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Swiss Candy Jewelry

Swiss Candy Jewelry
I call it Swiss Candy Jewelry because it loosely resembles Swiss cheese and the Haribo Gummi candies they sell all over central Europe. Similar to the process used in the Sparkling and Melting Flowers, this tutorial uses the magical properties of #6 recyclable plastic. Materials: * Five #6 recyclable plastic cups * Heat source (like a well ventilated oven) * Chain or wire to use as necklace base and links * Pliers Cost: Free for me (I already had cups leftover from a party and an old junk necklace, but I imagine this could be assembled for less than $10) Time: 60 minutes for the blue statement necklace, 20 minutes for the pink pendant 1. 4. Variation in pink.

Tutorial: Springy Rings Apr12th2010 I’m sure these tutorials of mine are all starting to look the same. That’s because they are. Haha, enjoy. Supplies 2 colors of coordinating fabric (or not. * I ordered a bunch of these little rings from an Etsy shop called The Perfect Bead. Instructions I chose two coordinating fabrics in peachy/pink shades. Cut 5 circles from the first fabric, varying from 1 inch in diameter down to about 3/4 inch. Use your lighter to singe the edges of each circle. Stack your “petals”, alternating between the two types of fabric, with the largest circles on the bottom and the smallest on the top. Run your needle and thread through the center of the stack to secure. Stitch or glue beads, pearls, rhinestones, or anything else you have onto the center of your flower. Glue the back of the flower to the little pad on the ring and you’re finished! These little rings make great gifts for birthdays, bridesmaids, or even Mother’s Day.

iLoveToCreate: Burnt Offerings Decoupage Necklace iLoveToCreate Retrofabulous CraftsBurnt Offerings Decoupage NecklaceMargot Potter In 2009 I published a book called Beyond the Bead. It is by far my favorite book. MaterialsOld book pages Wooden craft stars Traci Bautista Aleene's Collage Pauge Matte Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer Matte Tiny key charms Crystal beads Aged brass chain Clasp 10mm gold tone or aged brass jump rings Tools Chain nose pliers Bent nose pliers Wood burning tool Attach paper to star using Collage Pauge. Seal the top of the star with decoupage medium, after it dries repeat. for the opposite side. Use a wood burning tool to CAREFULLY burn the edges of the stars and add some burned areas in the centers. If your stars are not pre-drilled, use a 1/16" drill bit to drill a hole at the top of one point on each star.

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Valentines Day Necklace If you missed it, a little bit ago I was lucky enough to be able to guest post over at Tatertots & Jello! I came up with a sweet necklace for Valentines Day but the technique is versatile enough to be able to make a similar necklace for any occasion! Here's the tutorial: My favorite craft of all time is jewelry making. With Valentines Day right around the corner, I thought I would whip up a girly necklace with Valentines Day colors! I'll give you a heads up: by looking at this necklace it LOOKS like it is difficult to make, but really jewelry making is simple after you learn a few basic techniques! The first thing I did for this necklace was gather up some red, pink, and purple beads. The findings you will need for this project are chain, head pins, a clasp and jump rings. The tools needed for this necklace are needle nose pliers (I prefer bent-nose needle nose pliers), wire cutters, and round nose pliers. Next, grab a head pin and string on a purple bead. Add on a red bead Got it?

Anthropologie Bonheur Necklace Tutorial Jan12th2010 A few months ago (okay, six), I posted a photo of an Anthropologie-inspired necklace I made on a whim. I had a few requests for a tutorial, and I know it took me FOREVER… but here it is! A few things to note: I strung the pearls on one 64″ strand of jewelry wire, folded in half. You can use two completely separate strands of pearls if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of figuring out the jewelry clasp and all that.If you aren’t familiar with using a lighter to seal the edges of fabric, be extremely careful. If you liked this, you may want to check out my other Anthropologie-Inspired Floral Necklace Tutorial.

A beaded fabric flower necklace tutorial Lately, I've noticed both Etsy and Anthro featuring fabric beaded necklaces. I've also noticed a lot of fabric flowers. So, I decided to combine the two and make myself this necklace. I was going for a Halloween type vibe, but I think it can pass for a post Halloween necklace too. Below is a tutorial on how to make the necklace. Supplies Necklace fabric: 2" to 3" strip by width of fabric (43"). Instructions Step 1. 1) To determine how wide the casing should be, wrap the fabric around your bead and make note of how much fabric was used. 4) Dab the fabric ends with fray check. Step 2. 1) Insert one bead at a time through the casing. 2) With matching thread, wrap and tie off the end of the right bead. 3) Insert your needle under the fabric and pull the thread through. 4) Once the needle and thread have reached the space between the 2 beads, wrap the thread around the space. 5) With the needle still threaded, repeat the last 2 steps (3 & 4) to the end of the necklace. Good news! Enjoy!

8 Clever Uses for Plastic Straws Have you ever pried a straw out of the mouth of a young child, only to find it macerated and dripping in saliva? Let’s all let out a collective “eeeewww.” In general, my “clever uses” articles are meant to teach people how to get a second use out of something disposable. In the case of straws, I’m honestly going to have to suggest that you be very picky about which straws you reuse. I really don’t expect anyone to reuse chewed up, spit-covered drinking straws. Now: It is not too gross to wash plastic drinking straws and save them for DIY projects. When the plastic drinking straws are clean and dry and you’ve amassed a decent-sized collection, try your hand at one of the following projects. Drinking straw lamp shade: The L.A. The straw cluster chandelier: Design Sponge featured a spiky-looking straw cluster chandelier. Woven coasters: According to Country Living, woven drinking straws are a great material to make coasters from. Do you have any great uses for drinking straws?

