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Sustainable Music. Review – Ecomusicology. A Joint Project of the Ecocriticism Study Group of the American Musicological Society & the Ecomusicology Special Interest Group of the Society for Ethnomusicology.

Review – Ecomusicology

Fatto di Fiemme’: Stradivari’s violins and the musical trees of the Paneveggio – Ecomusicology @ UD 2017. Aaron S.

Fatto di Fiemme’: Stradivari’s violins and the musical trees of the Paneveggio – Ecomusicology @ UD 2017

Allen’s article, “‘Fatto di Fiemme’: Stradivari’s violins and the musical trees of the Paneveggio,” discusses the issues of sustainability or musical instruments. He focuses on the paneveggio to discuss this issue. A microclimate in the Val di Fiemme has allowed for the ideal growth of the Paneveggian Spruce, resonance wood, which is used in the construction of musical instruments.

Because of this, the area is now known as the forest of violins. Stradivarius violins have been made using this wood. Book of Music and Nature-Audio Companion. Follow index.

Book of Music and Nature-Audio Companion

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. When I wake up, I go through my music collection to find the music I feel like hearing.

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

It may be a Bach concerto, an old Lead Belly album, an Indian morning raga, or one of my favourite contemporary African pop stars. When I drive to work, I can effortlessly flip channels between pop, rock, jazz, country, bluegrass, opera, and the Wiggles, depending on mood and company. My phone extends and personalizes the choice almost infinitely. Les guitares Gibson ont trop saigné le bois malgache. Sustainable Music. Ecomusicology.

The Ecocriticism Study Group » Aaron S. Allen. Ecomusicology publications:

The Ecocriticism Study Group » Aaron S. Allen

An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. Archaeologies of Media and Technology Research group. Fr-fr.facebook. Sound + Environment 2017. Music professor receives patent to help fight bark beetles ravaging Western forests. UC Santa Cruz music professor David Dunn has joined forces with two forest scientists from Northern Arizona University to combat an insect infestation that is killing millions of trees throughout the West.

Music professor receives patent to help fight bark beetles ravaging Western forests

They are applying the results of nearly a decade of acoustic research in an unconventional collaborative effort to stop bark beetles from tunneling through the living tissue of weakened, drought-stressed pine trees. The trio has now received a patent for a device that uses sound as a targeted sonic weapon to disrupt the feeding, communication, reproduction, and various other essential behaviors of the insects. Dunn explained how this research came about. “When massive tree death started occurring in Northern New Mexico where I was living, I became curious if there were sounds associated with such a large amount of biological activity,” said Dunn. “At that time there was still the assumption that this was the result of a local bark beetle infestation due to drought conditions.

Soundscape Vol15 no1 - Sounds emergent : diverse ecologies. Wild Soundscapes: Discovering the Voice of the Natural World, Revised Edition. You say you want a revolution ... This counter culture of the late 1960s began raising the profile of the environment, which was increasingly viewed as being under threat.

You say you want a revolution ...

Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring was published in 1962; Paul Commoner's Science and Survival was published in 1966 The revolutions broadly depicted in this brilliant new exhibition, Records and Rebels 1966-1970, from London's V&A Museum include music, fashion, technology, communication, youth identity, black consciousness, women's rights and the environment, all linked by music. Musique, philosophie et écologie du son - LABEX Arts-H2H. Center for Culture, History, and Environment. A recording collected by a man of British stock, A.

Center for Culture, History, and Environment

L. Batley, of the voice of a Māori man, Henare Hamana, imitating the songs of the already extinct huia, a bird endemic to Aotearoa/New Zealand. The haunting birdsong, lost through a complex of human causes, echoes physically and figuratively within different spaces and across generations. Mathematician Henri Poincaré suggests that certain rare combinations of critical elements chosen from domains far apart are the most fertile. Fields of Green: Music Festivals and Climate Change - Creative Carbon Scotland. Fields of Green is an AHRC funded research project exploring the sustainability of Scotland's music festivals through the eyes of artists, audiences and festival organisers.

Fields of Green: Music Festivals and Climate Change - Creative Carbon Scotland

Fields of Green was a one year research project (April 2015 – April 2016) funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council exploring the environmental sustainability of Scotland’s music festivals and their capacity to enable ‘greener’ audience behaviours within the temporary communities formed during such events. The project aimed to lay the foundations for a future community of practice of music festival organisers and artists working together towards a greener Scotland. Rethink Music. Fair Trade Music - American Federation of Musicians. Fair Trade Music is a grassroots campaign raising standards for freelance musicians through organizing, collective action and education.

