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Women Underrepresented in Clinical Trials: Why That’s a Problem. Experts say women are underrepresented in clinical trials for new medications.They say this sometimes results in women having more side effects to drugs due to incorrect dosages or biological differences.Experts maintain that a greater effort must be made to increase the number of women in trials, especially in early phases.

Women Underrepresented in Clinical Trials: Why That’s a Problem

Women are at greater risk for adverse side effects from medications due to a lack of female representation in clinical trials. That’s according to recent research on the issue. In one study, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Chicago analyzed data from thousands of articles from medical journals. They say they found a gender gap in drug doses for 86 medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“Sex inequality hides in plain sight today: most drugs are prescribed to women and men at the same dose,” the study authors wrote. For decades, women were often excluded from clinical drug trials. Dr. Male Menopause: Overview, Symptoms, and Treatment. Male menopause” is the more common term for andropause.

Male Menopause: Overview, Symptoms, and Treatment

It describes age-related changes in male hormone levels. The same group of symptoms is also known as testosterone deficiency, androgen deficiency, and late-onset hypogonadism. Male menopause involves a drop in testosterone production in men who are age 50 or older. Heart Attack Symptoms in Men and Women. If you ask about the symptoms of a heart attack, most people think of chest pain.

Heart Attack Symptoms in Men and Women

Over the last couple of decades, however, scientists have learned that heart attack symptoms aren’t always so clear-cut. Symptoms may show up in different ways and can depend on a number of factors, such as whether you’re a man or a woman, what type of heart disease you have, and how old you are. It’s important to dig a little deeper to understand the variety of symptoms that may indicate a heart attack. Uncovering more information can help you learn when to help yourself and your loved ones. The sooner you get help for a heart attack, the better your chances for a complete recovery. Doctors, however, overwhelmingly encourage people to get help if they suspect they’re experiencing early heart attack symptoms. Even if you’re wrong, going through some testing is better than suffering long-term heart damage or other health issues because you waited too long.

Hormonal contraceptives in migraine: threats and opportunities - On Health. © kieferpix / Getty Images / iStock What are the latest breakthroughs and challenges in migraine treatment?

Hormonal contraceptives in migraine: threats and opportunities - On Health

It is a great moment for migraine treatment because we have new drugs for the prevention of acute attacks. The first of those new drugs, erenumab, is already available in the USA and hopefully it will soon become available in other countries. Other drugs such as fremanezumab, galcanezumab and eptinezumab are on the way. Hormonal contraceptives in migraine: threats and opportunities - On Health. Why are women predisposed to autoimmune rheumatic diseases? In the current issue of Arthritis Research & Therapy, Jacqueline Oliver and Alan Silman explore the various factors that influence susceptibility to the major autoimmune connective tissue disorders, in search for an explanation for the high female-to-male predisposition ratio.

Why are women predisposed to autoimmune rheumatic diseases?

Autoimmune diseases of all organ sites and systems affect approximately 8% of the population, around 78% of whom are women. The majority of studies into this female predominance have focused on examining the affect of hormonal fluctuations on disease risk. Oliver and Silman provide a detailed review of these hormonal influences, as well as genetics and gender differences in lifestyle factors, focusing on rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and scleroderma. The authors convey the complexity of autoimmune disease susceptibility and the need for further studies to disentangle the many contributing factors. How 1.3 million women are transforming our understanding of lifestyle factors that affect our health. “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”Robert F.

How 1.3 million women are transforming our understanding of lifestyle factors that affect our health

Kennedy We’re often told in one way or another that the actions we take can make a difference – voting in elections, turning the light switch off to save energy. THE MILLION WOMEN STUDY. Home → Introduction Welcome to The Million Women Study What is The Million Women Study?


The Million Women Study started recruiting participants more than 20 years ago, in 1996. The initial stimulus was to obtain robust prospective information on the risk of breast cancer associated with use of different types of menopausal hormone therapy. When planning the necessary large-scale prospective study, an equally important aim was to obtain reliable information on the effects of other potentially modifiable factors that affect women’s health as they age. Who is taking part in the study? What is the Million Women Study investigating? Who is involved in conducting the study? Explaining inequalities in women’s heart disease risk. The female problem: how male bias in medical trials ruined women's health. From the earliest days of medicine, women have been considered inferior versions of men.

The female problem: how male bias in medical trials ruined women's health

In On the Generation of Animals, the Greek philosopher Aristotle characterised a female as a mutilated male, and this belief has persisted in western medical culture. “For much of documented history, women have been excluded from medical and science knowledge production, so essentially we’ve ended up with a healthcare system, among other things in society, that has been made by men for men,” Dr Kate Young, a public health researcher at Monash University in Australia, tells me. Young’s research has uncovered how doctors fill knowledge gaps with hysteria narratives. This is particularly prevalent when women keep returning to the doctor, stubbornly refusing to be saved. The female problem: how male bias in medical trials ruined women's health. New medical procedure could delay menopause by 20 years. A medical procedure that aims to allow women to delay the menopause for up to 20 years has been launched by IVF specialists in Britain.

