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KPCB Internet Trends - 2012.


Hype & FUD. OOZAA. The new billion-dollar opportunity: real-time-web curation - sco. Official Google Mobile Blog: Google Custom Search for mobile. Google aims to "connect" users with shared interests - Ars Techn. Google is improving its service aimed at providing websites with social networking features by making it easier for users with shared interests to connect with one another.

Google aims to "connect" users with shared interests - Ars Techn

The company has announced a number of new features for its Google Friend Connect that center on collecting and utilizing information about a site users' interests. The new features start off with a several ways to poll users for information about their particular interests. From your Friend Connect account, you can create a poll to ask your users site-relevant questions about what they are into.

Are any of these the Web's next big thing? Internet start-up ventures ply their wares at LeWeb conference in ParisEntrepreneurs hope their innovations can match success of Twitter or FacebookInventions range from Wi-Fi bathroom scales to 3D instant messengers Paris, France (CNN) -- With more than 2,000 Internet movers and shakers, the LeWeb conference in Paris is an ideal spot for start-up ventures to hoping to attract the investment and attention that will propel them to Twitter or Facebook-style success.

Are any of these the Web's next big thing?

A series of stalls across the venue -- a giant arts complex converted from a disused morgue -- saw fresh-faced entrepreneurs demonstrating gadgets and applications they insisted will change the way we interface with the Internet. These might just be the inventions that everyone will be talking about next year or they could simply slip below the radar. Either way, all will face the same question still being leveled at today's household names -- can they make money?

Petit oiseau devient gourmand ? (à propos des nouvelles conditio. Identity Wars: Google & Yahoo! Bow to Facebook & Twitter. Yahoo!

Identity Wars: Google & Yahoo! Bow to Facebook & Twitter

Announced this morning that it is adding Facebook Connect across many of its properties. This afternoon Google Friend Connect announced the inclusion of Twitter as a top-level log-in option. These moves will be convenient for users, but may not be good for the future of the web. People have always said that Google does what's good for the web, because what's good for the web is good for Google. In this case I'm worried that the Royalty of the web's last generation has crowned these two leading social networks as the Royalty of the current generation in a deal that offers traffic and money but that could suffocate the most creative developments of the open, distributed web. Google, Twitter, WordPress & Facebook: Publish/Subscribe Matrix. A storm of news points to a future of frictionless publishing and subscription, across platforms.

Google, Twitter, WordPress & Facebook: Publish/Subscribe Matrix

Google just announced that its FeedBurner RSS publishing service now supports automatic publishing to a Twitter account. If you're among the many people who use the service Twitterfeed (like CNN, the WhiteHouse, ReadWriteWeb, etc.) then you may very well find that startup expendable starting now. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this and a series of related announcements over the past few days.

The new feature looks relatively sophisticated and will use a new URL shortener, goo.gl. FeedBurner has not proven the most reliable service in recent years and is now part of the ad network AdSense, but the little startup Twitterfeed isn't always reliable either. Twitter Starts Testing Features for Businesses. We know that Twitter believes that businesses are central to helping grow and monetize the microblogging service; recent integrations with Citysearch and LinkedIn have foretold its interest in the space.

Twitter Starts Testing Features for Businesses

Today though, Twitter has begun to take its biggest steps in providing new features to businesses and monetizing those features. In a blog post, the company announced that it has begun beta testing its first feature made specifically for businesses: "Contributors. " An Explanation of the Contributors Feature Contributors is a feature that focuses on creating more authentic engagement for business accounts.

With Contributors, a business account with multiple contributors (say, for example, the @Twitter feed) can add the specific user that tweeted on behalf of the business to the byline. Business Information and News: Track, Connect and Share - Tracke. Google Dashboard. Google Dumps Gears for HTML5. It's official: Google is ditching its homegrown Gears offline web app API in favor of backing HTML5 for the win.

Google Dumps Gears for HTML5

Now that the Chrome browser is becoming available for Mac, and the Snow Leopard OS doesn't play nicely with Gears, a Google rep confirmed the company has decided to trash the whole works and wait for HTML5, even though the spec isn't yet ready and isn't supported by commercially available browsers. Oh, the humanity... or rather, the machinery. What is Pivot? Getting To The SuperTweet: Speedi.ly Classifies The Real Time We. Keith Teare was hanging around the Real-Time CrunchUp today showing off his newest project – Speedi.ly.

Getting To The SuperTweet: Speedi.ly Classifies The Real Time We

What does Speedi.ly do? One thing, very well and at scale. Speedi.ly takes a piece of content, or grabs the content from a URL, and analyzes it. It does this very fast and it outputs some key data.


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