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The State of HTML5 Gaming. Browser based Games Not that long ago, the idea of playing video games in your browser seemed like fantasy.

The State of HTML5 Gaming

Oh sure, we’ve had simple DOM card/board games and some Flash based games for quite a while (Elf Bowling anyone?) But nothing good built solely on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A UI/UX Specialized Entrepreneur. JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging. Harp, the static web server with built-in preprocessing.


Online JavasScript Tutor - Visualize program execution. JsPerf: JavaScript performance playground. JavaScript tests, compatibility tables and examples. Andrew McGivery. Working with the modern web and APIs is great… if you are only supporting the most up to date browsers.

Andrew McGivery

If you need to support IE8, it gets tricky. IE8 has many restrictions on sending AJAX requests including not being a fan of Cross-domains requests, and http-https requests. Windows XP, that’s why. Windows XP is still a HUGE player in the OS game, and thanks to some decisions at Microsoft, if you are on Windows XP, you can’t upgrade from IE8 to IE9. Because of this, IE8 still manages to keep a 9.3% market share worldwide, 36.8% if your users are from china. Regexper.


Challenges. Node.js and the new web front-end. Front-end engineers have a rather long and complicated history in software engineering.

Node.js and the new web front-end

For the longest time, that stuff you sent to the browser was “easy enough” that anyone could do it and there was no real need for specialization. Many claimed that so-called web developers were nothing more than graphic designers using a different medium. The thought that one day you would be able to specialize in web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was laughable at best – the UI was, after all, something anyone could just hack together and have work. JavaScript was the technology that really started to change the perception of web developers, changing them into front-end engineers. This quirky little toy language that many software engineers turned their noses up at became the driving force of the Internet.

The two UI layers Even after the Ajax boom, the front-end engineer was seen as primarily working with technologies inside of a browser window. Enter Node.js. Ie. Complete!


We're on it Planned Offline by default: Hoodie stores data locally first and syncs them in the background when possible. Great for mobile applications One-line signup/signin/signout/resend password and other account management functions Document-based storage with CouchDB: no building database schemas Event system: easily listen for changes in the data to trigger view updates JavaScript and JSON on every layer. Even the database queries are JS Convenient, super simple local dev setup that optionally even configures .dev-domains for you Deploy to Nodejitsu with minimal effort Flexible, npm-based plugin system in case you need more capability Send multi-part emails with attachments from the client Powerful, fine-grained sharing settings for even the tiniest piece of data Receive payments from your users Authenticate with other services (Twitter, GitHub, etc.)

Hoodie hosting for even simpler deployment Remove jQuery dependency. PouchDB, the JavaScript Database that Syncs! Brick.

JS Libraries

Lo-Dash. Lessons From A Review Of JavaScript Code. Advertisement Before we start, I’d like to pose a question: when was the last time you asked someone to review your code?

Lessons From A Review Of JavaScript Code

Reviewing code is possibly the single best technique to improve the overall quality of your solutions, and if you’re not actively taking advantage of it, then you’re missing out on identifying bugs and hearing suggestions that could make your code better. None of us write 100% bug-free code all of the time, so don’t feel there’s a stigma attached to seeking help. Some of the most experienced developers in our industry, from framework authors to browser developers, regularly request reviews of their code from others; asking whether something could be tweaked should in no way be considered embarrassing.

Reviews are a technique like any other and should be used where possible. AngularJS-Learning/ at master · jmcunningham/AngularJS-Learning. Css - How to update and include Twitter Bootstrap 3 on webapp or yo angular. Kickstart Your AngularJS Development with Yeoman, Grunt and Bower. Whether you love or hate it, there’s no denying that AngularJS is the framework on every developer’s lips.

Kickstart Your AngularJS Development with Yeoman, Grunt and Bower

It may not be for everybody, but AngularJS has a quirky, efficient and powerful feature set. Couple that with a few useful development tools like Yeoman, Grunt and Bower and you’ve got yourself an incredibly fast rapid prototyping process. What we’ll cover This AngularJS tutorial will cover: Generating a bare bones AngularJS app with YeomanUsing Grunt to speed up development and help perform repetitive tasksUsing Bower to add third party plugins/frameworksMaking minor changes to your AngularJS app. How to Create a Mobile Panel with jQuery Mobile. In terms of screen size, mobile devices have smaller screens than a PC monitor.

How to Create a Mobile Panel with jQuery Mobile

When viewing webpages or apps, there are some elements that are translated to accommodate this screen limit. Commonly, there is a button at the right or left, which will reveal hidden elements when it is tapped. Take the Facebook app for iOS as an example; if you tap the icon on the left side, it reveals the link menus to navigate the app, while if you tap the icon on the right side, it will reveal your online contacts. Most of today’s apps apply a similar approach.

In our previous post, Jake has shown you how to build this kind of function from scratch using jQuery. jQuery Mobile is a framework that is specifically designed to build user interface and interaction for mobile devices – like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian. Recommended Reading: Ultimate Resources For Mobile Web Application Design Requirement HTML Markup Depending on the App you build, Panel can be anything.

CSS and Theme.