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Client FTP via le web (OVH) - Créer et gérer son site WordPress. Un client web FTP permet de manipuler les fichiers de WordPress : programmes, feuilles de style, médias…. Même avec moins de fonctions qu’un client FTP comme FileZilla, il peut se révéler très utile pour intervenir sans rien avoir à installer sur son ordinateur. Cet article montre comment se connecter et réaliser des manipulations simples avec le web FTP proposé avec les hébergements OVH. Avertissement : OVH étant l’hébergeur que j’utilise, je le prends comme exemple. Les autres hébergeurs proposent généralement des solutions équivalentes. L’interface sera différente, mais la logique des actions à réaliser devrait être très proche. Accéder au panneau de contrôle OVH (« manager » ou « MyOVH ») Se connecter à l’adresse et cliquer sur l’option Dans le formulaire qui s’affiche, saisir l’identifiant et le mot de passe qui vous ont été transmis par courriel lors de la commande de votre hébergement puis cliquer sur le bouton .

Haut de page Mot de passe FTP oublié. Blog post checklist. What do you need to write that awesome blog post? What steps do you need to take? Use this blog post checklist to make sure you covered everything: 1. Do your keyword research! You want your blog post to rank in the search engines. 2. All writing begins with preparation. It pays off to think about the structure of your piece before you start writing. Read more: ‘Preparing your blog post’ » 3. If you carefully prepared your blog post, it is time to start writing. 4. Once you have written your first draft, it is time to correct all of those misspells and typos. Your blog post should be well readable. Keep reading: ‘5 tips to write readable blogposts’ » 5. If you have created a great blog post, you want it to rank in the search engines. 6.

The final step in this blog post checklist is to hit that publish button. Read on: ‘SEO copywriting checklist’ » Conclusion to the blog post checklist Every blog post should start with executing keyword research. Accessibility Ready WordPress themes - PixelEmu. Details Published on Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:33 More and more customers are asking about themes that follow WCAG (Section508) recommendations to help creating a professional accessible website - what is now required by low feature for many public institutions websites. We admit, this is complicated task and creating accessible site consumes much time but we did it, we've already released accessibility ready WordPress themes! If you are still not sure what WCAG standards means let's learn the following information. What is WCAG? Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is a compilation of documents corresponding to the availability of Internet services, Since 2012 has the status of international standard ISO. Legal bases More and more countries establish the law that obliges entities performing public duties to customize their websites to meet WCAG 2.0 requirements.

Why is it so important? Principles of availability Document v. 2.0 has been divided into 4 groups: and 3 levels of availability: Tools – Make WordPress Accessible. Note: We’re improving the handbook and it is still a draft. If you find an error, please comment below. Development Tools #Development Tools Building a new theme or plugin? Perhaps some of these tools can help you to create a more accessible resource. Color Issues #Color Issues Color Contrast Analyser (Windows) — check foreground/background contrast levels and preview designs as they might be seen by color blind users.Sim Daltonism — a color blindness simulator for Mac OS X.Colorblind Web Page Filter — apply a filter to a web page.Vischeck — see how pages & images look to color blind users.ContrastA (Flash) — find accessible color combinations.Color Palette Accessibility Evaluator — analyze color combinations for conformance to accessibility guidelines.Contrast Ratio — Tests two colors against the levels of conformance and grades you.

Top ↑ Toolbars & ToolKits #Toolbars & ToolKits Desktop Validators #Desktop Validators Screen reader testing #Screen reader testing. Accessible HTML – Make WordPress Accessible. Make WordPress Accessible – Equal Access For All. The last weeks we let the WPA11y test team try out Gutenberg. Responses Working with blocks takes some getting used to. I don’t like it when the editor takes over the way I work this way. Can I switch this off? While selecting and copying text in the blocks strange things happen. With the block settings the user can select colours for text and background. User of JAWS/IE: There is way to much going on and far too many menus to deal with. User of NVDA/FF56: Well I doodled with the editor, the best thing about it, well there isn’t, I guess the heading where the title should be is nice. There are a lot of buttons a lot unlabeled.

