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13 Useful WordPress SQL Queries You Wish You Knew Earlier

13 Useful WordPress SQL Queries You Wish You Knew Earlier
WordPress WordPress is driven by a MySQL database. This is something active WordPress users would know. However, if you only just read about it here from us, here’s what you should know. MySQL is a free relational database management system available in most web hosting services. All of the WordPress data like the posts, comments, categories, and settings are stored within the MySQL database. For example, if you needed to change some information across the board in WordPress, going through each record is very time consuming and prone to human error. Shown below are some SQL queries that can be of great assistance to you when using WordPress. Backup your WordPress Database Before you proceed with any changes, be sure to backup your database. You can download WP-DB-Backup or WP-DBManager plugin to backup your database through your WordPress admin panel. If you decide to backup your WordPress database manually, follow these steps: 13 SQL Queries for WordPress Change Siteurl & Homeurl Solution:

Featured products php code? / Questions / Discussion Area - Jigoshop Support Welcome to the Jigoshop Community Forum.Need fast support? We recommend Jigoshop Premium Support. Please read the Forum Rules before you start. The WordPress Theme Customizer: a Comprehensive Developer’s Guide This tutorial will explain in detail how to add support for the WordPress theme customizer to your WordPress theme. The theme customizer was introduced in WordPress version 3.4. It allows for an editing environment where theme options can be tried by the administrator before being applied to the live site. Polyon - Futuristic WordPress Theme Polyon is a WordPress theme of the next generation and best suited for small and big businesses. With 350+ admin options (see here) it is one of the most customizable themes here on ThemeForest. The SEO optimized theme lets you choose between 300+ fonts, you have extensive color and typography options (yes, you can even change the font size) and with the background uploader you can easily personalize your website. No HTML/CSS knowledge is needed to create unique designs.

How To Create Child Theme In WordPress Child themes – as the name suggests – is a theme that derives functionalities from a parent theme. Editing your WordPress theme directly is not recommended in some cases, like where the theme might get updated. If a new update of a theme is applied, you may lose the customization you have done. In order to keep the customizations and also keep receiving the updates of the themes, it is recommended to create a child theme of the parent theme that you want to use. Creating a child theme has one other advantage, i.e. your parent theme remains intact and free from any editing. 8 Superior Wordpress Plug-ins for eCommerce There's no doubt that WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms and content management systems on the Internet. It's widely supported, relatively easy for the end user to learn, and is easily extensible. For the average user, the WordPress theme engine makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your site. It features a robust plug-in system, and with an expansive ecosphere of existing plug-ins, you can add new features with ease. It stands to reason that many a small business would turn to WordPress to establish its online presence. So we've put together a collection of great ecommerce plug-ins to add catalog, cart and sales functionality to your WordPress site.

What to Check when Changing your WordPress Theme Getting a new theme for your WordPress site is exciting. It’s like moving into a new house or having an older one renovated. But like moving into a new house or doing a renovation, you can’t just snap your fingers and it’s done. There are a number of things to do and check to make sure everything is in order. As different themes have different functionality and different coding, it’s not unusual for things to break when you change your themes. Helpfull Hints on Using JavaScript for WordPress Sites The use of JavaScript in WordPress is a bit of a grey area for some. More advanced users of course know that JavaScript can and is normally used in themes, child themes and template files. We will touch on that in this tutorial and also cover the more uncertain techniques of using JavaScript in posts and pages. Some say it can’t be done. Some people say to use a plug-in and others just don’t know. I will discover a technique that does work for including some JavaScripts in posts and pages. the technique is meant to be used sparingly, but it is a good solution for people who don’t really want to get into making their own templates, themes or child themes just to include some JavaScript in their WordPress blog.

How to Install and Setup Yoast Comment Hacks in WordPress Want an additional set of tools to help with WordPress comment management and moderation? The team behind the popular Yoast SEO plugin, released a new plugin called Yoast Comment Hacks which brings some of the much wanted comment features together. In this article, we will show you how to install and setup Yoast Comment Hacks for WordPress. Video Tutorial If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading. Yoast Comment Hacks Features How to Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog Do you want to add email subscription to your WordPress blog? Recently, one of our users asked us what is the best way to subscribe by email option in WordPress? In this article, we will show you how to add email subscriptions to your WordPress blog and start building your email list.

Which is the Best WordPress Slider? Performance + Quality Compared Are you looking to add a slider in your WordPress site? Tired of going through hundreds of WordPress slider plugins to see which one is the best? Well you’re in the right place. In this article, we will compare 5 of the top WordPress slider plugins based on their speed, ease of use, and overall features. The goal is to find which is the best WordPress slider plugin.