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Inside Bryan Singer's Wild Hollywood World. Photographing A Year In India's Queer "Kothi" Community. To Body Mod Away From Brownness And Back. To Body Mod Away From Brownness And Back. China's Xiang Xiaohan: First gay man to sue the government. 27 March 2014Last updated at 19:17 ET By Dong Le BBC Chinese Service Xiang Xiaohan holding an open letter in front Hunan University urging the public to support his cause (Photo: courtesy of Xiang Xiaohan) Nineteen-year-old Xiang Xiaohan, a gay rights activist from Hunan Province, has been dubbed China's Don Quixote over his dogged determination to take the government to court. His campaign to challenge a decision by the civil affairs department of Hunan government not to register his gay rights organisation marks a rare open protest by China's gay and lesbian community and has thrown him into the media spotlight.

Continue reading the main story “Start Quote If gay and lesbian people have no place in China's traditional culture, how can you encourage them to pursue the China Dream?” End QuoteXiang Xiaohan In an interview with the BBC, Xiang Xiaohan said that the chance of the Hunan government backing down was slim, but he would not give up - not without a fight. "Spiritual civilisation" Businessoffashion. Disney Needs More Gay. The untold story of the UK’s vogue scene: part one. Revellers at Manchester’s Vogue Brawl, 2013 Author’s note: this being FACT, a venerable resource for dance-music related writing and discussion, I’m going to assume that the readership is familiar enough with house music and voguing culture to understand some of the terms being discussed (“house”, “ball”, “walk”, “function”, etc.).

If not, please take the time to watch Paris Is Burning (embedded below) which is not just a useful introduction to the house ball culture and the issues of identity politics that surround it, but a brilliant documentary in its own right and a valuable document of some of dance culture’s hidden history. There are many great things about living in the UK. Of course, it’s not perfect here, but two of the main reasons I like living in this country are the acceptance of gay culture by the mainstream, and the importance accorded to dance music – all music really, from classical to pop. So, why would this be? Why isn’t the UK voguing more? Aviance Ah, the M-bomb. The Window – Transgender Models Strike A Pose In New Barneys Ads, Catalogs: PHOTOSNewNowNext. By Eric Shorey 1/30/2014 Valentijn (on left) wears Giorgio Armani. Ryley (center) wears Armani Collezioni. Leonard and Gloria wear their own clothes. Photo © Bruce Weber. Barneys has taken a progressive step forward with its new ad campaign and catalogs: Shot by legendary photographer Bruce Weber, “Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters“ features some 17 trans men and women sporting high-end fashion available at the luxe retailer “I was exquisitely aware that in the last decade, the [lesbian, gay and bi] communities have made extraordinary advances, and the transgender community has not shared in that progress,” Barneys marketing exec Dennis Freedman, formerly the creative director of W magazine, told the New York Times.

The models are depicted interacting with family members and loved ones (while still looking devastatingly gorgeous) and their personal stories are being shared on a Barney’s mini-site, The Window. View some images from the “Brothers Sisters, Sons and Daughters” campaign below. Television May Be Embracing Gay Characters, But Where Is The Same-Sex Intimacy. Why the Dutch Love Black Pete. La sentimentalité, autre violence «faite» aux femmes… Préambule. Commençons par un avertissement pare-balles. En ces temps de guerre des sexes résurgente et d’atomisation de la prostitution par la représentation nationale, cela peut toujours servir. Donc, rappelons ceci. 1) Je suis contre la traite des êtres humains et pour des bordels d’Etat pour hommes et femmes. Ou, si vous préférez, pour des lieux de plaisirs tarifés où le volontariat des travailleurs sexuels sera validé par les moyens de police que seul l’Etat détient. 2) Je pense que les hommes comme les femmes ont droit, à leur guise, au masculin et au féminin.

Moi aussi, je suis une femme comme les autres qui a droit à sa dose de masculin. Mieux vaut ressasser ce genre de précisions liminaires au cas où mon machisme structurel, je n’ai pas dit constitutif, ferait fourcher ma langue «gendrifiée»… Voilà ! Le sentiment, c’est bien. Rappelons d’abord que le sentiment amoureux est une notion assez récente, quelques siècles au maximum, quand la copulation a l’éternité derrière elle.

College Offering Course On "RuPaul's Drag Race"NewNowNext. We consider ourselves Drag Race deans, but one college is actually offering an accredited class in everyone’s favorite reality challenge: L.A.’s Occidental College is offering a course called “Reading RuPaul: Camp Culture, Gender Insubordination, and the Politics of Performance.” reports students will watch episodes of RPDR, as well as view drag-bible documentary Paris is Burning, and familiarize themselves with Ru’s self-help tome, Workin’ It: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style. According to the course description: What, no term papers eleganza or pop quizzes on tucking? The purpose of the class, says professor Daniel Williford is “to ‘read’ RPDR as an example of the creative techniques that marginalized people use to grapple with the violence, shame, and social illegitimacy that are the stuff of daily life.” h/t:

What Is Feminist Porn - Tristan Taormino Interview. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Transgender People But Were Afraid To Ask.