Wrapping this up Blind screen reader users have a hard time navigating and figuring out how things work. I think we started too soon testing Gutenberg with the wpa11y test team. Thanks Geoff Collis, Wim Moons and Shaun Everiss for testing. #gutenberg. Accessibility ready WordPress theme, WCAG & Section508 - PixelEmu. Details Published on Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:26 PE Services multipurpose business accessibility ready Wordpress theme which means that it meets WCAG 2.0 / Section508 requirements. Creating the site more accessible for people with disabilities is not an easy task. It demands to get familiar with the web content accessibility guidelines that is a collection of documents and includes tons of recommendations to build an accessible site.

We do our best to meet all necessary WCAG requirements to make the theme passing accessibility verification checkers. How to follow WCAG recommendations for making web content more accessible in WordPress theme. What should be the main features of the accessible theme? The possibility to navigate the site using keyboard - navigating through the site sections without necessary of using a computer mouse but keyboard instead is the main and the very important feature for people with disabilities. This is how it's set at the menu configuration. Black/White Mode. Super-fast Secure WordPress Install on DigitalOcean with NGINX, PHP7, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – Morphatic.

I’ve recently begun migrating websites from my old web host to DigitalOcean. Today, I’m documenting the steps I use to stand up a new server instance. Some of these technologies are still close to the bleeding edge, so if you’re really worried about stability, you may want to stick with some of the more battle tested (i.e. older) versions of these packages. However, I’ve had pretty solid results so far with these: So let’s get started! Step 1: Install and Configure your Droplet While DigitalOcean already has a pre-configured droplet that comes with a LAMP stack and WordPress, I’m not going with that one for the following reasons: It won’t install on the smallest size droplet, meaning you have to spend at least $10/month on your site.

So, I would follow the instructions in this post, except, choose Ubuntu 16.04 instead of 14.04. Next follow the Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 16.04 tutorial. Step 2: Point your Domain Name at your Server Step 3: Install NGINX $ sudo nano /etc/nginx/nginx.conf. WordPress Tutorials - 200+ Step by Step WordPress Tutorials. 20 Free Blog Graphics Sites and How To Customize Images For Your Blog. Why Do I like Some Blogs And Dislike Others? I read a lot of blogs. I’m constantly looking for other entrepreneurs and their stories. I have found the best way to learn is to listen. A wise man once said that you learn nothing by speaking. From reading all these blogs, its clear that some are great and others not so much. Assuming that the topic is the same and that the person can tell a good story, what was the difference.

Easy To Read Surprisingly all of these blogs had large font and lots of spacing between lines. Lots of Subheadings Another thing I noted was that these blogs all had lots of subheadings. Images and Blog Graphics The most important factor and one I hadn’t realized were visuals. You see how this creepy bunny graphic broke up the text. Don’t Hate Me Writers Now I’m not trying to trivialize the writing at all.

Now assuming you have the writing down, its time to dress up your blog. Our 20 Free Blog Graphics Sites 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 16. 17. 18. 19. GitHub - raamdev/independent-publisher: A beautiful reader-focused WordPress theme, for you. Independent Publisher – A beautiful reader-focused WordPress theme, for you. The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Child Themes. Have you ever found a close-to-perfect WordPress theme for your website but decided not to go with it because of a tiny, nerve-wrecking design element you couldn’t overlook?

It’s font style, color palette, or the placement of design elements perhaps? The WordPress theme market is saturated with so many great themes, both free and premium, but short of hiring a developer to create a tailored theme for your site, there’s little chance you’ll find one that’s perfect down to the last pixel. WordPress child themes enable webmasters to modify a theme’s files all the while keeping its core functionality in place without risking losing the modifications each time the theme is updated.

They give you the power to modify a theme’s appearance from something as small as the call to action on a button to completely changing every single design element. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about child themes from what they are to why they’re so important. Sound good? Wrapping It Up. 6 Wordpress Plugins That Will Actually Benefit My Blogs - Yeys. First, A quick recap: I have recently decided to rejoin the blogging community which means I’m taking a fresh look at everything – from blog software through content writing to marketing – while at the same time using my own insights, generated over 18 years of web publishing.

You can read more about that here. This week I’m looking into plugins. I’m not too keen about using too many plugins and you can read here why. That said, I’m entirely open to using the ones that – Are secure.Seem to have enough of a community around them to offer support in the long run.Actually benefit a blog.Are easy to remove. I’m happy to say that I found them.

