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Motion Graphics Style Animated Explainer Video by Reptile FX Animation Studio. Motion Graphics Style Animated Explainer Video by Reptile FX Animation Studio. Making a modern intranet – @ONSdigital. In August we were tasked with a 6-week project to produce a content audit of the existing intranet and make recommendations based on this work.

Making a modern intranet – @ONSdigital

As part of the audit we discovered at least 11,000 live pages on the intranet, a large number of them orphaned and unreachable using the site navigation. A lot of information was out of date and unsuitable, there was no active archive or archiving policy. There wasn’t a consistent “voice” across the site, due to the influence of 250 different editors. The intranet ran on a Tridion content management system (CMS) using a folder structure that was 10 layers deep, so possibly needing 10 clicks on screen to get to the information. The software had become dated and would soon be unsupported. Once we had a thorough understanding of the current situation, we researched the latest thinking on what makes a successful intranet. Intranet WordPress theme now on GitHub. As promised, we’ve published the code for the WordPress theme based on the DCMS intranet.

Intranet WordPress theme now on GitHub

You can get the theme code from the Helpful Technology GitHub under the ‘Helpful intranet’ repository. To accompany the code, we’ve also released an intranet showcase site where you can have a look at a working version of the intranet theme based on content from the DCMS intranet. You can’t post in the forums. We’ve removed all downloadable documents linked from content, and recent news is made of dummy text. The remaining content is typical of any government intranet. Department for ACME intranet. Intranets: DCMS doing it right. I've just got off the phone after talking to Andrew Simpson, the civil servant leading the redevelopment of the DCMS intranet.

Intranets: DCMS doing it right

I've never met Andrew face to face, but I look forward to doing so, because he and his tiny team deserve a big thank you. PHP « Programming « Portfolio. The number of times my 24 WordPress Plugins have been downloaded according to the official WordPress Plugins Repository.

PHP « Programming « Portfolio

FreeMyInternet 0.01 WordPress 4.4.2 · 1,030 Downloads Automatically places the FreeMyInternet banner from on your WordPress website. What is HTML? What are CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Perl? Do I Need to Learn Them to Create a Website? Do I Need to Learn Them to Create a Website?

What is HTML? What are CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Perl? Do I Need to Learn Them to Create a Website?

By Christopher Heng, I'm sometimes asked by visitors thinking of starting their own website what terms like "HTML", "CSS", "JavaScript", "PHP" and "Perl" mean. Or, on occasion, their questions on some other topic show that they have misunderstood the meaning of these words. Mailchimp CiviCRM Sync - Target Integration. Published on Monday, 16 January 2012 10:27 MailChimp CiviCRM Sync allows you to synchronise the contacts and groups from CiviCRM to MailChimp and vice versa.

Mailchimp CiviCRM Sync - Target Integration

MailChimp ( is a Software as a Service which allows you to run email marketing campaigns from an easy to use interface. MailChimp CiviCRM Sync has been tested for: Joomla 1.5.x and CiviCRM 3.4.xDrupal 6.x and CiviCRM 3.4.xJoomla 1.7.x and CiviCRM 4.0.xDrupal 7.x and CiviCRM 4.0.x Please Note: This script is provided as is without any warranties please make sure your data is backed up before using. Features and Benefits Setting Up Sync in CiviCRM. Add Base CRM Contacts to MailChimp Automatically - Base and MailChimp Integrations. Add subscribers from MySQL into Mailchimp - MySQL and MailChimp Integrations. Save time and money hiring a developer, and use this Zap to import new subscribers from your MySQL database directly into Mailchimp!

Add subscribers from MySQL into Mailchimp - MySQL and MailChimp Integrations

How it works. Basic Postman Setup. My site is hosted on but my email is via Microsoft Office 365.

Basic Postman Setup

I tired Mandrill and all emails were going to my recipients' SPAM folder. So I'm trying Postman as your seems to be. 15 (Very) FAQs on Starting a Self-Hosted Blog. I always recommend starting a blog on a self-hosted setup.

15 (Very) FAQs on Starting a Self-Hosted Blog

The reason is pretty simple – if you want to build a blog that is taken seriously by search engines and readers alike you’ll want to avoid free hosts. They just aren’t robust enough once you get beyond a certain point. I’ve really wanted to write this post for a while now because I get a lot of emails from new bloggers who are nervous about taking the leap to self-hosting. I remember how scary it was. Using IFTTT to Send A MailChimp? Connect & Sync MailChimp to Any Application. How to Integrate MailChimp With WordPress. Email still remains the popular form of communication used for exchanging digital messages on the Internet.

How to Integrate MailChimp With WordPress

Visitors to your website will often opt-in for information and follow-up messages if they see something of interest and value. If you offer say digital products for sale, such visitors may not be ready to buy just yet; they may need more information to make a buying decision. When the email addresses of these visitors are captured, you the store owner can send them a discount of your products thus increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase. MailChimp User Sync. Power of Action Program. MailChimp - OnePageCRM Help Center. MailChimp is a popular email marketing tool that enables you to design and send newsletters to your leads and customers. By installing this integration you will enable the contacts sync between OnePageCRM and MailChimp. You can select all contacts sync or segment group sync. Recent campaigns reports are pulled from MailChimp and displayed in OnePageCRM.

