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Introducing the New ACRL Annual Survey – Opens September 18. Since 1999 the ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey has gathered statistics at the national level from all types of academic libraries in the United States and Canada.

Introducing the New ACRL Annual Survey – Opens September 18

The survey is developed and overseen by the ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Editorial Board. Earlier this year, the ACRL Board approved a recommendation from the Editorial Board that ACRL create and administer its own survey instrument to make it more relevant and responsive to the needs of academic libraries. Formerly, ACRL had been using the Association of Research Libraries survey instrument with permission. Following a ten-month development process involving scores of librarians and opportunities for review and feedback, the ACRL Annual Survey has been overhauled and will open on September 18, 2015, to collect data for the 2015 fiscal year.

Fiscal year 2015 is defined as the most recent 12-month period that ends before October 1, 2015. Survey Objectives What’s New in 2015? 2014 ACRL Trends and Statistics – 3-volume kit - Books / Professional Development - Books for Academic Librarians - Bundles & Bulk Items. ACRL Statistics Portal. ACRL Value of Academic Libraries. Val_report.pdf. A Student's Guide to Evaluating Libraries in Colleges and Universities.

Selecting the college or university that you will attend is among the most important decisions you will make in your life.

A Student's Guide to Evaluating Libraries in Colleges and Universities

You should carefully examine all aspects of an academic institution including the faculty, academic programs, and facilities. While there are a wide variety of guides and lists ranking institutions, you will need to choose an institution that reflects your personal goals. One of the factors to consider when choosing your college is how well its library will help you succeed in this increasingly complex and often chaotic information age. According to some experts, the amount of information available will more than double by the time you obtain your undergraduate degree.

Therefore, locating and evaluating information are critical skills in becoming and remaining an educated individual. Your selection of a college or university should include an evaluation of the library and its services and resources. Is the library building easy to find? NCES - Academic Libraries: 2012 First Look. NCES Library Comparison. Compare Academic Libraries allows users to compare one library (the library of interest) with similar libraries (the comparison group).

NCES Library Comparison

For example, a user may wish to compare one library's total circulation with the total circulation of a group of libraries with similar total expenditures. The steps involved in using Compare Academic Libraries are: Select the library of interest for which you want to find a comparison group. Choose the basis for identifying similar libraries (the “Comparison Group”): e.g. size of staff. Choose the information you would like displayed in the report.

Fiscal Year 2012 data from the Academic Libraries Survey (ALS) are used in Compare Public Libraries. Missing Data: These data have been reviewed and edited at the state and national levels, and verified as correct by each state’s data coordinator. Transformation of the Academic Library Presentation by Kurt De Belder. Download the presentation » (.pptx: 7.6MB/49 slides) About the Speaker Kurt De Belder is University Librarian at Leiden University, Director of Leiden University Libraries and of Leiden University Press.

Transformation of the Academic Library Presentation by Kurt De Belder

Renewed library, new services - News - Libraries. Datamanagement, textmining, MOOCs, virtual research environments and a completely renewed University Library: on 11 February Leiden University Libraries presented all new for a great audience.

Renewed library, new services - News - Libraries

Are you looking for more information or were you not able to attend? Here are the details. Partner Leiden University Libraries presented a completely renovated University Library and new services in the fields of datamanagement, datamining and virtual research environments for research and education. The library also proved to be an important partner using existing services for new trends (like the copyright information service for MOOCs) and how familiar services have been modernised (like digital accessibility for special collections). In a compact programme some 200 interested visitors attended a lecture about the use of virtual research environments in education. Powerful platform to support education Interested? New services Vice-Rector opens renewed reading room Thank you all!

Z39.7 - Information Services and Use: Metrics & Statistics for Libraries and Information Providers – Data Dictionary. Bibliothèques universitaires américaines : données statistiques. Plus de public, autant de bibliothécaires. Usage de la documentation : quel impact sur la réussite des étudiants ? Emprunt en bibliothèques universitaires etréussite aux examens de licence.