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12 Most Useful .htaccess Tricks for WordPress. Intel AMT Firmware Vulnerability CVE-2017-5689. This page will be maintained to collect information, fixes, and analyses of the Intel AMT Firmare remote code execution vulnerability of May 1, 2017 (CVE-2017-5689).

Intel AMT Firmware Vulnerability CVE-2017-5689

Please link to this page, rather than any of the sub-pages. The content is likely to be split to several pages over the coming weeks as more information becomes available. Fixes, instructions, and links to updated firmware by vendors will also be collected here. What is Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) AMT enables remote management of the servers, including remote operating system installation.

Any server based on Intel processors manufactured since 2009 includes AMT (though the vulerability apparently only started shipping in 2011). The basic idea of AMT is that an auxiliary processor in the chipset uses the server's network interfaces to obtain an IP address from the network and listen for connections. The Best Hacking Tutorial Sites - Learn Legal Hacking. Written by: Daniel Robson•edited by: Aaron R.

The Best Hacking Tutorial Sites - Learn Legal Hacking

•updated: 2/13/2011 Whether it's to understand potential attack vectors or simply for the fun of it, learning the basics of hacking is something that a lot of people aspire to. Here's our list of the top tutorial based hacking sites. Introduction Films like Swordfish and Hackers have made hacking seem cool, a lifestyle choice almost. Create a Complete Virtual Environment for Penetration Testing (PART- 1) Creating a lab for testing is one of the important aspects of becoming a professional pentester (E-Hacker).

Create a Complete Virtual Environment for Penetration Testing (PART- 1)

I was creating a new Virtual Lab to my new System and I thought it would be beneficial if I share the steps here in the community. The tutorial series will have 6 parts that will include setting up multiple virtual boxes for different OS systems connected them using PFsense. (Routing Software). Tutorial Series will include: Cybrary (@cybraryIT) Cybrary - Free Online Cyber Security Training, Forever. Cybrary. Tools and tactics for digital security. Snowden-approved: The ‘Citizenfour’ hacker’s toolkit.

One of the interesting reveals at the end of Citizenfour, the recent Academy Award-winning documentary about Edward Snowden, was the thanks it gives to various security software programs.

Snowden-approved: The ‘Citizenfour’ hacker’s toolkit

The information that Snowden leaked two years ago continues to reverberate today, and it kicked off renewed interest in data security, privacy, and anonymity. Based on the closing credits in the movie, we’ve put together a guide to some of the major security software programs and operating systems available. If you’ve wanted to take steps to secure your own information, but were uncertain where to start, this article should get you headed in the right direction.

Browser Security: Tor The Tor Security Bundle is probably the best-known of the software products we’ll discuss today. Configuring Tor is relatively easy. Surveillance Self-Defense. Digital Security and Privacy for Human Rights Defenders. Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy. LAST MONTH, I met Edward Snowden in a hotel in central Moscow, just blocks away from Red Square.

Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy

Ghostery. TrackMeNot. Background Public awareness of the vulnerability of searches to systematic surveillance and logging by search engine companies, was initially raised in the wake of a case, initiated August 2005, in which the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a subpoena to Google for one week's worth of search query records (absent identifying information) and a random list of one million URLs from its Web index.


This was cited as part of its defense of the constitutionality of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA). When Google refused, the DOJ filed a motion in a Federal District Court to force compliance. Panopticlick. Cybrary Subscribers. Fwd: Check Out All of Our Free Cyber Security Courses. Web Users Must Stay Extra Wary to Fend Off Stealthy 'Malvertising'

I was visiting a Website belonging to a well-known Macintosh publication reading details about the iPhone SE when a window appeared in the lower right corner of my screen.

Web Users Must Stay Extra Wary to Fend Off Stealthy 'Malvertising'

It was an alert saying that the Malwarebytes security software I use had detected an intrusion attempt, and that the malware was being quarantined. A few minutes later, it happened again. 7 Steps to Better Data Security. Malvertising Thrives in 'Shady' Parts of Highly-Automated Ad Networks. For two days in mid-March, visitors to major news and information sites—such as the New York Times, Newsweek, The Hill and the Weather Network—may have been redirected to Web servers that attempted to infect visitors' systems with a variant of the Angler exploit kit and, ultimately, ransomware.

