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Documentary Power. What We Do in the Shadows Opening Scene (2014) - Vampire Mocumentary HD. Selma to Montgomery: 50 Years Later. AMC Theatres: The Woman In Gold. Maria bamford soft and sharp. A Convenient Truth - Rotten Tomatoes. Smashpipe Movie Reviews. Google Image Result for.

Keywords: art, kitchen, breakfast, video. Nothing like enjoying a delicious meal just before it all goes crazy. On purpose. This super fun video, entitled "Breakfast Interrupted" by Bruton Stroube Studio is somewhat of an epic food fight video, sans the people throwing it. It's almost as if there was a mystical force pulling the table from above - and by "mystical," I mean a hydraulic pump going crazy. BSS | Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo. Shot at 1000fps, each second of this short film captures in detail the way food behaves when it's not handled with care.

So jealous of these guys! The video was actually created two years ago, so you may have seen it make the rounds already, but it's new to me, and I just couldn't help but share. IMDB Top 250 Movies of All Time. The top 250 movies of all time as voted by IMDb users.

IMDB Top 250 Movies of All Time

This list reflects the list in mid-2013. It changes over time, so we will release updated versions each year. Call the Midwife. Call the Midwife is a BBC period drama series starring Jessica Raine, Miranda Hart, Helen George, Bryony Hannah, Laura Main, Jenny Agutter, Pam Ferris, Judy Parfitt, Cliff Parisi, Stephen McGann, Ben Caplan, Emerald Fennell, and Victoria Yeates.

Call the Midwife

The Best Short Films. LifePart2. Apartheid and Segregation by Alex Rubinstein on Prezi. '2016: Obama's America' – Will political documentary sway undecided voters? (+video) August may be the laziest month for Hollywood blockbusters, but it has become open season for little-films-that-can.

'2016: Obama's America' – Will political documentary sway undecided voters? (+video)

And this year is no exception, with the political documentary “2016: Obama’s America,” pulling in more than $9 million to become the top grossing non-nature documentary of the year. Skip to next paragraph Recent posts Subscribe Today to the Monitor Click Here for your FREE 30 DAYS ofThe Christian Science MonitorWeekly Digital Edition The film, from conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, which began playing in theaters nationwide this past weekend and has gone viral online, is a slow – and selective – trip through Obama’s backstory. American Film Institute. Watch Free Movies and Documentaries Online. Bechdel Test Movie List. WILDWATERFILM.COM. Chasing Water « FORGE Motion Pictures.

Pete McBride grew up on a ranch in Western Colorado, a child of the Colorado River.

Chasing Water « FORGE Motion Pictures

After a life spent visiting other countries to tell stories as a National Geographic photojournalist, in 2008 Pete decided to follow the water from his family’s ranch to see where it ends up. This is the story of Pete’s journey, and a story about the lifeblood of the American West. Directed by Pete McBride, Editing and co-produced by Anson Fogel. Best Short FilmBanff Mountain Film FestivalGrand Prize5Point Film FestivalActivism AwardAdventure Film FestivalBest DocumentaryClearWater FestivalBest Environmental FilmFrozen Film Festival. The Great 1967 Chicago Blizzard. A Thousand Miles For Our Mom, Nicole Miller. Tenko (TV series) Tenko is a television drama, co-produced by the BBC and the ABC.

Tenko (TV series)

A total of thirty episodes were produced over three series between 1981 and 1984, followed by a one-off special (which was twice the length of the other episodes), Tenko Reunion, in 1985. Tenko Series 2 DVD - Classic BBC Series. Based on real life experiences this is the powerful story of a disparate group of women whose lives are changed forever during their capture by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore in 1941.

Tenko Series 2 DVD - Classic BBC Series

It is now 1942 and the women have been split into two groups to march to their new camp. Speculation is rife and despite the apparent luxury that awaits them in the new camp, unimaginable hardships are not far away and only the very strongest will survive. List of Masterpiece Theatre episodes. This is the list of Masterpiece Theatre episodes in chronological order.

List of Masterpiece Theatre episodes

The list includes episodes filmed as part of The American Collection. Episodes[edit] This lists the titles of the individual miniseries. Although they occasionally only ran for one episode, many ran for as many as ten or more installments. Some have been rebroadcast in later seasons, but the following lists them according to original season, and then in alphabetical order. Masterpiece. Most Interesting Documentaries. The story of India - amazing BBC documentary series part (1 of 7) Best Historical Movies - a list by Ragabzidann. Elusive Justice: A Nazi Story That Still Surprises. Jihad on Terrorism. THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. Darius Milhaud - (1/3) Le bœuf sur le toît (Berlin RSO, Bamert) The End of the World. Animator_vs__Animation_by_alanbecker.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

Funny! Basil gives Manuel a language lesson - Fawlty Towers - BBC. Just for Fun! 25 films that remind what’s important in life. Days Like This - Little Blue Flower. Wisdom Works. The Century of the Self -  Part 1. The Century of the Self How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.

The Century of the Self -  Part 1