipes

What I love about this recipe is it’s a really foolproof way to cook fish perfectly, every time. And with just five ingredients and a total cook time of about 15 minutes, this one is about beautiful flavour, fast. ” Piri piri pork belly. Springtime roast chicken Caesar salad. Springtime roast chicken Caesar salad Springtime roast chicken Caesar salad “So, guys, the weather is getting warmer, fresh spring produce is starting to appear in the shops, and it’s time to start celebrating what we can get our hands on.

Springtime roast chicken Caesar salad

This salad is a really nice one for embracing the season – try speed-peeling spears of asparagus over your salad, or adding quartered ripe cherry tomatoes. Add whatever you like! Putting the croutons beneath the chicken as it roasts, with smoky bacon on top, means you get even more bang for your buck on the flavour front. Serves 6 Cooks In1 hour 15 minutes DifficultyNot too tricky. Jamie Oliver noodles recipe. Leftover lamb biryani. Leftover lamb biryani Gluten-freegf Leftover lamb biryani “Biryani is a big favourite, and what a wonderful recipe it is.

Leftover lamb biryani

It has the capacity to embrace leftovers – whether that’s meat or veg – and you can flex it to suit what you’ve got. I’ve suggested a weight of leftover meat, but feel free to bolster it with extra veggies to stretch it further if you’ve don’t have the amount listed here. Jamie Oliver fish recipes. Quick Asian fishcakes With salmon, chilli & ginger Quick Asian fishcakes “Effortless cooking at its best, these easy fishcakes are packed with flavour.

Jamie Oliver simple lamb recipe. Pan-seared lamb With fresh basil, tender new potatoes & green pesto Gluten-freegf Pan-seared lamb “Think of this as a fresh take on a roast dinner for 2 – it’ll give you the same comforting feelings but is much simpler and faster to knock up. You can have this beauty on the table in under 30 minutes. ” Jamie Oliver chicken recipes. Chicken fajitas Smoky dressed aubergines & peppers Chicken fajitas “Sticking to super-lean chicken breasts is the key to making super-food fajitas, and also provides us with a great source of protein, ensuring our muscles stay strong and healthy. I’m bigging up the veg with peppers, aubergine and avocado, helping you embrace the good stuff, plus it’s a really fun one to serve up at the table, letting everyone dig in and build their own. ” Serves 4 Cooks In40 minutes plus marinating DifficultyNot too tricky.

My Singapore-style fried rice. My Singapore-style fried rice A proper fridge-raid meal Dairy-freedf My Singapore-style fried rice “There are so many variations on this wonderful dish – for me, it’s all about sumptuous fluffy rice with tang and seasoning. Classically there’d be some sort of smoky ribs or ham in the mix, but you can use the principle of this recipe to suit what you’ve got in the fridge and, of course, you can go veggie if you want to. One-pan fabulous fish. Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes. Super spinach pancakes Avocado, tomato, cottage cheese, chilli & coriander. My Botham burgers. My Botham burgers. Chicken recipes. Squash & spinach pasta rotolo. Chickpea chard pork. Chickpea chard pork. Lentil & aubergine curry recipe. Jools' chopped salad. Jumbo fish fingers. Jumbo fish fingers Golden crispy breadcrumbs.

Jamie Oliver chicken recipes. Homemade tomato sauce recipe. Hero tomato sauce Sweet cherry tomatoes, garlic, chilli & basil. Jamie Oliver potato recipes. My Singapore-style fried rice. Jools' sweet pea & prawn pasta. The HIX Turkey Burger. Vegetables recipes. Crazy simple fish pie. Epic vegan lasagne. Jamie Oliver quick steak recipes. Mozzarella, fig and Parma ham salad. Jamie Oliver pasta recipes. Toad-in-the-hole, onion and apple gravy. Jamie Oliver sandwich recipes. Fiorentina steak. Beef Wellington for two.

Turkey sloppy Joes. Turkey risotto. Bubble & Squeak. Leftover turkey and leek pie recipe. Jamie Oliver mushroom recipes. Scruffy aubergine lasagne. Homemade chilli con carne recipe. Toad-in-the-hole, onion and apple gravy. Messy meatball buns. Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes. Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes. Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes. Jamie Oliver vegetarian rice recipes. Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes. Jamie Oliver Recipes. Easy minestrone soup recipe. Easy onion soup recipe. Greek-inspired cauliflower stew. Jamie Oliver pasta recipes. Jamie Oliver soup recipes. Cauliflower cheese pizza pie. Roast new potato & pickle salad. Veggie pad Thai. Jamie Oliver vegetable curry recipes. Jamie Oliver burger recipes. Jamie Oliver spaghetti recipes. Jamie Oliver vegetarian recipes.

Watermelon, radish & feta salad. Griddled vegetables with feta. Are you human? Tom Walker's chicken wings recipe. Chicken pesto pasta recipe. Watermelon and feta salad recipe. Mushroom and Tunworth cheese pies. Jamie Oliver vegan recipes. Spinach & feta filo pie. Vegetarian bean burrito recipe. Mega veggie burger. Jamie Oliver baked egg recipes. Vegetarian enchiladas.