Malvertising Thrives in 'Shady' Parts of Highly-Automated Ad Networks

Keeping WordPress Secure - The Complete Guide to WP Security. Like most website owners, security was never top of my priorities.

Keeping WordPress Secure - The Complete Guide to WP Security

It was only when one of my websites was hacked that I realized how common it was for websites to be compromised by malicious parties. As the most popular web publishing platform on the internet (by a large margin), WordPress is a popular target for hackers and spammers. WordPress is known for being one of the most user-friendly website platforms available online, but out of the box WordPress is terribly vulnerable to attacks. According to WP White Security, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks and the total number of hacked WordPress websites in 2012 was a whopping 170,000.

How to Cite Sources & Not Steal People's Content on the Internet. The best content marketers aren't afraid to share.

How to Cite Sources & Not Steal People's Content on the Internet

Share content. Share links. Share ideas. Hackety Hack! Spelling mistake prevented hackers taking $1bn in bank heist. A spelling mistake in an online bank transfer instruction helped prevent a nearly $1bn heist last month involving the Bangladesh central bank and the New York Fed, banking officials said. Unknown hackers still managed to get away with about $80m, one of the largest known bank thefts in history.

The hackers breached Bangladesh Bank’s systems and stole its credentials for payment transfers, two senior officials at the bank said. They then bombarded the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with nearly three dozen requests to move money from the Bangladesh Bank’s account there to entities in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, the officials said. PRIVACY - How We Protect You. The only search engine that does not record your IP address. Every time you use a regular search engine, your search data is recorded. Major search engines capture your IP address and use tracking cookies to make a record of your search terms, the time of your visit, and the links you choose - then they store that information in a giant database. Those searches reveal a shocking amount of personal information about you, such as your interests, family circumstances, political leanings, medical conditions, and more.

This information is modern-day gold for marketers, government officials, black-hat hackers and criminals - all of whom would love to get their hands on your private search data. Major search engines have quietly amassed the largest database of personal information on individuals ever collected. Do A Total Background Check On Yourself. Check website. Programming and hacking. Click to enlarge Your Home Bicycle Workshop by Jim Langley Everything you need to know to build a great home bicycle workshop! Click pictures to learn more. 80+ Best Free Hacking Tutorials. Learning to become hacker is not as easy as learning to become a software developer. I realized this when I started looking for learning resources for simple hacking people do.

Even to start doing the simplest hack on own, a hacker requires to have in depth knowledge of multiple topics. Some people recommend minimum knowledge of few programming languages like C, Python, HTML with Unix operating system concepts and networking knowledge is required to start learning hacking techniques. The Ethical Hacker Network. Top 15 Open Source/Free Security/Hacking Tools. 1. Nmap Nmap (“Network Mapper”) is a free and open source (license) utility for network discovery and security auditing. Nmap uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those hosts are offering, what operating systems (and OS versions) they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics.

Researchers crack the world’s toughest encryption by listening to the tiny sounds made by your computer’s CPU. Top 10 Password Crackers. SecTools.Org: Top 125 Network Security Tools For more than a decade, the Nmap Project has been cataloguing the network security community's favorite tools. Defensible network architecture. IT Security. Opencall - Open Source Call Tracking Software.

The Best Hacking Tutorial Sites - Learn Legal Hacking - StumbleUpon. Scan IP Addresses for Malicious Activity - BETA. Top 100 Network Security Tools. Learn How To Hack - Ethical Hacking and security tips. Hacker ethic. HackerspaceWiki.

80+ Best Free Hacking Tutorials. How To Become A Hacker. Hacker (programmer subculture) Criminal Record, Background Check, Trace email, Phone Number lookup, People search, cell phone number search, License Plate Search. Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications. Threat Encyclopedia. The Real Science Behind Cracking Passwords. Free and Open Source Cyber Security Learning.