Fair Trade Music - American Federation of Musicians

City-by-city we are building an organization of musicians, community leaders and fans to support Fair Trade Music principles including our right to: Negotiate Fair ContractsCreate Equitable Business RelationshipsEstablish Enforceable Contract Standards Learn more about starting a Fair Trade Music Campaign in your community Far too many of us often “pay to play” or play for “zero minus expenses” with venues paying nothing and musicians covering all the costs. Ecomusicology. Record the Earth is an app for contributing to ecological research by hunting soundscapes. While you are outside catching Pokemon, why not pause for a moment and record some ambient sounds instead? That's what the University of Purdue scientists would like you to do, and they made an app to facilitate it. It's called Record the Earth 2, and just like with movies, the sequel is always better than the original! The app lets users record audio snapshots of their surroundings and upload them to the Global Soundscapes Archive as part of a global citizen science program maintained by the Purdue University.

Seconde Nature - Arts et territoires numériques. Au festival «Climax», du pop-rock climatocompatible. The Story of Shellac. Return to Painting and Decorating Library Index. À propos - Pukkelpop 2017. Florian Dombois - Earthquake Sounds CDR 22304, Katie Paterson, Vatnajokull (the sound of) Arts de la Scène et Musique à l'âge de l'Anthropocène : engager la sphère culturelle dans la transition socio-écologique. Partenaires – Laboratoire Cimeos (Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté) – MSH de Dijon, Axe “réseau de recherche et innovation sur la transition socio-écologique” – ADEME (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie) – Collectif RPM (Réseau Pédagogie Musique) – Réseaux disciplinaires, salles de spectacles, organisations professionnelles, personnalités qualifiées des régions et villes où se déroule l’enquête. St Cecilia's Hall. The joint conference of the Galpin Society and the American Musical Instrument Society will be held in Edinburgh, 1st - 4th June 2017.

The meeting will be hosted by the University of Edinburgh and will be centred on the newly refurbished St Cecilia's Hall, location of Musical Instrument Museum Edinburgh. The Papers Sessions are provisionally scheduled to take place on Thursday June 1, Friday June 2 and Saturday June 3. Depending on the response, a further papers session may be held on Sunday June 4. The Scientific Committee invites offers of individual papers and lecture-recitals based on original research and discoveries, and proposals for panel sessions. Green Music Initiative. Bernie Krause. Sound Studies Lab. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. Music and Material Culture. BioScience2011 SoundscapeEcology. Women Produce Music. Collection CSPA Quarterly. CfP »Sounding Out the Anthropocene. Investigating Sonic Media Ecologies«

By felixgerloff|AG Tagungen, Call for Papers|1 Comment Call for Papers International Exploratory Workshop der GfM-AG »Auditive Kultur und Sound Studies« und des Instituts Experimentelle Design- und Medienkulturen der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW 10./11. Discussion: Music in the Anthropocene. Editor's Note: In this short piece, composer Nathan Currier responds to an article by Mark Perlman that appeared in a prior issue of the Ecomusicology Newsletter and previews a longer article of his own, "Classical Music in the Anthropocene," which appeared in a later issue of that publication and can be read here. “In some cases our work might have direct relevance to environmental problems,” Marc Perlman noted in “Ecology and Ethno/Musicology: The Metaphorical, the Representational, and the Literal” in the Ecomusicology Newsletter 1, no. 2 (October 2012). “In other cases the relevance could be very indirect, or indeed conjectural; but I suspect that in most cases our ultimate concerns are environmentalist ones.”

John Luther Adams, Grammy winner for Become Ocean, discusses politics and his composition process. Fest'up : projets innovants et solidaires dans les festivals de musique / Actualités / Irma : centre d'information et de ressources pour les musiques actuelles. Publié le mercredi 23 novembre 2016 Appel à projets France Festivals, fédération française de festivals de musique et spectacle vivant, s’associe à la Fondation EDF pour lancer Fest’Up, un appel à projets à destination des projets innovants fondés sur les outils numériques qui permettent de mettre en place des nouveaux modes de solidarité vis à vis des publics les plus larges.

Les festivals de musique sont plus de 2300 en France et leur vitalité en fait des acteurs majeurs de démocratisation culturelle. L’appel à projets est ouvert jusqu’au 25 janvier 2017. Trois projets seront ensuite sélectionnés par un jury et intègreront La Ruche qui les aidera à préparer leur campagne de crowdfunding. >> Informations et inscriptions. Sound + Environment 2017. Sound + Environment 2017.