New medical procedure could delay menopause by 20 years

Doctors claim the operation could benefit thousands of women who experience serious health problems, such as heart conditions and bone-weakening osteoporosis, that are brought on by the menopause. But the specialists believe the same procedure could also improve the lives of millions more women by delaying the onset of more common symptoms of the menopause, which range from low mood, anxiety and difficulty sleeping, to hot flushes, night sweats and a reduced sex drive. The procedure, which costs between £7,000 and £11,000, is being offered to women up to the age of 40 through ProFam, a Birmingham-based company set up by Simon Fishel, an IVF doctor and president of the UK Care Fertility Group, in collaboration with other specialists. Heart Failure May Be More Lethal in Women. 9 Health Numbers Every Woman Should Know. Effects of Childbearing on Maternal Health. Uncovering the true burden of health complications experienced by women: special supplement to<i> IJGO</i> published.

Reducing US Maternal Mortality as a Human Right. Overview of Maternal Health as a Human Rights Issue in the United States The health of women around the time of pregnancy is an important priority in the United States and worldwide.

Reducing US Maternal Mortality as a Human Right

There are over 4 million births in the United States each year.1 Childbearing women and newborns account for nearly one quarter of all hospital stays each year, making childbirth by far the most common reason for hospitalization.2 As a result, efforts to improve maternal health have a wide impact. Maternal mortality is also a significant human rights issue.3,6–8 Preventable maternal mortality is associated with the violation of a variety of human rights, including the mother’s right to life, the right to freedom from discrimination, and the right to health and quality health care.3,8 As with infant mortality and life expectancy, maternal mortality is considered to be one of the main markers of the health of a nation and a bellwether indicator by which both human rights and public health can be evaluated. שדולת הנשים - תחלואה בקרב נשים: סיבות מוות עיקריות, הלמ"ס, 2011ג: לוח 3.24 על פי נתונים שנאספו בשנת 2010, בישראל, תוחלת החיים של הנשים הערביות נמוכה ב-2.7 שנים מתוחלת החיים של הנשים היהודיות.

Bmj. 162. Types of Gynecologic Cancers - Foundation for Women's Cancer. Vulvar Cancer - Foundation for Women's Cancer. Cancer of the vulva is a rare tumor with the most recent cancer statistics reporting that approximately 5,000 women in the United States are afflicted annually. It forms in a woman’s external genitalia. The vulva includes the inner and outer lips of the vagina, the clitoris, and the opening of the vagina and its glands.

Fortunately, vulvar cancer is highly curable if detected at an early stage; however, treatment can have significant adverse effects on body image, sexual function, as well as bladder and rectal function. Lower extremity lymphedema, a form of chronic swelling which results from the disruption of lymphatic drainage in the groin, is a long-term complication and is, for the most part, irreversible. Protection from infection with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), including an HPV vaccination, reduces the risk of vulvar cancer. The Foundation offers educational materials that explore this in more depth. Period pain: why do so many women suffer from menstrual cramps in silence? I’d never been squeamish about talking about bodily functions.

At university, I was a peer contraceptive counselor (meaning I handed out condoms on the quad and happily explained the inner workings of our reproductive systems to fellow students) and I’ve gone so far as to solicit drawing of vulvas from people, so I was surprised that when I started experiencing menstrual cramps so bad that I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, I kept quiet. Despite the fact that the pain made it so hard for me to go to work, it took me a year to tell my boss.

And I hardly mentioned it to my closest friends and family. Dysmenorrhea, the technical term for extreme period pain, is a common problem. Period-pain-scientists-finally-work-out-why-menstruation-hurts-so-much-a7092981. התבגרות מינית מוקדמת בנערות מה עושים? Doctors. אבחון עצמי אונליין - Doctors. מאחר שעברת כריתת רחם, אין חשש שיתפתח אצלך סרטן הרחם עקב שימוש באסטרוגן. בגרות מינית - מידע רפואי - סימפטומים.

עוברת בתורשה: התבגרות מינית מוקדמת. התפתחות מינית נורמטיבית של ילדים ומתבגרים. ההתפתחות המינית מתחילה בעוברות, לפני הלידה ומושפעת מגורמים ביולוגיים, פסיכולוגיים וחברתיים. ביטויי מיניות וחינוך מיני מתחילים מהלידה ונמשכים לאורך מעגל החיים, לכל שלב בהתפתחות יש ביטוי בהתנהגות המינית.יחסם של ילדים צעירים למין הוא יחס של סקרנות. הסתכלות ומגע הן תופעות נורמליות ורגילות. מעטים הילדים אשר מחפשים עוררות והנאה מינית כבדומה למבוגרים. הריון. 8 Sneaky Heart Attack Symptoms Women Might Be Ignoring. Can You Miss the Signs of Heart Disease or a Heart Attack?

