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Sabrina Amrani Gallery - Contact. Fabian Oefner is a curious investigator,... Silk – Interactive Generative Art. The English Group - Portfolio. FROELICK GALLERY - Home. Número 1 en información sobre el mercado del arte - Subastas. Every fortnight Artprice presents a theme-based auction ranking.

número 1 en información sobre el mercado del arte - Subastas

This week, the 10 best auction results for photographs between January and November 2012. Since 1980, on an alternate year basis, November has been Photography Month in the French capital. Even if the success of this "month" has become European under the aegis of EMoP (European Month of Photography) for already the last 5 editions, Paris has remained its central market with the fervent ambition to be the global capital for photography.

In response to this determination (initially institutional), the market has rapidly risen to the occasion. In its 17th edition, the International Fair Paris-Photo is the cornerstone of the season, especially as many art critics describe it as most important fair of its kind. The Top 10 lots traded between January and November 2012 clearly reflect this reality: 80% of the best results were generated during the spring sales with the remaining 20% recorded in February. Art Moscow. Un nuevo concepto de galería » Descubrir el Arte, la revista líder de arte en español. La NEW Gallery se suma a la oferta cultural madrileña con una revisión del concepto tradicional de sala de exposiciones, enfocado a la creación joven en España, a la democratización creativa y a la participación Mientras los centros neurálgicos del arte contemporáneo se retraen para capear la crisis, de vez en cuando brotan, contra todo pronóstico, pequeñas iniciativas independientes alimentadas casi exclusivamente por el entusiasmo y la valentía.

Un nuevo concepto de galería » Descubrir el Arte, la revista líder de arte en español

La NEW Gallery, inaugurada el pasado 4 de octubre, es una de estas iniciativas, vertebrada en torno a una nueva forma de mirar y de entender la creación, y muy enfocada hacia los nuevos talentos. Este nuevo punto de encuentro creativo se ubica en la Calle Carranza, en la frontera entre los barrios de Chamberí y Universidad. La NEW Gallery Madrid – Calle Carranza, 6. PledgeMusic. ❖ARTS❖ DEPALUARTE created by yaretsalamanca based on The Artist Lair. Touch Effects. Acrylic Painting Techniques. If you have read my first page about acrylic painting techniques you have learned about the basic techniques.

Acrylic Painting Techniques

Acrylic is such a versatile medium, however, that one web page cannot hope to cover all the options. So, on this page, I will show you four more acrylic painting techniques. Flat Paint: This particular technique is characteristic of acrylics. By layering enough paint down, you create a flat, poster-like look, without tonal changes in the areas of colors. Acrylics allow each area of color to be contained with well defined outlines and filled in with a flat, even color. It pays off to make your own stencils. For stenciling, it is a good idea to use thicker paint (medium consistency) with a sponge or a stenciling brush. Remove the stencils carefully when working with thick paint as it will form a hard layer. Art contemporain poésie Lili-oto - Lili-oto artiste Art Contemporain. Nous ne sommes pas à l’extrémité de notre existence mais au bord de son existence. Artistes, notre univers des possibles se heurte et est confronté à de vieux arrière-mondes politiques plongés dans la corruption et le renoncement.

Nous vies sont sacrifiées pour assouvir la violence des riches, la barbarie et la cupidité de ces richissimes fortunés. Depaluarte. The Korean art galleries that add eye-popping optical tricks to tourists' holiday snaps. By Chris Parsons Published: 13:20 GMT, 2 July 2012 | Updated: 15:23 GMT, 2 July 2012 Propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or hanging from a cliff face are not what most most would expect when visiting the average art gallery or museum.

The Korean art galleries that add eye-popping optical tricks to tourists' holiday snaps

But not content with simply looking at works of art, visitors to this bizarre museum in Busan, South Korea are able to 'interact' with the pieces thanks to mind-bending optical illusions. Anyone wondering what they would look like walking on a tightrope or held in the grip of a giant snake can find out in the 'Trick Eye' Museum, which uses cleverly manipulated paintings to really put visitors in the picture. Sketch Swap. Strobe Illusion - Stare into the Strobe and begin to hallucinate! Art's great nudes have gone skinny. Art. Art. Sketch of Voronoi. Optical Illusions funny, scary and amazing optical illusion magic to fool your eyes.

ART. Inside the Sketchbooks of Famous Artists. Teacher creates works of art during lunch break. Draw a Vermeer with just one line. 40 Free Tutorials on Advanced Drawing Techniques. Digital art international: the international portal & community dedicated to digital art. 30 Amazing Large Scale Street Art Murals From Around The World. Who said that size doesn’t matter?

30 Amazing Large Scale Street Art Murals From Around The World

“My Modern Met” recently asked if street art was getting bigger, and our answer is yes. In order to prove that, we even handpicked a list of 30 wonderful large scale street art murals from around the world. If you think we missed something awesome – feel free to post it in the comment section below the post. 1. Ordes, Spain Image Credits: 2. Image Credits: sam3 3. Image Credits: 4. Image Credits: escif 5. Image Credits: Os Gemeos Image Credits: 7. Image Credits: 8. Image Credits: blu 9. 10. Image Credits: aryz 11. Image Credits: 12. 13. The Colour Clock. Grant Kot. Liquid Particles - canvas experiment.

Seaquence. DeviantART muro. MAV mujeres en las artes visuales/ women in the visual arts. Zach Lieberman: Interactive Art. Draw a Stickman. Art. CONSORCIO DE GALERÍAS DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO. Pixalated Magazine Sculptures - The Yun-Woo Choi Art Pieces are Phenomenal 3D Installations. Consejo de Críticos de Artes Visuales.

American International Fine Art Fair 2013. Jason Edward Kaufman, art reviews, news and opinion.

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