DIY Red Statement Necklace So... you guys sick of jewelry tutorials yet? I have some things keeping me busy at home currently so my crafting time has been --- zilp. Thus I'm working through my stash of phototurials I've done of jewelry projects but not posted yet! (PST! DIY Red Statement Necklace I bought these red beads from a bead show just knowing they could be PERFECT for some kind of bib statement necklace. Supplies Supplies needed are oval beads, chain, head pins, eye pins, a clasp and jump rings, as well as needle nose pliers, round nose pliers, and wire cutters. <a HREF=" Steps First step is to make a simple loop with a head pin for the bottom bead of each of the strands that we will connect to the necklace. Next step is to connect the loop of the bottom bead unto an eye pin using needle nose pliers. Repeat for each of your strands like so: Attach the top lop of each strand onto a piece of chain equal distance apart. All hooked together. Here's the completed bib: Oh so sauuuvayyy,

DIY Bobby Pins This year, I'd really like to stay on top of birthday gifts. It seems like I'm always making a last-minute run to the toy store on the way to the birthday party. Not this year. I'm going to stay ahead of the game by making birthday gifts ahead of time so they're ready to go well before the party arrives. I've given these bobby pins to several of my friends' daughters and they're always a hit. Step 2: Cut circles of fabric to fit the button form. Step 3: Cover the buttons according to package directions. Step 4: Using needle-nose pliers, gently remove the shanks from the buttons. Step 5: Use a small amount of glue to to adhere the buttons to the bobby pins. (Tip: The glue expands as it dries, so take it easy on the glue.) All done. Do you like covering things with fabric? ***UPDATE*** I've received a lot of specific questions about this project.

beaded heart necklace I have a little jewelry tutorial to share with you today it's a sweet, simple (don't feel intimidated if you are new to jewelry making it is simple) and fun addition to any outfit during this valentines month that gets us all in the mood for sweethearts and chocolate...a beaded heart necklace. Supplies: seed beads in three colors head pins wire jump rings chain jewelry tools including round nose pliers and flush cutters and if you are new to jewelry making familiarize yourself with wire wrapping HERE as you will need to know how to do this. Simply follow the pattern below and slip the beads onto the headpins. Wire wrapping at the tops of each row. When all of your rows of beads are assembled cut a long piece of wire (I used 20 gauge for this) and wire wrap one end then slip the rows of beads on in order with a white bead in between each row and close the opposite end with another wire wrap. Add some chain with jump rings and viola your done! Pattern: Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

Recycled PET Bottle Christmas Stars Once upon a time, bottle bases were recycled to make glass tiles. Today, we can recycle the bottoms of plastic water, juice or olive oil bottles into twinkling stars with a snip of the scissors. These transparent decorations reflect light from every direction and make eye-catching beaded garlands or hanging decorations suspended from a bit of wire. For a set of five stars and three snowflakes, set aside eight plastic bottles. To make a star, cut out triangle-shaped shapes from the sides. For a hanging ornament, cut out two identical stars and hang them back to back. For a garland, start with a long piece of string (at least 1.5 m). Beading Arts: Crocheted Pearls - part one When I found a gorgeous strand of top-drilled pearls at a gem and bead show, I knew that they would need a design that allowed them to show off! I began by creating several strands of single crochet with the pearls on silver wire, and then embellished each strand with loops of seed beads. The necklace was finished off with single strands of strung beads so that it would be comfortable against the back of the neck. Materials & Tools60 top-drilled pearls 2 colors of 8/0 seed beads 2 colors of Delica seed beads 28 gauge silver wire Nymo thread 6 inches of 20 gauge silver wire 2 bead caps or cones Softflex beading wire, .019 inch diameter 4 2mm crimp tubes Assorted Czech glass fire-polished crystals, 4, 6, & 8mm Stone beads and additional pearls (optional) Toggle claspCrochet hook (I used a size H, 5mm) Wire cutters Beading needles Watch-case cement Measuring tape Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers File Creating the crocheted front 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Copyright 2012 Cyndi Lavin.

diy {bird nest necklace} I have been seeing a lot of bird nest jewelry around lately. They are beautiful and I love the trend so I thought I would try making my own. These turned out to be really easy to make and require just a few simple supplies. What you'll need: - Jewelry wire (I prefer using a 24 gage because it is easier to manipulate but the 20 gage can work well too with the help of some round nose pliers) - pearls or glass beads - necklace chain - jump ring and a clasp Select the beads you want, string them onto your wire and arrange them as you'd like. then simply wrap the wire around the beads wrap some wire in the space between each bead (I like the look of three loops but you could just do one or two if you prefer) this is what the back looked like. now attach a jump ring and a clasp to the end of a necklace chain and this is what you end up with :) I love how each one is so different just to show you the difference between the 20 and 24 gage... I think this one is my favorite

Party Favour Boxes from Recycled Plastic Bottles – Step-by-Step Tutorial | Kids Birthday Party Ideas Difficult to believe that these five party favour boxes were once plastic bottles that contained soft drinks. By recycling plastic bottles in this way, you not only do your bit for Mother Earth, but you also have quite unique favour boxes for your child’s birthday party. Older children can make these boxes too, but please supervise the cutting procedures. You can use the bottles as is and just decorate with ribbons and a bows, and add small items for further decoration. You can paint them, decoupage them, cover them with modge-podge or white glue that dries clear and add glitter or simply add a few stickers for decoration purposes. You can fill them with snacks or anything else that will suit the theme of your child’s birthday party. The party favour boxes are made in the same way as the small snackholders I showed you a few weeks ago but with the big (2 liter) soft drink plastic bottles. Gather enough bottles for the number of party guests you are going to invite.