Women's Heart Risk After Menopause Follows Hormone Levels. For post menopausal women, higher ratios of testosterone to estradiol hormones were associated with elevated cardiovascular risk, an observational analysis showed. Each standard deviation greater log-transformed testosterone/estradiol ratio was associated with increased likelihood of experiencing incident cardiovascular disease (CVD), coronary heart disease (CHD), and heart failure (HF) over a median 12.1 years of follow-up: CVD: HR 1.19 (95% CI 1.02 to 1.40)CHD: HR 1.45 (95% CI 1.19 to 1.78)HF: HR 1.31 (95% CI 1.01 to 1.70) Additionally, according to Di Zhao, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, and colleagues:, women had greater risks for CVD events (HR 1.14, 95% CI 1.01 to 1.29) and CHD (HR 1.20, 95% CI 1.03 to 1.40) per standard deviation in total testosterone. Both sex hormone binding globulin and dehydroepiandrosterone levels were not significantly tied to any specific cardiovascular outcomes.

Slow Medicine: Preventing Falls, Managing Menopausal Symptoms. New Guidelines for Fall Prevention The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently updated their recommendations regarding fall prevention among adults over age 65. The only fall-prevention intervention with at least moderate supporting evidence is regular exercise (although some multi-component interventions have shown some benefit, "evidence was most consistent across multiple fall-related outcomes for exercise").

Unfortunately, many other attempts to prevent falls have not consistently proven successful, including the use of vitamin D supplementation -- which had been recommended in the previous version of the guidelines. In addition to discussing regular exercise, we carefully review the medication list for older patients and prune those not providing benefit. Gizmodo. Women's heart attack symptoms can often be subtle, such as extreme fatigue, chest pressure and pain, dizziness, nausea.

(Julia Yellow for The Washington Post/Julia Yellow for The Washington Post) What is Menopause and how long does it last? We may apply anti-aging lotions and potions to our skin, but you cannot hold back time forever - and the arrival of the menopause is a milestone on life's journey into older age. Menopause is more relevant now than even 50 years ago because we live longer. We’re also working for longer too, which is why controlling your menopause symptoms is crucial to keeping your career on track.

Discussing menopause has often been considered taboo, with it euphemistically referred to as The Change. שירותי בריאות כללית. Scientific findings. The Nurses' Health Studies have made important contributions to scientific knowledge and public health. The success of these studies is due to the long-standing dedication of participants and investigators. Has "Bikini Medicine" Affected You? - Menopause Matters Today. Aspirin for Women: Yes or No? Are screening mammograms worth it after age 70? Aging: What to expect - Mayo Clinic. Adverse Effects of Bisphosphonates: Implications for Osteoporosis Management.

Weight Gain in Women at Midlife: A Concise Review of the Pathophysiology and Strategies for Management - Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Sex and Gender Course. The cause of hotflashes and what can be safely done to deal with them. American Heart Association - Search Results. How to overcome menopause symptoms the natural way and the things to avoid eating. 'Master regulator' in genes may make women more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. Diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and older men in the UK: National Osteoporosis Guideline Group (NOGG) update 2013. The North American Menopause Society Recommendations for Clinical Care of Midlife Women. The role of dietary protein and vitamin D in maintaining musculoskeletal health in postmenopausal women: A consensus statement from the European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis (ESCEO)

The ten point guide to the integral management of menopausal health. EMAS position statement: Non-hormonal management of menopausal vasomotor symptoms. Canadian Consensus on Female Nutrition: Adolescence, Reproduction, Menopause, and Beyond. Are Menopause Supplements Effective? Plant-Based Therapies and Menopausal Symptoms. Recommendations of the Spanish Menopause Society on the consumption of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids by postmenopausal women. Weight Gain in Women at Midlife: A Concise Review of the Pathophysiology and Strategies for Management - Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Well women breast cancer prevention. Group 8 Well Women Article. NRS 230 Group 3 Well Women Visit Reform. Group1WellWoman. PelvicFloorMuscleTraining. The Evolution of the Birth Control Pill. Group 7 Well-Women Article. Group 10: Smoking is a Women’s Health Issue Across the Life Cycle. Well Women Article Group 9 Kaitlin, Eric, Eric, Bernadette.

Well Women- Mammography and Risk of Cancers. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention for Women. Unusual Signs Of Stroke In Women You Didn't Know About. Menopause - Self-management. Lifestyle change: “I know what to do, I just need to do it…but how?” - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publications. Intensive lifestyle change: It works, and it’s more than diet and exercise - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publications. 5 W's of Heart Attacks in Women (Infographic) Dear Cleveland Clinic: It’s food, not poison, for crying out loud!

A beginner's guide to sex differences in the brain. Store: Mayo Clinic – The Menopause Solution.