I began by asking the Mighty Google which WordPress plugins does she think are relevant in 2016. Almost all lists had more than 10 items in them, some over 20. Rounding up lists of recommended plugins for 2016… here we go! Step 1 – The Lists Source: (24 Plugins) 1. Source: (27 Plugins) 1. Source: (20 Plugins) 1. 1. 11 sites pour trouver des images gratuites pour son blog - Débuter Un Blog. Comme l'a dit Confucius, "Une image vaut mille mots". C'est également le cas sur internet et je vous présente ici 11 sites pour trouver des images pour votre blog. Droits d'auteur et Licence Creative Commons Vous ne le savez peut-être pas, mais vous ne pouvez pas utiliser n'importe quelle image trouver sur le web pour illustrer vos articles. En effet, il existe un cadre juridique pour l'utilisation des images afin de protéger les auteurs.

Je ne vais pas rentrer dans les détails dans cet article, mais je vous recommande de lire cet article très bien expliqué afin de comprendre ce que sont les droits d'auteur et le copyright. Dans celui-ci, les licences Creative Commons, licences d'exploitation d'une image, sont également très bien présentées. Retenez tout simplement que : Certaines images ne peuvent pas être utiliséesCertaines images peuvent être utilisées sous conditionsCertaines images peuvent être utilisées sans la moindre condition C'est ce dernier cas qui nous intéresse.

Designerspics. Soignez vos titres et boostez votre trafic - Débuter Un Blog. Votre blog n’a que très peu de visites ? Vos articles, pourtant de qualité, ne sont pas lus ? Avez-vous pensez que cela pouvait venir de vos titres ? Le titre d'un article est peut-être l’élément le plus important, sûrement celui sur lequel vous devez le plus réfléchir. Pourquoi ? Tout simplement parce que lorsque vous publiez un article et le partagez sur vos pages de réseaux sociaux, l'élément le plus visible sera le titre. Que ce soit dans Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Feedly, Flipboard ou encore votre newsletter, l'élément le plus visible sera votre titre. Nous allons donc voir comment écrire un titre percutant qui pousse aux clics et ainsi booster votre trafic. Très longtemps, lorsque je devais écrire un nouvel article sur l’un de mes blogs, je commençais par mettre un titre naturellement sans trop y réfléchir.

S’il y a beaucoup d’autres moyens pour booster son trafic, le choix du titre est peut-être le plus simple, notamment si vous suivez les quelques conseils qui suivent. Top 6 WordPress Caching Plugins To Make Your WordPress Website Faster. Your internet experience is only as fast as the websites you visit. Typically, the best websites are also the ones with the quickest load times. A slow website makes for a terrible user experience and let’s not forget the impact that it is likely to have on your search engine rankings, Google have confirmed the same in the past.

If you run a WordPress site, a caching plugin can dramatically effect better site load times. Typically when you access any website, you request information from their servers. WordPress runs of a database and every time someone loads your site on their browser, they retrieve files in the form of CSS, images and javascript. WordPress is dynamic, whilst this helps keep your website up to date and live, it also slows down your site. I’ll take you through a few plugins that can help speed up your WordPress site. If all these caching plugins fail you and it doesn’t make your site any quicker, then you’ll probably have to upgrade your host. W3 Total Cache WP Rocket. WordPress Spring Cleaning Toolkit - A Complete Guide. Every once in a while, you need to remove those pesky cobwebs to keep your WordPress running at full steam without any disruptions. Unlike real cobwebs, you can not just suck them into a vacuum cleaner.

You need a very specific set of tools and perform certain tasks manually, to rid your site of the menace. When you are done, your WordPress site will be running smoother than ever. Ohh, you don’t have to stick around to next spring to perform the next WordPress spring cleaning, start right away and revisit the cleaning exercise, when those cobwebs turn up again. Of course, by the cobwebs I refer to Prior to WordPress spring cleaning, please create a site backup. I strongly recommend backing up everything, especially if it is the first time you’ve ever spring cleaned your blog.

So please backup your site, before we proceed any further. Deleting Plugins & Themes That You Aren’t Using How to delete multiple WordPress plugins Updating Themes & Updating/Replacing Plugins Beef Up Your Site. Top 6 WordPress Caching Plugins To Make Your WordPress Website Faster. How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site ? A Complete Guide. WordPress Spring Cleaning Toolkit - A Complete Guide.