To install MailChimp integration follow the instructions below: Go to Apps > Apps and Integrations (A). On the MailChimp page, click on the Install button to enable this integration (C). How to Make a Website - Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners. The Perfect Landing Page. Landing page examples and 12 tips. Discussion of web design in companies who don't know the power of landing pages still often focuses on the home page. But savvy companies know that custom landing pages are essential to maximise conversion of leads when using inbound marketing techniques like SEO, AdWords and social media to drive visitors to a site. So this prompts the question, which factors make for the most effective landing page? Home Page as Landing Page examples. Home page examples featuring simple persuasive designs for desktop and mobile experiences Creating focused Landing Pages is a standard approach for digital campaigns, particularly for engaging the first prospect visit from Google AdWords.

But more and more savvy brands are applying the principles of landing page design to their home pages. Less is more! We're not saying this is true in all cases (see the Amazon home page they find a longer-form landing page is more effective through testing. The Perfect Landing Page. Landing page examples and 12 tips. WordPress Plugins to Super Charge Your Nonprofit Website - New Tricks Web Design. Last week I wrote about an event where we built 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours. I promised I would share with you some of the of the plugins we used.

Although this is geared towards nonprofits, these plugins will supercharge any website. Nonprofit websites have to serve a mission that is broader than a typical business, and this means they must have more functionality. This need can seem overwhelming for a small nonprofit organization struggling to make ends meet with no technical skills or website design skills. It’s no wonder that most of these organizations make do with a basic site and a few PayPal buttons and call it a day. But here’s what they are missing. How do you bridge that gap, between all that your website could/should do and your nonprofit’s limited resources? There’s so much at stake with your important mission, and what you think your nonprofit is saving on website functionality may be costing you a lot of time and money. WordPress Forms - Gravity Forms Contact Form Builder and Lead Data Management Plugin For WordPress. MailChimp Integration for WordPress — WordPress Plugins.

FuseForms MailChimp Integration for WordPress is the easiest way to sync your contacts from your forms to a MailChimp list of your choosing. How it Works FuseForms automatically hooks into your existing forms on your site and syncs them to a MailChimp list of your choosing. FuseForms works with: Most custom formsContact Form 7Gravity FormsFormidableNinja FormsJetPackFast Secure Contact FormContact FormContact Form Clean and SimpleQuformNative WordPress comment forms FuseForms doesn’t work with: Forms contained in an iFrameWufooWooCommerceFormCraftEasy Contact FormsJotFormNinja PopupsSumoMeJetpack commentsDisqus comments.

Sync OnePageCRM contacts to MailChimp email marketing lists. Hosting providers. Our CiviCRM services. CiviCRM Sandbox on WordPress. CiviCRM Sandbox on WordPress. How to Create a User Database for a Members-Only Website. If an application design calls for a database that stores user information, the database is the core of this application. The database is needed to store the usernames and passwords of all users allowed to access the website. Often, the database is used to store much more information about the customer. This information can be used for marketing purposes. The login application in this example is most appropriate for sites that sell products to customers. The user database is named Customer.

Design the customer database. WordPress Membership Plugin - WP eMember. Complete Tutorial: How to Build a Membership Site on WordPress. Restrict Content By Member On Your WordPress Site. How to Create an Organizational Intranet (or Extranet) with WordPress. How to find your WordPress Database. Summary. The Best WordPress Membership Plugin of 2015. Woffice - Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme - WordPress. How to build a Intranet/Extranet with WordPress. WordPress has come a long way since the beginning of just being a blog platform, with the community of theme and plugin developers, you can now do anything with the WordPress platform, you can create e-commerce, Intranet/Extranet, community and eLearning sites. I’m all about minimalism, in selecting IT solutions/services for the small/medium size companies, non-profits that need a digital space. Would it not be cool to run your CMS, Intranet/Extranet, E-Learning on the same platform, it will save you money, time, resources to use a common solution across your organization.

BuddyApp WordPress theme for Intranet/Extranet or any community. 28 Best BuddyPress WordPress Themes For Community Sites. In general, BuddyPress is a powerful WordPress plugin that adds a magical touch to your website and makes it a perfect social networking platform. It enables you to not only publish your content but also share it via different social media platforms. Create a partner-facing Extranet Site in Office 365. Extranet for Partners with Office 365. Discussion on Woffice Intranet/Extranet Word Press Theme (Page 18)

Build An Advanced Notification System For WordPress. A Look At Bluehost’s Optimized WordPress Hosting. Exclusive Offer for WordPress Users - Bluehost. Intranet & Extranet WordPress Theme - WordPress. Woffice - Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme Preview.