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This is a comprehensive collection of best social media plugins and email marketing for WordPress, we have chosen the best options from the available lot

5 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins You should Check Out - WP Multiverse. Creating a successful website is all about adding value to your visitor’s lives.

5 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins You should Check Out - WP Multiverse

To do that, you need detailed information about your visitors. And the best way to collect visitor information is to use Google Analytics. While Google Analytics provide the information for free, you need to collect the information manually. Doing this on a daily basis is boring, time-consuming, and inefficient. Luckily, there are some excellent WordPress plugins which can do this job for you. In today’s post, I am going to introduce you to the 5 best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins. 6MonsterInsights Pro MonsterInsights Pro is the premium version of Google Analytics by MonsterInsights, which has more than 1 million active installs at this moment. The plugin adds an attractive visitor metric widget on your website dashboard.

29+ Free WordPress Magazine Themes in 2016. Selecting a theme is as crucial as any other important stuff in the realm of WordPress, and to make sure our first choice was fit for the future, we need to look at only the better ones.

29+ Free WordPress Magazine Themes in 2016

Maybe you’re new to the blogging or don’t have enough budget to purchase a paid theme. Whatever be the case, here is a compilation of best free magazine WordPress themes. Speaking of myself, I also started with the free theme, tested a lot of them, and then went ahead with the premium ones. 8 WordPress Instagram Plugins for 2016. Implementing Instagram and its gallery into a WordPress blog or website is a dead simple process.

8 WordPress Instagram Plugins for 2016

By default, the functionality isn’t available in the base code, but it can be implemented via a right plugin. 6 WordPress Squeeze Page Creator Plugins. There are other better ways to increase email subscriptions but the easiest one is to create a Squeeze Page.

6 WordPress Squeeze Page Creator Plugins

It’s a special landing page which usually has nothing but an email subscription box, with no outbound links. These webpages can be set up by using unique themes, designed to create landing pages, or you can achieve the same using plugins as well. In the case of themes, you need to minimise the number of elements on the front page, to achieve a proper Squeeze page look, but in the case of plugins, it is extremely simple. 14+ Awesome Coffee Shop WordPress Themes. Coffee shops have grown beyond places to drink coffee to double up as meeting points for people from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds.

14+ Awesome Coffee Shop WordPress Themes

With the advent of technology, entrepreneurs are trying to embrace modern trends particularly the internet to remain competitive and capture the rapid changing needs of today’s customers. 25+ Fastest WordPress Themes in 2016. You have gathered a nice audience for your blog telling you how much they love your writing.

25+ Fastest WordPress Themes in 2016

You are making every possible effort to captivate the readers. 12+ Free bbPress Themes for WordPress Forum Website 2016. The limit to what WordPress can do is yet to find out, and with tools like bbPress, it can be used for the rarest kind of websites, i.e., forums.

12+ Free bbPress Themes for WordPress Forum Website 2016

All you need is a WordPress setup, and a right theme, supporting bbPress (or its alternatives), and you are good to go with running and managing an online forum. Let’s have a look at the best free bbPress themes for a forum. These free themes are used by thousands of users, at least, and are all good to use. So, without wasting any single second, let’s begin with the list. #1 MesoColumn It’s a simple theme but has been used by over ten thousands of users right now. Theme highlights: Full Details & Download | Demo #2 evolve It’s one of the most popular free themes at WordPress repository, and it is ready for multiple niches, including the one we are looking at. Full Details & Download | Demo #3 Make. 40 Best SEO WordPress Themes 2016. There are thousands of WordPress themes out there but choosing an SEO friendly WordPress theme comes with so many advantages.

40 Best SEO WordPress Themes 2016

Even though you have a site with quality content, it may not rank well enough to be seen by your intended audience especially if you haven’t used an SEO Optimized WordPress theme to boost your site’s visibility. WordPress is known to be very SEO friendly; however, backing up with an optimized theme is an excellent idea. Fortunately, there are also SEO plugins for WordPress that play a significant role in boosting search engine rankings. With plenty of attractive quality designs, users and the entire WordPress community are spoilt for choices. 7 WordPress Email Subscription Plugin to Grow your Mailing list. Getting the email subscriber list increased is the most basic thing every blog or website attempts to do.

7 WordPress Email Subscription Plugin to Grow your Mailing list

Email marketing hasn’t lost its importance when it comes to internet marketing and thus, it’s crucial for the success. To help you out in creating a system and then increase the number of emails subscribers, I’m writing this guide, which will focus on compiling the best WordPress email subscription plugins. One way or another, you’re going to need this system implemented on your blog. So, why not start it now? The list below consists of both free and premium tools. . #1 Bloom Let’s start with the industry standard plugin, developed by ElegantThemes. Plugin highlights: Full Details & Download #2 WP Subscriber Pro WP Subscriber Pro is an excellent choice for anyone just starting out in the quest to grow their mailing list. 32+ WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016. Fortunately, there are numerous WordPress social media plugins that you can implement on your site both free and paid.

32+ WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016

We have searched the web for the best plugins to maximize your social presence. For your convenience, we have list want we believe to be the most functional closer to the top of the page. It’s also wise to select a plugin that not only allows sharing of your posts but comprehensively integrates with social media platforms to enhance professional social media management. In this article, we shall discuss 20 popular social media plugins that you can use to ensure your site enjoys the full benefits of social media management.