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Mental Strength

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How to get through adversity.

News stories, books, and movies often portray winners as the mostmentally strong. But that's not always the case. Being mentally strong doesn't mean you won't fail. It just means you'll be OK with who you are as a person, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Strength doesn't come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. 5 Ways to Build Mental Strength by Getting Physically Active. Three Ways To Hack Mental Toughness. Mental toughness can seem like an unreachable goal.

Three Ways To Hack Mental Toughness

Something reserved only for those born with some genetic predisposition for fearlessness. Something that demands that we take unbelievable risks, forgo the consequences, and charge bravely forward. How Do You Build Psychological Strength? Start With Stress. 10 Things Mentally Strong People Give Up to Gain Inner Peace. Source: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock Mental strength and inner peace go hand in hand.

10 Things Mentally Strong People Give Up to Gain Inner Peace

Mentally strong people are confident that they can handle whatever life throws their way.That's not to say they don't feel pain or that they don't get sad — they experience their emotions on a deep level. But they don't waste energy wishing things were different or trying to change other people. They stay focused on managing their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They also make self-improvement a priority, because they know there's always room for improvement. Article continues after advertisement 1. The people you surround yourself with affect the way you think, feel, and behave. 27 Questions to Help You Learn How Mentally Strong You Are. Mental Toughness: Are You Missing The Point? Based on a recent google search of the term mental toughness, it appears that not only do most of us want to become mentally tough, there are now a host of exercises, traits, habits and training programs that will get us there.

Mental Toughness: Are You Missing The Point?

We are told that we can learn to overcome any adversity, perform at the upper echelon of our capacity, and develop a psychological edge that allows us to cope better than our counterparts. Indeed, Jim Loehr, the author of The New Toughness Training for Sports, defines mental toughness as “the ability to consistently perform towards the upper range of your talent and skill regardless of competitive circumstances.” Sports commentators often use the term freely to describe any athlete who perseveres through difficult circumstances to win – or as default explanation of victory itself. But is mental toughness really about winning all the time, always performing at our best, and most troubling, always performing better than everyone else? If you ask me, the answer is no.

Three Things About Mentally Strong People That Will Surprise You. Mentally strong people can often seem like superheroes.

Three Things About Mentally Strong People That Will Surprise You

Like winners of some genetic lottery, they seem bestowed with extraordinary abilities while the rest of us can only stand by in admiration – or envy. But actually, there are a lot of things that we misread about mentally strong people. For one thing, they are not superhuman, and while they may have talent, more than that, they have a work ethic that overrides any ability they may or may not have been born with. And they don’t escape the obstacles the rest of us face. Instead, they just look at them differently. What's Better? Emotionally Intelligent or Mentally Strong.

The Science of Developing Mental Toughness in Health, Work, and Life. Have you ever wondered what makes someone a good athlete?

The Science of Developing Mental Toughness in Health, Work, and Life

Or a good leader? Or a good parent? Why do some people accomplish their goals while others fail? What makes the difference? Usually we answer these questions by talking about the talent of top performers. But I think we all know there is more to the story than that. In fact, when you start looking into it, your talent and your intelligence don’t play nearly as big of a role as you might think. What makes a bigger impact than talent or intelligence? Research is starting to reveal that your mental toughness — or “grit” as they call it — plays a more important role than anything else for achieving your goals in health, business, and life.

Sisu: How to Develop Mental Toughness in the Face of Adversity. Without warning, Soviet Union planes came roaring over the city of Helsinki, Finland on November 30, 1939.

Sisu: How to Develop Mental Toughness in the Face of Adversity

Finland was about to receive a violent shove into World War II. The Soviets dropped more than 350 bombs during the raid. Innocent civilians died. Entire buildings were turned to dust. And it was just the beginning. It was the beginning of what became known as the Winter War. The Winter War The winter was brutal that year. Sisu is a word that has no direct translation, but it refers to the idea of continuing to act even in the face of repeated failures and extreme odds.

The Finns would suffer more than 70,000 casualties during the Winter War. The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong [ TEDx : Amy Morin ] Emotional Agility.

Mental Frameworks

Psychological Capital. Pain. Post-Traumatic Growth. Building Strength. Sports Performance. 5 Ways Your Worst Experiences Can Bring Out the Best in You. The Six Stages of Mental Strength. Want to Be Mentally Strong? Harness These Five Strengths. I used to think that mentally strong people had superhuman qualities.

Want to Be Mentally Strong? Harness These Five Strengths

18 Things Mentally Strong People Do. 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. Oust the weak links in your thinking and behavior patterns.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

For more than a decade in my work as a psychotherapist, I helped clients identify their existing talents, skills and support systems. Then we’d figure out how to address their struggles by expanding on their existing strengths. For much of my career, I felt like this positive plan of attack was an effective way to help people overcome adversity.

Related: 10 Ways to Build Your Mental Strength But when I experienced tragedy firsthand, I began to rethink this optimistic method. Throughout my grief, I realized that focusing on my strengths—and ignoring my weaknesses—had serious limitations.


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